Lee, Becca, and Nathanael are ready for their close up!

We first met Lee and Becca many years ago when Nathanael… or the idea of having a baby at all… was not even a twinkle in their little future-parent eyes. 007000770011 Those days are long gone now and I know that Lee and Becca wouldn’t go back to them for anything in the world. 003600310014 Because now they have this wonderfully adorable face to lose themselves in daily! 00070034 And these tiny little toes to tickle whenever they want! 0073 Not to mention, this little smile that they will spin circles, run marathons, or walk the world over just to see as often as they can. 0005000900300032 And who could resist watching him learn new tricks all the time?! Like this sticking out the tongue thing that he’s so proudly gotten down! 00060041 It’s obvious that this is one very happy family who loves being together and who will continue to grow and enjoy one another as they get to know each other even better over the years to come. 0060005900850035 We’re so happy and privileged to know such fantastic people and to be reunited with them over such a beautiful and joyous occasion as a family photo session with their new baby! Lee, Becca, and Nathanael, we wish you all the best and can’t wait to see how the three of you grow, change, and learn together in the years to come! 0049 Click to see the rest of Lee, Becca, and Nathanael’s family photo session here. 00870025005100920065

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