Congratulations Katie & Lawrence!

This was definitely a wedding to remember!  Katie put so much time and attention into planning her dream wedding and I think it came out just perfectly (I hope she would agree).  However, she and Lawrence had quite a few little mishaps that reared their ugly heads in the weeks preceding the wedding, and they handled them with style!0048


The biggest issue being that Lawrence broke his ankle right before the wedding!  I have to say I was very proud of how he handled it the day of!  He did as much as he could from posing for pictures to dancing a tiny bit and he never complained once!  He just put down his crutches and did what needed to be done as if it were no big deal!



The weather was making everyone very nervous as well since it was predicted to be cold and rainy and both the ceremony and reception were outdoors.  All the worries turned out to be in vain because the sky cleared and it ended up being a beautiful day! (Click to see the rest of the photos from this beautiful day!)




I want to give a ton of credit to Katie for how unbelievably beautiful, cute, and personal everything at her wedding was.  Katie LOVED planning her wedding and all the incredible amount of detail that she put into it really showed through when all was said and done!

0069(This is a fortune Katie got over a year ago and she saved it just so she could get this exact picture on her wedding day! Now THAT’S detail… and one eerily accurate fortune cookie!)

00021(Katie bought this paper just to get this picture with the date in it!).

I was also impressed by all the things she either made by hand or had specially made!  Everything from the flower girl’s outfit to the guest favors (Jones soda bottles with one of the engagement photos we took of them on the label).


Everything looked BE-AUTIFUL!  Of course it didn’t look quite as beautiful as the bride did (because lets face it, nothing could look as good as she did)!


Katie, you did an amazing job on every single little thing that was a part of your wedding and I really enjoyed following you via Facebook on this big wedding planning journey.  It was so fun reading all about the highs and lows that go along with such a life changing event and I’m so glad I got to be a part of it all!

0065(More of the details that made Katie’s wedding beautiful).

00031(I’m so impressed with these shoes!  She matched them perfectly with the lime green that was in the rest of the wedding and then added the bling herself!  Anytime someone adds bling to something, I’m a fan!  Good thinking, Katie!).


(We couldn’t miss an opportunity to get a shot of these shoes!).

One thing I really loved, was how personal all the little touches were.  Lawrence is a police officer, so they decided to play that up and make it a big part of their wedding!  Though I loved all the beautiful, sentimental little things that were at the wedding, my favorite wedding detail was the one with a sense of humor… the Mr. Potato Head decked out in his cop gear in the center of a donut cake!  It was hilarious!


Some of the police officers were on duty and couldn’t make it to the wedding, so they decided to fly their helicopter over and yell congratulations over the loud speaker!  That was a first for us at a wedding! And that wasn’t the only time cops showed up at this wedding…

Katie’s parents surprised her with a fireworks show during the reception!


However, some of the neighbors nearby interpreted the loud booms as gun shots and called the police!  When the cops arrived, we all thought they were there to congratulate their co-worker on his wedding day.  It was quite a confusing moment… the cops were confused because everyone was just saying hi rather than asking why they were there, and everyone else was confused as to why they were there once they found out they didn’t know Lawrence.  And when gun shots were brought up, the confusion only grew!  It didn’t take long for everyone to figure it out and start laughing about it though!

I want to say a special thanks to Carrie at Stonecreek Golf Club in Phoenix.  Carrie is in charge of the special events at Stonecreek and she was so wonderful to work with on this wedding!  She’s the perfect balance of fun, friendly, and professional. She makes you feel like you’re her best friend but when things call for it, she quickly steps it up a notch and takes charge of the situation.  Not only is Carrie one of our favorite people to work with, but Stonecreek couldn’t be a better location for a wedding!


It’s a stunning golf course with the Camelback Mountains and Squaw Peak as the backdrop.  The outdoor covered reception area is set up so that it can be tailored well to each individual wedding (and of course Carrie will work to help figure out what that means for each unique couple)!  We recommend that anyone planning a wedding considers Stonecreek Golf Club as the place to have it!


This wedding really was a blast!  With all the great decor, the interesting events, and this great couple… how could it be called anything other than perfect?!



Thank you so much Katie and Lawrence!  You are both awesome people and we had a great time working with you.  Lawrence, seriously thank you for humoring us as we moved you around and posed you despite the pain you were probably in…we felt so bad and we were tempted to say, “ah, forget pictures, you just go sit on the couch and relax!” but I think your bride might have killed us and rightfully so! ;-).  Thank you so much for allowing us into your lives during such a momentous time for you. We’ve really loved getting to know you and we wish you the best!  We hope you LOVED your wedding day and that you are enjoying your first Christmas as husband and wife! We’ll stay in touch with you for sure!


Click to see the rest of Katie and Lawrence’s wedding photos!

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  • CarrieDecember 17, 2009 - 11:24 am

    Beautiful Wedding!!! Katie did an excellent job with all the colors and special touches. Radiant Photography is so great at capturing all the special moments along the way!ReplyCancel

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