Chrissie and Matt’s Engagement Session Under the Stars

When Chrissie and Matt first mentioned the idea of a camping engagement session, Scottie and I (Breanna) were sold! 0192 016801700186 Because what could be better than two people in love, cuddling under the stars by the glow of the firelight?! 0197 0184 I mean, come on, that’s the stuff of dreams for all the young romantics on Pinterest! 002801580144 But as the planning progressed, the life logistics involved in making this camping engagement session happen, just started seeming too big to conquer. 01520176 We kept finding ourselves asking important questions like, “how will we make it look cold and cuddly when it’s a record setting November heat wave and we’re sweating? What if the bears are attracted to massive amounts of hairspray? Where will we pee?” 00530073 These questions and more made us re-think this silly “romance under the stars” notion. 0172 0203But just then, Chrissie and Breanna started Googling… and Instagraming… and Pinteresting. And the overwhelming adorability of a camping engagement session just couldn’t be denied! Our questioning soon felt more like practical problem solving. As in, “how much is too much to spend on pretty lights just for camping? 0200 Can Chrissie set up a tent in a dress? 0135 How many pictures of a raw chicken do we actually need?” 0132 These questions and more led us to one conclusion. 0019 If Chrissie and Matt couldn’t do a camping photo session, they couldn’t get married. 0088 Well that was MY conclusion anyways. I didn’t specifically ask them if they agreed, but I felt in my heart that they did. 01510180 So off to the campsite we went (Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho), with an adorable picnic set up, a few plaid shirts, and a tiny little dog in tow. 017101410107 Since you’ve seen the photos, I don’t think I have to spell it out for you… next to getting engaged, having a camping engagement session was the best decision Chrissie and Matt ever made (again, in MY opinion). 00300078

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It was all the cute and cuddly, stars, pine trees, twinkle lights, and kisses, that any teenage girl with a “Someday My Prince Will Come” Pinterest board, could ever dream of! 013000460199 And Chrissie and Matt lived up every moment of it. Together. In love. And all that adorable stuff. 00550068 We love you guys and can’t wait for your big day… that will now arrive thanks to the completion of our awesome and mandatory camping engagement session! 008700080082 Click to see the rest of the photos from Chrissie and Matt’s Engagement Session Under the Stars. 0163 0189

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