Kevin and Carrie’s Emotional Wedding

We all know that there are some pretty incredible aspects involved in a wedding day. 002300330037 There’s the gorgeous location and all it has to offer… 0018

(In this case the location was the ever amazing Condor’s Nest Ranch, one of our all time favorite places to shoot at… and you can see why!)



… there’s the amazing dresses… 00010016 … okay, okay, the tuxes are pretty stylin’ as well! 0013

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There’s the stunning flowers…

00110062 … of course, the adorable little ones… 00030026 … oh, and let’s not forget the bling! 0069 There are so many amazing reasons to love a wedding, that it’s hard to name just one that stands out. Well, at least in most weddings it may be hard to name one that stands out. But in Kevin and Carrie’s wedding there was a very clear part that stood out to me (Breanna) as being my favorite. 0021 The best thing about Kevin and Carrie’s wedding to me was the emotion involved in it. 003900410040 There were tears, smiles, laughs, and plenty of hugs to go around. 004400630061 It was so beautiful to watch Kevin and Carrie’s reveal moment as both tried unsuccessfully to keep it together. 00060007

(Read more about why Kevin and Carrie chose to see one another before the ceremony here).


And I can’t even describe how wonderful it was watching them committing their lives to one another during the ceremony. 00460053 Not to mention laughing along with them as they fully enjoyed every second alone during the picture time after the ceremony. 00290032 It truly was such a beautiful and special day for everyone. Including for us as photographers. Kevin and Carrie, thank you so much for choosing us to be a part of this special moment in your lives, it truly was an honor to witness it and we couldn’t be happier for the two of you. Congratulations!!! 003000650027 Click to see the rest of Kevin and Carrie’s Emotional Wedding Day photos here. 00590058

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