Gina and Jake… the perfect golf course wedding

Every time we get a call to shoot a wedding for someone who works in the wedding industry, we’re especially flattered to be chosen.  So when Gina, who works with weddings at one of our favorite venues (Eagle Mountain Golf Club), called us to shoot her own big day, we couldn’t have been more honored!

Of course the problem with having your own wedding when your job IS weddings is that it’s difficult to sit back and enjoy it while other people run it!

Wedding industry people know WAY too much about what really goes on behind the scenes to be able to be around it and not be handling it all themselves!

(Gina really wanted a shot of the rings on golf tees!).

So whenever Gina tried to take something over, her Eagle Mountain co-workers were awesome about pushing her away so she could go mingle with her friends and family members instead!

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The groom on this big day, Jake, was doing a much better job of relaxing (not to say he didn’t have a few nervous jitters going on himself) but hung around with his groomsmen, drinking out of their engraved beer steins, and enjoying himself in the hotel room they used to get ready at before heading over to the golf course.

When the time came for their reveal moment, Gina immediately forgot all her wedding planning cares and dove right into the emotions of the moment… it was beautiful.

We were happy that Gina cried during the reveal moment, and Jake during the ceremony so that we were sure to get some emotional shots during both! What can I say? Crying makes for great pictures!

I can understand why Jake got a little misty eyed during the ceremony, it was a pretty amazing moment.

(Her dad praying with her before she walked down the aisle).

It’s one of those times when you just never know how you’ll react until you get there!

At our own wedding I (Breanna), much to my surprise, laughed through out the whole ceremony!  Whatever way the emotions of a wedding day express themselves, you can be sure they’re there and just waiting to bust out of people!

Working on a wedding together is a delicate dance…

…not just between Scottie and I as we are shooting, but between the couple getting married, the wedding planner, the caterers… and anyone and everyone who is involved behind the scenes!

So when you work with someone multiple times, you begin to understand their flow and you develop your own little dance steps that you can eventually pull it off without a single hitch!

That’s why we love working at Eagle Mountain (especially when the bride herself works there!).

Our weddings at Eagle Mountain come together like a finely tuned machine!

Nic Smith, the food and beverage director up there who is in charge of weddings, knows the way we shoot, the amount of time it takes us to do our thing, and how to create the perfect balance of being helpful and yet giving us enough freedom to do our best.

The events we work together with Nic on (and the rest of the crew at Eagle Mountain, who had a lot to do on this particular night since they didn’t have Gina there working!), are some of the smoothest flowing weddings we have!

Nic knows all our favorite spots to shoot at, so he and Gina planned just the right amount of time into the schedule for him to drive us around in a golf cart stopping at all the best places!

Gina and Jake, I hope your wedding was everything you dreamed it would be and that it was the best night of your life!

Congratulations and we wish you both the best!

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  • Michael " Daddy -O " KleinDecember 16, 2010 - 8:32 pm

    Radiant is just the best. These photo’s capture the kids in their most ” Radiant ” timeReplyCancel

  • Emily CrossDecember 17, 2010 - 10:46 am

    Beautiful!! I love them all 🙂ReplyCancel

  • KrisDecember 20, 2010 - 9:04 pm

    Thanks for taking excellent care of my baby girl on her day. I think of you two as the stealth photographers. The pictures are elegant.ReplyCancel

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