Sisters in Pink: Kelli and April’s session

If you believe there can never be too much pink in one place at a time, then you will definitely appreciate this session!

Kelli and April are not only kindred spirits in pinkness, but they are sisters!

April came into town for Christmas and Kelli decided it was the perfect time for a little photo opp with their own special brand of pink props that she’d been working on for awhile.

Exhibit A:  the pink shopping cart.

This item is a must for pink fiends… or for felons who like to steal shopping carts and use a lot of pink paint. Just kidding, this particular cart was obtained in a very moral manner!

Following the pink cart we have the pink lollipops…

…this prop just screams sisterly love…

… especially when you get photos like this one that remind you they are indeed sisters!

(April won this round by the way).

Then there is the Merry Christmas sign that Kelli made (silver spray paint is her new obsession) to go along with their pink Santa hats of course.

This sign shot was designed entirely for the purpose of being a Facebook profile pic so Kelli brought her own camera to get a shot she could put up since she knew these photos wouldn’t be up until we got back from the break we took over the holidays. And now we just look lame putting up a Merry Christmas photo in January… but her Facebook looked awesome in December!

Aside from the props, there were the pink clothing items that made an appearance.  These unbeatable rain boots for instance!

Since April lives somewhere with actual rain, I wouldn’t be surprised if these became a permanent staple in her daily wardrobe!  Look how cute she looks in them!

And how could we forget the tutus and the “LOVE” shirts to match.

When I saw that just days before the session Kelli was asking on Facebook if anyone knew how to make a tutu, I thought we were going to have to do without these!  But they knotted, weaved (and watched a little “ehow” I’m sure), and they pulled off these fluffy pink creations just in time!

Now I have to tell you story about how we came across these super cute sisters!

Back in the early days of Radiant we ran a campaign as part of our Radiant Love program where we gave away a free photo session to someone who was nominated by a friend for the love they were showing to those around them.

Kelli (she’s the blonde) won for the work she’s done with the non-profit organization she co-started called “Hope and a Future“.  You may have seen our blog with the photos we volunteered to shoot at a prom for teenage foster girls.  This is one of the many events put on by Hope and a Future and is called the Princess Program, which falls at the beginning of a week long camp for these same girls. If you haven’t seen the post, go back and look because it is an absolutely INCREDIBLE event (complete with astounding amounts of pink that lets you know Kelli is behind it all!)!  I (Breanna) just re-read the blog about it again myself and I started crying all over again remembering how amazing it was to watch these girls go through such a transforming experience.

The Princess Program and the camp are both just small pieces of the love that Hope and a Future shows to foster kids. They have not only multiple camps and events similar to the Princess Program but also mentoring, college scholarships, and a life skills class for foster teens (which is something I am particularly passionate about).  Go check out their website to see more about this beautiful organization that Scottie and I have come to love.

And of course behind all that is given to these kids… is Kelli.  Which is the reason she won a free session with us!  Hope and a Future is literally changing the lives of these children in astounding ways and it is Kelli’s dream, dedication, and passion that has made it all happen.  It blows my mind to think of how many lives are being completely transformed and set on entirely new paths all because of Hope and Future and this beautiful girl who cared enough about others to dedicate her life to them.

Giving back to this organization (and the person behind it) is nothing short of a humbling honor.

Thank you both Kelli and April for letting loose and having F-U-N with us!!!  When we were planning this session, I was scared you guys wouldn’t be able to relax and be yourselves… little did I know that would not be a problem AT ALL!

You guys did fantastic and I hope you’re as happy with the results as we are!

Click to see the rest of this pink sister photo session.

P.S. OK now that you are done with what you were doing, make sure you go like Hope and Future on Facebook to help spread the word about them and to follow along when they announce ways you can get involved!

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