Linzie and Chris: Smiling On a Rainy Day

If you’ve ever been in Phoenix when it rains, you know how everyone goes on red alert the instant the first drop falls.  It’s hilarious how the entire city shuts down immediately!  People get scared, start to panic, and rush home and lock their doors.  God forbid you’re on the road when all this happens!  So when we found out it was going to rain the day we were scheduled to shoot Chris and Linzie’s engagement session, we were like “uh oh, I guess that’s canceled”.


Then we thought about it and we realized that the rest of the country deals with rainy days all the time and the world keeps spinning while people keep working on those days!  So once we found out that Linzie and Chris were down for it, we decided we’d make an adventure out of it and figure out how to shoot in the rain!



So we swung by Target to get some cute umbrellas that would look good in the pics and we found out later they did the same (seriously, we use them so rarely here that you never know where it is or if they work or anything).  We headed over for Heritage Square in downtown Phoenix which ironically the least Southwestern looking area in all of Phoenix (which is what they wanted…no cactus was the rule for the pictures).



Once we added in the rain to the only place in Phoenix with fall leaves, we came out with our least Phoenix looking pictures we’ve ever taken!  And we LOVE them!




That “grass is always greener” thing is totally true.  Photographers in New York are so jealous of the open sky sunset shots we get here and we are always longing for some shots on top of giant buildings with a city view.


That to say, we enjoyed getting pictures that look totally different than our norm.  Well Linzie and Chris, if you wanted to be unique… you definitely succeeded!  We had SO much fun experimenting with you guys (thanks for being good sports). We’re excited to see what kind of unique surprises your wedding will hold for us! 😉


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December 18, 2009 - 6:30 pm

Denise - You are so right about people scurrying indoors at the first raindrop….it’s too funny! Beautiful pix!

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