Friends as clients, clients as friends… Gabe and Julia’s anniversary session

When Gabe and Julia came into our lives, our lives got better. When Gabe and Julia stepped into our pictures, our photography got better.

Pretty awesome phenomenon, huh?!

Gabe and Julia are great friends of ours who are coming up on their 10 year wedding anniversary and wanted to get some pics done to commemorate it. During the session, we were pretty impressed that a couple who’s been married for 10 years can still pull off the same type of photo session that an engaged couple would do.

In other words, they’re still very much in love!

Though we know them really well, we had a hard time choosing a location for the photo shoot.

Julia loves the outdoors and anywhere with greenery is heaven to her.

Gabe on the other hand, loves the city.

He really appreciates cool architecture and modern looks.

Hmmm… we weren’t quite sure how to make that work. Luckily we ended up finding 2 perfect spots to shoot that were close together (thanks to Courtney Sargent Photography for giving us the tip!).

So we started out on a little picnic and a hike through the great outdoors for Julia…

… and we ended up working on some cool new lighting tricks at an amazing building that Gabe liked.

Perfect combo!

We also did a few photos for us…

Julia and I (Breanna) had some fun in front of the camera!

We gave Scottie and Gabe a turn eventually!

I know I’ve said it before, but it is always so true… we have so much fun working with our friends!

Whether they begin as clients and become friends or begin as friends and become clients, either way it’s a perfect situation because all of us are so relaxed and we’re basically just having a good time hanging out together!

This session was no different and we had a blast with Gabe and Julia!

Thanks for coming along for the ride guys and being patient while we experimented with stuff… we appreciate your trust! 🙂  Congrats on your anniversary!!!

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