Joy and Joseph’s Wedding of Them

The main thing I would say about Joy and Joseph’s Wedding is that it was sooo “them”. joy_joseph_0007joy_joseph_0029joy_joseph_0036 They put so much time and attention into all the details so that the final product really represented who they are as individuals and as a couple. joy_joseph_0001joy_joseph_0042joy_joseph_0012 Everything was them, from the state shaped cheese plates at cocktail hour showing off where they’re from, to the photos they had everywhere displaying their adventures together, to the colors of their wedding in the various shades of wine they enjoy. joy_joseph_0013 And if you remember Joy and Joseph’s engagement session at all, you know that having wine be the basis for their color choices is SO very “them”. joy_joseph_0039joy_joseph_0017 The venue they got married at itself was very them as well! They chose Condor’s Nest Ranch in Pala, California (one of our all time favorite wedding venues!) because they wanted a chill place to fit their chill personalities. joy_joseph_0024joy_joseph_0031joy_joseph_0023 And Condor’s Nest is definitely the place for that, with wedding activities ranging from feeding the animals, to watching the gorgeous sunset over the valley below, to dancing the night away to a country music repertoire that once again, fit Joy and Joseph perfectly! joy_joseph_0025joy_joseph_0009joy_joseph_0037joy_joseph_0011 The guests seemed to love the country music as well! As all danced and partied their little Joy and Joseph loving hearts out! joy_joseph_0043 Overall, Joy and Joseph’s wedding could not have been a more perfect fit for them! joy_joseph_0019 We’re so happy we got to see two people enjoying their very perfect wedding day that they got to spend with their very perfect match! joy_joseph_0040 We’re so excited for you two! Congratulations! joy_joseph_0035 Click to see the rest of Joy and Joseph’s Wedding Day photos. joy_joseph_0030

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