Rachael and Aaron’s Very Celebrated Wedding (by Breanna & Scottie)

Do you believe in the perfect couple? If not, then you haven’t met Rachael and Aaron!

Because they are it!

Don’t believe me? Just ask anyone who knows them!

I say that because just being at their wedding for one second would tell you that this was a true celebration! I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a group of people more thrilled to be part of a couple’s union!

It was obvious that this was a big day not just for Rachael and Aaron, but for all their loved ones who’d been waiting for this day right along side them.

It was a party for the ages, starting with an emotion reveal moment…

(see some of the reasons that Rachael and Aaron decided to see one another before the wedding!)

… followed by a gorgeous ceremony!

After the ceremony, there was lots of love going around, a few photos being taken, and the general attitude of celebration was continuing!

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All of that led to finishing out the night with the kind of high energy reception that you’d expect from such a huge celebration!

(The bell ringing is a cultural tradition for them!)

Emotions were high and tears of joy were flowing all day and night!

And not just from the couple themselves, but from everyone around them!

And I will have to admit that one of those joyful tears MIGHT have come from me (Breanna).

You see, Rachael and Aaron’s friends and family weren’t the only ones celebrating, Scottie and myself (Breanna) were as well because her wedding wasn’t the first thing Rachael called us for… it all started with her senior pictures!

Our pictures aren’t the only thing has changed over the years! Our girl is all grown up now and getting married!

It’s so incredible for us to be a part of so many amazing moments in the history of a family (we took Rachael’s sister, Sarah’s senior photos as well!).

Thank you to Rachael, Aaron, and family for choosing to include us once again in one of your beautiful family moments. It’s such a privilege and a joy for us! Plus, you guys throw a great party, so it was a bonus to get to be there for that as well!

Congratulations Rachael and Aaron! We can’t wait to be there celebrating your future major moments in this new life you’re starting together!

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