Cute Couple Overload… Stephanie and Garrison’s Wedding

Stephanie and Garrison have quite a history with Radiant, so we were beyond stoked when they called us and asked us to be a part of the biggest day of their lives!

To make a long story short, it wasn’t until after we’d already established a relationship with both Stephanie’s family and Garrison’s family, as well as shot one wedding for each, that we found out that my mom went to school with one of each of their parents!

So of course, this means that Stephanie’s dad and Garrison’s mom also went to school together.  They did, but that’s not even how Stephanie and Garrison met! Their story’s even cuter than that!

Here’s how it happened… Stephanie took a job dog sitting next door to Garrison’s parent’s house. Apparently, the neighbor had previously informed Garrison that a really pretty girl was next door that he might want to find a way to meet… so he  took  the advice and did just that.

(Good thing he did too… I mean, just look at her!).

Garrison threw a frisbee over the wall on “accident” and had to go knock on the door to meet Stephanie and “get the frisbee”.  Genius isn’t it?!

It definitely worked and they spent the rest of her dog sitting experience that summer hanging out together.  It wasn’t until down the road that they figured out that their parents not only went to high school together, but were actually neighbors!  And of course considering that Stephanie and Garrison met being neighbors… this story just couldn’t get any more adorable!

As I mentioned, this was not the first Radiant wedding for either Stephanie or Garrison’s family. Before we shot their wedding, we had also photographed weddings for both Garrison’s sister and Stephanie’s sister!

So there were three couples at this wedding who are related who’s wedding we’ve been a part of.  How awesome is that?!

(Here are the three Radiant couples! The couple on the left, also has a baby but he was sleeping when we took this.)

So a chance to work with two of our favorite families again at the same wedding… in July in Phoenix when it’s 112 degrees outside… totally worth it. At least it wasn’t the day before which hit a record setting 118 degrees Fahrenheit!

I can’t even explain to you how much I love seeing two incredible families join together like this!  You should’ve SEEN that party on the dance floor.  Oh yes, everyone in both of those families knows how to have a good time and when you put that many fun people in one room together, you’re going to have one fantastic party!

(Stephanie’s sister and her husband entertaining the newly weds!).

I seriously was smiling during the entire reception because it was so much fun watching all these wonderful people that I care so much about having fun together and busting a move while celebrating such a beautiful thing as a wedding together.

As if these two families could get any cooler, I noticed one major thing at this wedding that really stood out to me and spoke volumes about the quality of these families.  All the in-laws for all the kids in these two families were present at this wedding.  That means that when one of the kids in either Stephanie or Garrison’s families gets married, their entire family adopts their new family in as one of their own.  Of course that’s what’s supposed to happen when two people get married, but how often does it really?  I thought that said a lot about these people!

(Garrison’s dad prepping the get away car with his son-in-law).

Now that I’ve gone on and on about their families, let me tell you about Stephanie and Garrison themselves!

(Like our Facebook page to tag yourself in some of the photos… including the photobooth photos!).

When I remember them on their wedding day, the first thing I think of is how freaking adorable they were together!

It didn’t matter what chaos was going on or what pressing matters there were for them to attend to, when they were together, nothing else mattered and all else faded into the background.

I was so glad they chose to do a reveal moment and see one another before the ceremony because as soon as they were together, the stresses of the day just seemed to melt off their shoulders… which is exactly how a wedding day should be.

I don’t think there’s anything you could say to convince me that these two aren’t madly and completely in love.

I think they had love coming out of their pores!  Along with the sweat that 117 inevitably brings!

To sum up…this perfect wedding day included a beautiful venue (if you haven’t been to The Clayton on the Park yet, put that on your to do list because it’s a must see!), 2 lovely families, a rocking party, and a head over heels in love couple… what more could you ask for on a wedding day?!

Stephanie and Garrison, thank you oh so very much for letting us into your lives on this special day and for being as wonderful to each other as you are. Just being around you two together makes me happy!  We love you both and we wish you the best!  Congratulations!

Click to see the rest of Stephanie and Garrison’s wedding photos (and the photobooth pictures!)!

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