Hayley and her Venue at the Grove Senior Session!

When I think about Hayley’s senior session, the first thing I think of are her creative ideas.

When we were trying to choose a location for her session, Hayley picked the best place… several times.

The reason she had to keep try, try, and trying again is because she kept picking places that are so great that everyone wants to shoot there, which has in turn made them decide that no one is allowed to shoot there!!

And when she did find a place that we were allowed to shoot, we’d find out that they had another event that day so we’d yet again find ourselves out of luck. Hayley, I’m so glad that you didn’t give up!

She kept pushing for a unique place to shoot… and she finally found one!

So when the day came, we loaded up our stuff and headed over to Venue at the Grove. They did charge a small fee to let us shoot there, but Hayley and her mom didn’t worry about paying it too much because Hayley’s entire session with us was actually free since she won it at an auction we donated to through the High School group at Scottsdale Bible Church.

When we arrived at Venue at the Grove, we quickly understood why it was a valuable enough spot that they could charge us to use it… it was beautiful.

And more than anything, it looked different than almost every other place in Arizona. There wasn’t a cactus in sight!

And where saguaro’s would normally spend their days blooming, there was a pecan grove instead!  It was beautiful, and it fit Hayley’s style perfectly!

There were so many cool little spots around the area, my favorite being the old yellow truck… so awesome!

Hayley, thanks so much for putting in the time and energy to find the PERFECT spot for your session… your excitement about it made us even more excited about it!  You did a great job and I hope you absolutely LOVE the photos!

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