Matt and Rachel’s Bonus Filled Wedding (by Scott & Breanna)

You’d think that the best thing about Matt and Rachel’s wedding would be that it involved our (Scottie & Breanna’s) first trip to New York! But no, that wasn’t even close to the best thing! favorites_0081favorites_0038favorites_0092favorites_0033The best thing was that this wedding was all about two of our closest friends (and neighbors!) committing to one another for life and celebrating their beautiful relationship in the company of their most cherished loved ones. favorites_0054favorites_0057

Yeah, that was the best part by far!

favorites_0008favorites_0009favorites_0011 It’s pretty impossible for anything to top that, everything else above and beyond was just a bonus! favorites_0078 Bonuses like the fact that it was at an absolutely incredible wedding venue in upstate New York (Emerson Park Pavilion) that had more greenery than either of the desert-born Scottie or myself knew was possible…favorites_0040favorites_0048favorites_0039favorites_0018

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favorites_0019favorites_0034 …like the fact that it was filled with the wonderful friends and family who helped make up the lovely people Matt and Rachel have become today… favorites_0017favorites_0003favorites_0015 … the fact that so many of our photo opportunities really represented Matt and Rachel’s personalities… favorites_0021

(Matt LOVES UFC! In fact, UFC tickets were Rachel’s wedding day gift to him!)


(Well, this one doesn’t represent Rachel so much as it does her very fun bridesmaids who came up with this idea!)

… the fact that the entire day was pulled off seamlessly by the extraordinarily talented wedding planner, Kate Lemos Brown from Lovewell Celebration Design (are you SURE you don’t want to move to Los Angeles, Kate?!)… favorites_0063 … and of course the fact that it was an incredibly meaningful day for both Matt and Rachel that involved so many laughs, tears, and Jewish customs.favorites_0056favorites_0020favorites_0052favorites_0097 Added to all that was the fact that everyone got to live it up and enjoy life at one amazing party to celebrate all things Matt and Rachel!!! favorites_0101favorites_0100favorites_0102 Matt and Rachel, I’m sorry if this blog doesn’t do your wedding or our relationship to you guys justice. Perhaps it’s because I’m so tired from my amazing day of chaperoning middle schoolers at Disneyland with Rachel yesterday! Or maybe it’s because I’m still recovering from the average weekend on Venice Beach that we just spent together, involving all the usuals- like BBQ’s, cop calling, fearing for our lives, national news making, and sour cream and onion dip. favorites_0027 But most likely it’s because I’m having such a hard time putting into words what the two of you mean to Scottie and I. There’s really a good chance that we would’ve moved home by now had we not met such valuable friends as you two (yes mom, you can blame them for keeping us here!). favorites_0043

(That’s me- Breanna- photo bombing their selfie!)

It’s been amazing for both Scottie and I to find the kind of friends who go on couple dates with us, get us into Coachella for free, listen to all our troubles/issues/OCD/over-Googled fears (OK some of those are just me, not Scottie) , take us to Korean BBQ or to the coolest Whiskey bar in Downtown LA (which remains cool even if ALL the drinks slide off the table onto your lap, as happened to me), offer to make buffalo dip or cookies for us, laugh as we watch another neighbor sell our parking spots to beach goers, help us (okay, ME) make outfit & accessory decisions… favorites_0006 …play cornhole in the street with us (along with our friendly, neighborhood horse cops of course), let us use their parking spot sometimes (a true representation of their love for us), translate our letters to the gardener into Spanish, play “Just Dance” on Wii together (yes ALL of us!), get to know and care about our other friends, convince us to build a giant structure (Sukkah) in our front yard for a Jewish holiday, provide us with an endless supplies of Dried and True beef jerkyfavorites_0104 …sit around watching youtube videos together for hours, let my parents (along with 8 teenagers!) stay in their place while they’re away, let our dog boss theirs around (also pee on their rug, eat their dog’s food, attack every dog in sight while they’re being so kind as to walk her… the list goes on and on for that one), take long/life figuring out walks with me, discuss “Pretty Little Liars” (Matt & Scottie won’t shut up about it)… favorites_0086 …teach us about jiu jitsu without asking to practice on us, make s’mores around the campfire in our front yard with us, go into our place to ease my fears that we forgot to turn off the stove/curling iron/etc, and most of all– the kind of friends who will sit with you in the front yard for hours upon hours just enjoying life together. It’s because of these things and SO MANY MORE that we couldn’t be happier to have the two of you in our lives. favorites_0032 You mean the world to us and if it were possible for your wedding to mean more to anyone else than it did to you, I think it would be to us (well, probably to your parents/family/those you’ve known since birth, and THEN to us!). favorites_0076favorites_0044 We love you guys and couldn’t be happier that you’ve decided to spend your lives together… while living next door to us. favorites_0080favorites_0085favorites_0094Click to see the rest of the photos from Matt & Rachel’s wedding! favorites_0098favorites_0031

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