JoEllen and Ryan’s creative, hilarious, and sentimental wedding day!

My very favorite thing about JoEllen and Ryan’s wedding was the unbelievable amount of creativity that shone through every aspect of every detail throughout the entire day!  It’s one thing to be ridiculously talented in the creative department…. it’s another thing to know exactly how to apply that to your wedding to make it perfectly represent you.  JoEllen was definitely able to pull it off in a way that most people couldn’t have even come close to.



Everything from the personalized bags for the bridesmaids, cuff links made out of Lego’s, homemade flower clips for her and her bridesmaids hair, and hand painted letters to decorate the cake table and head table… all of it was done by her!  And when I say she made all this stuff, I don’t mean that it was a bunch of stickers and giant rhinestones with Elmer’s glue showing through the sides… I’m talking stuff that looks like Martha Stewart herself made!  It was the kind of DIY things that end up in wedding magazines.  Needless to say, I was beyond impressed! You can see all of these details in the rest of JoEllen and Ryan’s wedding photos.



My other favorite thing was the way the bridesmaids decided to take over when the wedding nerves stress level was beginning to escalate.  They were hilarious.  Whenever they wanted JoEllen to relax and laugh they’d start singing “I’m On A Boat” (a song by comedian, Andy Samberg) which she would inevitably join in on and then she’d start feeling better immediately.  And of course when that song came on later during the reception, everyone went wild. 🙂  The other thing they’d do (including both JoEllen and Ryan) would be to make “that’s what she said” jokes… and I was really impressed with how long they could go on with it (that’s what she said).  It made the day pretty funny… which is very fitting because they’re a very funny couple!


I also really loved how involved some of the older members of their family were.  Not only was EVERYONE dancing… regardless of age, but they also had a lot of special family traditions that the elderly members of their families got to pass on.  It was so cool!  Special songs were sang and speeches were made. It was very much a family affair, that included all family members equally. Everything from the ceremony to the reception had very sentimental, emotional touches to make the day truly special.


So overall, it was a very special day with a fun couple (not to mention a super stunning bride), hilarious people, creative details, and a wonderful family. Thanks for letting us be a part of it guys!


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