Fun with the Marcus Family

The best part of our job is definitely the amount of time we get to spend with amazing people.  And it is so fun when those people like us so much that they tell their friends about us!  That’s how we got connected with the Marcus family here (thanks Tracy!), and it was really fun to meet friends of a friend and get to spend the day hanging out with them!


We met up with mom and dad and the three girls at the community park in Anthem, AZ.  Once they got comfortable with the camera, the 3 girls did a great job smiling and posing for us… with little interjections of playing together between poses (which is great because it’s my job to catch those moments in between Scottie taking the posed shots, so I loved it).  Click here to see the full family photo session which showcases a lot more of the silliness of the day.




The girls did a great job interacting together.  They were skipping, playing ring around the rosie, tickling, and doing gymnastics.  SO fun!  I wish I was a little girl again!


Can you believe those eyes?!  They’re all so beautiful!  I love sister pictures… such great memories (like I would know, I didn’t even have sisters… but shots like these make me wish I did!).

After awhile of doing a great job following our directions, the girls started to get tired (understandably so) and they were eying the playground longingly.  So of course we jumped at the opportunity to get some shots of them having some REAL fun!  It was a good chance for us to get creative with our environment as well, since the playground isn’t our normal backdrop… though I’m sure it will be when we have kids of our own one day, so I guess in some ways you could call these practice shots. 😉 Click to see some of the playground shots  (and all the rest from this Arizona family portrait session).


Actually Scottie followed around the two younger girls while I took the older one over to get some more “model” type shots since we could tell she wasn’t really digging the playground.  She totally surprised me with her modeling ability by the way, I didn’t have to really pose her at all, she just changed her positioning on her own every once in awhile and did it perfectly! Her beauty combined with posing abilities made my job more than easy! Click to see some of her portrait photos (and all the rest from this session).


So we want to say a big thank you to the Marcus family for letting us be the ones to capture your family during this season of your lives.  We consider it a privilege. 🙂

Click to see the full session of the Marcus’ family portrait session.

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