Denae and Matthew’s Chic Wedding Day

When Denae and Matthew set out to plan their perfect wedding, they knew just what they wanted. denae_matthew_0041 And they found it! (In part thanks to their fabulous wedding coordinator, Shannon Smith at Sassy Soirees… who’s one of our favorite coordinators to work with!)denae_matthew_0018denae_matthew_0025 What they ended up with was a perfectly chic, very glam, and stunningly gorgeous wedding day! denae_matthew_0034denae_matthew_0007 Everything from the attire to the decor, matched the feel they were going for and all those little pieces came together absolutely beautifully to make a fantastic whole! denae_matthew_0019denae_matthew_0012denae_matthew_0004denae_matthew_0016 And we had a great time capturing it for them to remember always. denae_matthew_0037denae_matthew_0022 The photos with the two of them were so easy since they were both just glowing on their wedding day. denae_matthew_0027denae_matthew_0028denae_matthew_0036 The time spent with the bridal party was very fun as we walked around the area to see what photo spots we could find and what adventures beheld us (for example, the photo below was taken seconds after a truck backed out and almost ran over the bride! As you can see, everyone was fine and present and accounted for in the end!). denae_matthew_0017 The reception was also wonderful! denae_matthew_0038The dancing was really fun to watch, and the beautiful details were a fabulous background for all of it! denae_matthew_0043 But all that perfection in a wedding day wasn’t enough… we still had some fun night shots to get when the sun went down! So we went out exploring again to see what we could find! denae_matthew_0039denae_matthew_0042 Thanks Denae and Matthew for letting us be a part of your wedding, I hope it was all you dreamed it would be and more! Congratulations! denae_matthew_0015denae_matthew_0030 Click to see the rest of Denae and Matthew’s Chic Wedding Day photos. denae_matthew_0035

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