Lisa and Pavel’s Outdoorsy Engagement Session

When Lisa and Pavel first started planning their engagement photo shoot, they immediately thought somewhere in Big Bear would be beautiful. lisa_pavel_0095 And we agreed. lisa_pavel_0009lisa_pavel_0115However, once we heard just how cold it was supposed to be in Big Bear on the day of their shoot, we also agreed that changing it to Irvine Regional Park was a much better option! lisa_pavel_0123 We’d never shot there before, but it turned out to be a great place with plenty of different options for different looks! There’s the woodsy, never before trodden look… lisa_pavel_0053lisa_pavel_0007lisa_pavel_0019 … the romantic lake in a park look… lisa_pavel_0068 … the little Christmas village look… lisa_pavel_0013 … the playful playground look… lisa_pavel_0132lisa_pavel_0136 … the wide open sky look… lisa_pavel_0114 … and the always popular fall leaves look! lisa_pavel_0077lisa_pavel_0128 Plus there were tons of other looks that we didn’t have time to capture in just one session! lisa_pavel_0026 By the end I think it was unanimous that we made the right location choice! lisa_pavel_0048 Lisa and Pavel, we can’t wait for your wedding! If your engagement session planning skills are any indication, I think it’s going to be a great day! lisa_pavel_0139lisa_pavel_0126 See the rest of Lisa and Pavel’s Outdoorsy engagement session photos here. lisa_pavel_0104lisa_pavel_0094

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