Molly and John’s wedding… rebellion to the end.

When I think of Molly and John’s wedding I think of freedom… freedom from rules really.  The thing I loved most about Molly and John’s wedding is that they threw out all the do’s and don’ts to a wedding and they just did whatever they wanted!  Complete and utter freedom!

If something made sense to them, or fit their style really well… why not?!  If something was unusual but they thought it would be fun… why not?!  They just did everything the way they wanted, no exceptions… and it was exactly the way it should’ve been.

To start with they decided to change up the order of the day a bit.  This means, not only that they had a reveal moment and saw one another before the wedding…

… but that they actually had their cocktail hour before the ceremony, and they were a part of it rather than off taking pictures!

Oh and get this, for the cocktail hour Molly had all her bridesmaids each change into the bridesmaid’s dress that Molly had to wear in their weddings! Genius isn’t it?!

Molly herself changed into a super cute white cocktail dress.  How did she figure out the trick to getting to wear 2 wedding dresses?!  I wasn’t kidding when I said she was a genius!

Since the girls were changing for the cocktail hour, the guys figured they’d better follow suit… so they changed into tuxedo t-shirts… so awesome!

Like I said, we’re talking very non-traditional here!

After the cocktail hour, the girls changed back into the dresses that Molly had picked out for them to wear for HER wedding and the groomsmen changed back into their tuxes with their Chuck Taylor’s and all.

(I love the shaving moment!).

Even the little ringbearer got dressed in his tux…

…who was none other than Molly and John’s dog, Wrigley!

(I love how the tiny flower girl is trying to reign him in like he’s a ginormous out of control monster or something).

By the way, the bridal party consisted of one “dude of honor” and one “best chick” which means there was a guy standing on Molly’s side and a girl standing on John’s side.

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The ceremony was performed by a friend they work at the hospital with, who was once ordained to do a patient’s wedding and has married many of the hospital workers ever since.

During the ceremony, she presented them with a circle of friends to represent the spirit of the Southwest (which was a major theme of their entire wedding weekend).

And instead of lighting a unity candle, they sealed a box with their favorite wine and notes from all the guests that they will open on their one year anniversary.  Great idea, isn’t it?!

True to the rest of the wedding, the ceremony itself was very fun and fitting for Molly and John.

After the ceremony, we grabbed a few photos of the AMAZING sunset Molly and John were blessed with that day…

(Gotta have that cactus in their to fit the Southwestern theme!).

…as well as pics of their stylin’ shoes (or at least of one of Molly’s 3 pairs that day!).

We made our way over to the reception (which was a pool area that had been transferred into a perfect party zone), where Molly and John were greeted by all their friends and family who were excited to be there and ready to have a good time!

And they were not disappointed…

…the reception was the perfect end to their day.

Molly and John we loved loved loved your wedding and we loved loved loved working with you guys!

I especially love that you made your wedding fit you so well and that you weren’t afraid to challenge the norm do things differently… you’re a couple after our own hearts!

We love you guys and we wish you all the best!

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