Good times in Downtown Phoenix: Inez and Phil’s engagement session

If you happen to know Phil and Inez, then you are probably confused why they had engagement photos taken 9 months after their actual wedding!

So let me explain… before they got married they opted for a family session with their kids rather than an engagement session with just the two of them.  Right after the wedding they realized that they missed out on a chance to have some special photos together so they decided to go ahead and schedule a session with us!

Of course, having just done a family session and a wedding they were a little “posed out”… especially Phil, who told us right away that we’d have a hard time working with him because he hates having his picture taken!

FYI Phil, you actually did really well, and I hope we made it pretty easy on you!

(As you can see, he at least made the session easy on Inez!  I loved watching how much he made her laugh… so cute!).

Anyways, they decided to wait a while to have their next session, which puts us here and now with fresh photos from the recent engagement session of this newly wed couple!

(I love how Inez looks like a shy teenager with her first boyfriend in this picture!  Oooh, she’s in LOOOOVE!).

After a little discussion, Inez and Phil decided to do their session in Downtown Phoenix because the area has a lot of meaning to them.

(Inez wasn’t the only one he could make laugh…Phil gave us some pretty hilarious faces throughout the whole session.  Actually, he was making us laugh so hard, I was worried all our pictures were going to be blurry!!).

Phil grew up in that area and he used to work there too.  He also is an artist and had some of his work displayed in a nearby gallery for the First Fridays art walk.  On top of all that, their children used to attend classes at an Arts Center around the area as well.

So even though I (Breanna) have lived in Phoenix my whole life, I felt like I had my own special tour guides while walking around there with the two of them because they knew so much about the downtown area!

And it was a good thing too because once we felt like we had covered the space we had planned on shooting in, they knew just the place to take us to get a bit of inspiration.  And it worked!

They were patient while we played around with a few new looks and new ways of doing things to catch the feel of Downtown Phoenix at night.  I hope you guys love the results as much as we do!

We had a ton of fun working with you both and we hope we run into you guys around the art walk or something soon!

Click to see the rest of Phil and Inez’s Downtown engagement session.

January 24, 2011 - 2:48 pm

Ila - I totally enjoyed the pics. You two were made for one another. Thanks for sharing. I smiled all the way through them. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face by seeing such a happy, beautiful couple. My love to you both.

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