Cherish and Matt’s Downtown LA Engagement Session (by Scott & Breanna)

Cherish and Matt are idea people. They seem to have one grandiose vision after the next and planning their engagement session was no exception! I mean, who else can say that their engagement session involved skateboards, ukuleles, trains, and a fountain laser light show?!

But Cherish and Matt decided to go big or go home, so we got it all!

We started out by taking a trip to Union Station, which is definitely an amazing place to be for photos!

You can’t get much more romantic than Union Station!

Whether it’s running after your love at the last second, or looking at a mysteriously attractive stranger from across the way, whatever the romantic moment may be, you can bet you’ve seen it in a movie! (P.S. I didn’t see either of those things happen while we were there).

What I did see, were two good looking people who decided to bust out their guitar and ukulele to play for tips! Oh wait, that was Cherish and Matt!

No, they didn’t get any big tippers, just the memories…. and maybe herpes from that wall they were leaning against… but that’s besides the point.

After Union Station (and before we all went to a midnight dinner at a 100 year old speakeasy), we headed over for fountain play time!

OK, maybe I exaggerated when I said there were fountain laser light shows, but they DID change colors, AND you could walk through them… so yeah, they were still pretty awesome!

So Cherish and Matt, you did it. Your grand engagement session ideas, came to fruition and paid off big time!

The only downside is that now you’ve set a pretty high bar for my expectations about your wedding day! But don’t worry, I know you won’t disappoint!

See you then!

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