Rocking horses, pink tutu, baby cowboy boots, and brightly colored balloons… Cayden and Rylie in the cutest session ever!

If these kids look familiar to you, don’t drive yourself crazy trying to remember where you recognize them from, because I’ll just tell you.

These little chubsters each belong to one of my (Breanna) cousins so they pop up on this blog on a regular basis.

When their time for photo day comes we usually combine them together, because well, it’s just sooo cute to have Cayden pulling Rylie’s bow off…

(It happens every time!)

…pinching her face or pushing her down as he attempts to stand up…

…or just being all round annoying as boys tend to be towards girls sometimes.

Don’t worry, she gets him back with all kinds of nasty slobbery kisses, and I’m sure she’ll get more creative with her revenge tactics as she gets older.

My favorite is when they fall into each other and bonk heads then both start crying! (I’m not mean… it’s just funny!).

Two babies for photo time is just so much more fun than one!

For this session that celebrated both of their first birthdays, their parents did a fantastic job planning the props and matching the kids!

(This is the standard shot we always get of Rylie and her dad’s feet… unfortunately it was raining hard by then so we had to do it on this ugly ground in the veranda. But I guess as long as you can see baby leg chub it’s good regardless of the details!).

I still cannot get over those amazing baby cowboy boots!!

One of the best parts about these photos is that you can’t tell how awful the weather was that day! Well, except for when you see the balloons blowing sideways or Rylie’s hair blowing straight up! 🙂

It was raining and SUPER windy so everyone was rushing around with the props and utilizing the few non-rain seconds we had while doing whatever it took to keep the kids warm and happy.

It definitely felt a little chaotic and unnerving, but everyone looks so cool, calm, and collected in the photos.  Phew!!

Another successful shoot for Cayden, Rylie, and their families.  Great job guys!

While I love the cowboy theme with a little soccer ball action mixed in, next time I want to see a session themed around the other types of careers they could have…. I’m expecting astronaut suits, basketball jerseys, lab coats, and mini business suits.

Let’s make it happen! 😉


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