Krista and Weston’s Memorable Wedding Day

When I (Scottie) met with Krista and Weston in June, I could tell that their wedding day would be filled tons of special people and special moments, and let me tell you they did not disappoint. krista_weston_0038krista_weston_0046 To start with, Krista and Weston had a great bridal party that you could tell were all great friends.


They also had important friends and mentors join them during the time they were getting ready. Their presence and their prayers kept them focused and calm before their big day got started.


Of course some of the most special moments happened during Krista and Weston’s reveal moment and during their ceremony.


My favorite part of the day was after the ceremony when we took Krista and Weston to a beautiful secret spot to get some pictures of just the two of them alone.


Though it’s hard for me to say that the alone photo time was better than their crazy fun reception…


(The first time I’ve ever seen an upside down bride!)


…it’s definitely a close call between the two!


Thank you Krista and Weston for letting us be a part of your amazing wedding and I know that your marriage will be just as special as your wedding day was!

krista_weston_0035krista_weston_0049krista_weston_0024krista_weston_0061krista_weston_0053 Click to see the rest of Krista and Weston’s Wedding Photos. krista_weston_0051krista_weston_0047

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