Re-visiting Addie and Dan’s very AZ wedding

In the spirit of Radiant Photography’s past decade review, I bring you Addie and Dan as our next post in the series “Best of the Twenty-Teens” (originally posted Dec. 17, 2014).


Addie and Dan are the kind of people who make everything they touch better. 0027005300540082 Take cactus for example. 0059 Hopefully they didn’t actually TOUCH any cacti, but they definitely did something to them because as a child of the desert with many malicious cactus experiences… they were never my (Breanna’s) favorite things. 0060

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0058 But once Addie and Dan got involved, suddenly the cacti at the Desert Botanical Gardens turned into some of the most majestic and stunning things I’ve ever seen! 0026 0010 And I KNOW the cactus didn’t look like that before they got there, because I had several photography field trips there in High School and none of my pictures then looked like these do now! 00800093 And then there are these old beards. 0033 Had I seen them in the store, I would’ve thought, “yeah those are gross, I’m not touching them”. But when Addie and Dan put them on, suddenly they had a new level of hilarity that I never would’ve thought possible! I was even willing to touch them! Like, a little bit. With the tip of my finger. 00910090 Of course pretty much everything that one might consider normal and typically (or evil and gross for that matter- in the case of cactus and the beard), Addie and Dan can make outrageous and hysterical. 0034 Like posing for photo time. That seems like a pretty run of the mill process that people do at their weddings all the time around the world. But put Addie and Dan into it and suddenly there’s nothing standard about it! 00660070 Not only is a photo time that’s been touched by Addie and Dan’s magical fingers more fun than anyone has ever thought possible, but it also produces some of the most gorgeous photos than anyone ever thought possible! 003000850061 Then there are the lucky people who come into contact with Addie and Dan over the course of their lives (including us now!).  It was more than apparent on the wedding day, that those people’s lives have been taken to a whole new level with these two beautiful people in them. 00380049 Addie and Dan were the bright spot at this wedding- and not JUST because they happened to be the bride and groom- but also because all of the people there were so excited to see two people as wonderful as these, commit to one another for life. All ranges of emotions were thick on this day! 0071007200770086 Which brings me to the most important thing that Addie and Dan’s mere presence changes for the better… and that is one another. I may be incapable of phrasing that in a non-cheesy way, but don’t let that hinder my point here, because it’s the big one. 0016

(Getting ready to head down the aisle and face the big moment together).

Granted, I didn’t know Addie and Dan apart, but it is absolutely clear to me after spending just a few days with them that these two are meant to be. I can’t even imagine how they ever lived before finding one another because it seems that they are necessary to the other’s existence. 0040

(About to see one another for the first time on the wedding day!)

000400440006 If you don’t believe in the idea of soulmates, you probably haven’t met Addie and Dan. They are meant for each other like two ratty beards are meant for them. 00500051 Addie and Dan, thank you SO MUCH for including us in one of the most important days of your lives. You renewed my faith in cacti and simultaneously reminded us of why weddings are so incredible and why we are so lucky to be a part of them. 0014000700170015003700200023 Seriously, I can’t think of anything more special than to witness two people being joined together who are so obviously meant to be. 0025003500680092 Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for inviting us into your world. Now run off and enjoy that crazy adventure that I know you’re going to have in your lives together. I can’t wait to see what comes from it, because I know that with the two of you using your powers for good as a team together, the result can be nothing short of game changing! Congratulations! 0089 Click to see the rest of the photos from Addie and Dan’s Game Changing Wedding. 0011

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