Nicole, Kevin, some photos, and more than a few pine trees

It’s no secret that Phoenix gets quite scorching in the summer time.  Being that it’s May, we’re on our way to meltdown.  The only reason many of us Phoenicians can stand it the way we do is because just a couple of hours away there are several BEE-AAutiful forests that come complete with fresh air and a cool breeze!

So when planning their engagement session, it makes perfect sense that Nicole and Kevins thoughts wandered over to that cooler weather.

It fits even better when you know that Kevin used to live and work up there as a firefighter (pine trees + dry weather = lots of fires).

So we headed up to the place he used to call home to get a couple of shots of them with happy smiles adorning their faces, rather than tears mixed with sweat, which is what we would’ve gotten had we stayed in Phoenix for the session!

You never know what you’re going to get when you spend time in Payson.

This time we found an old truck that wasn’t quite abandoned, but lonely enough that we felt OK using it as a prop for a couple of shots!

We also stumbled upon this random dog!

No, not really, this is Nicole and Kevin’s dog whom they love dearly!

While in Payson we also found some cliffs…


… and of course plenty of wide open spaces…… that lend themselves to some great shots of the sky overhead!

Thank you to Nicole and Kevin for giving us a good excuse to escape the heat for the day (rather than making us work out in it!).

And thank you to their dog who did a great job with the “sit” and “stay” commands.

We had a great day hanging out with the 3 of you and we hope you love your pictures as much as we do!

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