Molly & John’s “Playing in the Park” engagement pics

Have you ever tried to work with people who are so fun that you’re afraid you’re never going to get anything done?  We were a little bit worried about that with Molly and John!

I can’t believe we’ve ever been able to pull ourselves away from them because every time we’re together we have so much fun!

As it turns out, having people who like to spend as much time in their lives playing around as they do, is a great thing for a photo session!

We were definitely able to capture the play time!

(They desperately wanted to do a cheesy prom pose.  I think we got it)!

Which is great because we’re quite content with people that look nothing but happy (and really, really ridiculously good looking of course) in their pics!  Let me just say right now that there are no limits to how many Zoolander quotes a photographer can use.

Not wanting to leave her out of the fun, Molly and John brought their cute little dog, Wrigley, to the session as well! Who was very well behaved I might add!

As you probably already know, most of us girls dream about our weddings (and now engagement pictures) from the time we’re little. In the midst of those fantasies, the word “love” tends to pop up a lot! 

So of course when Molly saw this statue in some engagement pics awhile back, she decided it was a must for her photos!

We wanted to make sure to keep these photos unique from others you see from that area, so we did our best to shoot the statue from different angles than most do (in other words we decided not to have them climb to the top of the “o”… it’s a little scary anyways!).

While we were in the Scottsdale Civic Center Plaza (which is overpopulated with photographers) we decided to search for some new areas to once again, make sure this shoot stood out from the others taken around there.

(I’ve definitely never seen a pic like this from a Civic Center engagement session before!  It’s not really what one might call “romantic”!)

(And most people don’t make it down to what we called “bum alley”! I know it doesn’t look like a bum alley, but that’s ’cause Scottsdale bums are much cleaner than others.)

John and Molly told us that they love both beautiful views and hiking.

Lucky for them, we live in Phoenix where there are mountains galore right in the middle of the city!  So we headed on over to Camelback in hopes of stumbling upon a beautiful sunset. And we found it!

Thank you so much Molly and John for not being afraid of being yourselves in front of the camera and for making sure we had a great time during our “work day”.  And thanks for being adventurous explorers who were willing to wander into the depths of downtown Scottsdale with us (I know, it’s so terrifying isn’t it?!).  We’re looking forward to seeing what other “wig shop” type of shots we’re going to get on your wedding day!

Click to see the rest of Molly and John’s downtown Scottsdale engagement session.

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