Radiant Love Supports…. African Hearts (Jan. ’09)


As a result of war, the HIV/AIDS virus, and severe poverty; 13% of all children under the age of 18 in Uganda have been orphaned. Once on the streets these children experience significant levels of all kinds of abuse and mistreatment. They are hated and feared by the rest of the community, even though they are only children. African Hearts Community Organization (Afrihco) was founded in 2001 to assist these street children living in Uganda and other children in need.
African Hearts began renting a small garage where they took in 16 street boys and other high-risk kids in the community to provide them with food, shelter, education, and a family. They also began working with 50 high-risk kids in the community to help them through their many challenges in life. This past summer African Hearts opened another home for street kids in Ssenge, a village just outside the city. They took in 11 boys originally and will take in more once these children have been rehabilitated.
African Hearts also works with children who are currently living on the streets through a variety of daily activities. They provide a place to sleep for around 60 of them and work to get all of them to a more permanent home. These 136 children have more than just their physical needs met by African Hearts.

African Hearts Provides:

* Food
* Shelter
* Medicine
* Fees for education
* Good male role models/mentors
* A safe home
* Counseling when needed
* Instrument lessons (so they can play in the band)
* Acrobatics lessons
* Art and craft classes (to help them generate income)
* Teaching responsibility and character through activities (gardening, pets, chores)
* Athletic programs
* Help with family reconciliation

These provisions teach the children life skills that will help them learn how to make money, find their own personal value, and discover their place in the community. These children who once lived in fear and isolation on the streets of Uganda now have an education, skills, a loving family, and self-esteem.
The purpose of African Hearts is to reach out to the hurting children who have been abused, abandoned, and left without hope. It is the goal of African Hearts to bring out the good in each child by helping them become equipped to reach their dreams and become the best person they can.
Our friend, Abby Tracy (pictured), lives in Africa and works with African Hearts. You can read her blog to learn more about what they’re doing in Uganda and about what life there is really like!


To find out more about our Radiant Love Supports program click HERE.

Fun in the sun with Kelly & Scott

Scott and Kelly made a good choice in coming to Scottsdale, Arizona in January to take care of all their wedding stuff. While Chicago was setting freezing records, Phoenix was warm and sunny and they were so happy to be outdoors during their photography session! I’m sure the weather will be just as beautiful during their March wedding in sunny AZ!

We had a good time exploring DC Ranch in Scottsdale with them and we made sure to get a few saguaros and such in their photos for the folks back home to see!  You can click here to see the rest of their photos: Phoenix, AZ wedding photography. Thanks for a great session guys!!

DC Ranch Wedding Picture

DC Ranch Wedding Picture

DC Ranch Wedding Picture

Peppermint Bark = Love

OK, I promise I don’t usually spend all my time bragging about how awesome my husband is (though you wouldn’t know it from the posts I have written so far), but what can I say?  He’s been earning it lately!  Last night I told him that one of my favorite foods in the world is peppermint bark.  So today when I came home from Christmas shopping, I found a bunch of peppermint bark waiting for me… homemade!  He went to 4 stores searching for just the right ingredients and then spent hours making a ton of it.  Feels like love.

Gooey peppermint goodnessMagnificent!

We’re here!

Yay! Our new website is finally up! This blog is just a way for us to communicate with you. Sometimes that means you get to know us a little better, sometimes it means you get to understand our art a little better, other times it means you get the inside scoop on good deals…and of course there are times when its just to get a laugh out of you! Check back on a regular basis (subscribe if you want) to find out what’s going on!

Who knows…it may save you money on great pictures every once in awhile!

Christmas cards

I hope no one minds if I take a minute to brag about my husband. We decided to do a special promotion for Christmas pictures this year and he whipped up 6 different custom designed Christmas cards within a day or so. And no, they’re not even lame! See for yourself (these are my favorite 4), and don’t be too jealous if you didn’t get one, they just may be available next year!