Niki and Steve’s Silly and Sweet Engagement Session (by Josh & Kelley)

Are you ready to see more smiles in one blog post than you’ve likely EVER seen before?  I hope so, because Niki and Steve’s engagement session is full of them!

Even if you don’t know Niki and Steve (Josh and I consider ourselves lucky to have met them for sure!), you can tell by looking at these photos that they are the kind of people who like to have fun and laugh at life.

Seriously guys, these aren’t “canned” chuckles or forced, “Say CHEESE”, smiles. These are genuine, throw your head back, grab your belly, kind of laughs.

And it’s not just one of them that has a great sense of humor, it’s BOTH!  If Steve isn’t making Niki smile, it’s the other way around.  They’re both jokesters in their own right.

Not only can you see their fun and silly sides in these photos, you can also see, without a doubt, that these two are head over heels in love with each other.

Now and then, while you’re having fun during an engagement session, you have to calm down and remember to get some lovey-dovey shots as well. However, Niki and Steve did both of these naturally and without any prompting.

No kidding, one second they were kissing, and the next they were laughing hysterically. It was the perfect mixture of sweet and silly.

Towards the end of our session together, Steve said, “This is really fun! I wish we could do this every weekend!” And without even thinking I screamed, “Me TOO!”

Aside from the fact that my comment made me seem like a creepy, paparazzi stalker, it shows just how great Niki and Steve are to be around. Taking photos of people is our job, but when it’s with people like Niki and Steve it doesn’t feel like work at all.

Niki and Steve, thank you both so much for letting us be your paparazzi for an evening.  We had a blast and can’t wait for your wedding in May!

Click to see the rest of Niki and Steve’s Silly and Sweet Engagement Session.

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