Jessica… a girl of many talents… who now has senior pictures to show them off!

If I wasn’t married to Scottie, I wouldn’t believe that one person could be as good at as many different things as Jessica is!

Let’s start with the obvious…ok, she’s very pretty for one.  I mean, it only takes one picture (let alone all the ones we have here) to be able to see that.

Another obvious one, she plays softball (well, yeah of course…people don’t wear uniforms in senior photos unless that’s something they actually do).

She’s from Chicago (I thought I might have to state the obvious in case the sequins on the Bears shirt confused you- best team shirt ever in my opinion!)…

…and she loves her dad.

And then of course the most obvious fact…

…she has a beautiful smile!

But beyond the photo obvious things, there is still a ton behind the scenes of Jessica that is quite impressive!

For one, she is uber smart.

In fact, she is working on getting scholarships for both her academics and athletics, which gives away my second point- she not only plays softball but she is REALLY good at softball.

She also loves kids and for a living (along with her mom) she teaches them to play sports.  Which, for as much as I am not a a huge sports nut… I AM a huge fan of watching fifteen five-year olds defy odds and somehow all end up a giant dogpile on the soccer field… I’d take that job in a heart beat!!

Jessica is also sooo much fun to hang out with!

(as you can tell by looking at this picture of her and her sister!).

We’ve done a lot of photo sessions at this point, but we still always have a few nerves hanging around before every session just because each one is unique and there are always unknowns that factor in… some that we can control and some that we can’t.

All that said, it is so nice to show up to a session where we start trying to help our client relax and instead she turns around and ends up relaxing US!

We had a blast hanging out with both her and her mom that day!

They were so much fun and they were like an amazing comic duo too!  Did you guys plan that routine?!

The comedic timing of the two of them together was perfect and we had lots of laughs that day.

Overall, Jessica is one complex girl and there is so much more to her than meets the eye… and as far as I can tell, it’s all good stuff! 😉 Thanks to everyone involved in this session (some of her other family members came for part of it too) for being so easy going and for making our job really very fun!

Good luck in all you do, Jessica!!

Click to see the rest of the multi-talented, Jessica’s, senior session!

*** This is our last post for Radiant’s “Senior Week”!  I hope you enjoyed the show!  If you missed any of the sessions, click here to see them all.  Don’t forget to schedule your own, our open slots are few, but the awesome factor of your pictures is limitless! 🙂

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