Photography for the photographer… Amy, Robert, and Mailey’s family session

One of the greatest honors we have is when a photographer chooses US to be the ones to take photos of them!

There’s definitely something special in knowing that you are not respected by your peers who really know your craft, but that they like what you do enough to choose you to be the ones to take their photos!  Amy is one of those photographers who gave us this honor (check out her website here).

Her and Robert drove an hour and a half from their hometown of Payson (with a 2 1/2 year old in tow mind you) for this family session that they’ve been looking forward to for months!

I know this because ever since we scheduled the session back in August, we’d get random posts on our wall with Amy asking if it was February yet… in otherwords, time for their session!

Thanks Amy, your excitement made us all the more excited! 🙂

Amy did a great job of letting her excitement spill over into creativity!  She brought along a few props that were absolutely PERFECT!  Little cut out hearts from her mom’s scrapbooking store in Payson…

…as well as an old school Polaroid camera…

… and these were just the right little touches to allow our own creativity to have a heyday!

I have to give credit to Amy for being willing to get on the other side of the camera, I know it sounds crazy but that is actually a scary thing for a photographer!

It can be very difficult to give up your own vision and trust someone else to do the thing that you do best!

Plus, most photographers prefer being behind the camera!  Just ask Scottie, who had such a hard time during the last photo session we had done of ourselves!  You can know all the tips and tricks that you tell your clients, but applying them yourself is another matter entirely!

Just so you know, Amy, I thought you did a great job!  I think you were totally able to apply your knowledge to being on the other side!  You were a natural at posing… as you can see from the series below!

(Ha ha, I love it!  Robert was trying SO hard not to laugh while she was doing her modeling demonstration all around him.  They both just lost it eventually though!)

Robert, I give you credit as well… mostly because you are so patient to let Amy use you as a model all the time!  It’s not easy being married to a photographer… I should know!

Your practice has paid off though because you were an excellent model for us too! 🙂

Mailey gets her own credit as well because she too was super relaxed in front of the camera!

I’m guessing she also gets to be her mama’s model on a regular basis… you can always tell a photographer’s kid!

She was a blast to work with, she was SO happy and so excited to tell me every little story she could think of… in between dance routines of course!

Amy and Robert decided to make the most of their time in Phoenix by letting Amy’s mom take Mailey home while they stuck around for some more photos and for dinner with us!

We had a great time talking shop with you guys and hearing about all your exciting plans… we can’t wait to see where they all take you!

Like Amy’s page on Facebook if you are curious to see where she’s headed as well!

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February 19, 2011 - 2:38 pm

Amy - Love, love, love!!! You guys are wonderful…it was worth the wait, and every penny! Learned so much!! Can’t wait to get my prints ordered!

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