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The bride… the groom… and crazy aunt Zelma. Read about it all right here.

Alysha and Daniel’s Vintage Glam Wedding (by Scott & Breanna)

When someone calls us and says, “I’m a HUGE fan and I’ve been following your work forever and I really, really, REALLY want you to photograph my wedding”, what are you supposed to say, no?

Of course not, we say, “yes, yes, and triple YES”!!!! Which is exactly what we said when Alysha called us all psyched about her and Daniel’s wedding and about having us be a part of it!

After talking to her on the phone and hearing how awesome her and Daniel sounded and how beautiful their wedding was going to be, we threw in a fourth, “Yesssss” just for good measure!

And as you can see, Alysha and Daniel’s wedding did not disappoint!!! It was at the Windmill Winery in Florence, Arizona which is a stunning mix of vintage cars…

…a 100 year old barn that was taken apart piece by piece and shipped from Wisconsin…

…. a few animals, adorable cottages, a lake…

….and of course on this day it had the perfect mix of Alysha’s vintage glam style!

I absolutely loved how Alysha and Daniel took what was already a really unique venue and then proceeded to make it their own by adding in an element of elegance, rather than just adding more vintage on top of vintage as most people would’ve done.

It added the perfect twist that worked on all levels. Well all levels except for the difficulties of walking over brick, wooden planks, and grass in glittering stilettos!

One of my favorite aspects of Daniel and Alysha’s wedding was how excited all of their friends were for them!

It was like adding joy to joy and coming out with an explosion of hugs, laughter, and tears.

(Above, the bridesmaids stealing a glance of the Reveal Moment. Below, the groomsmen spying on the reveal moment in their own special way by playing spies… or whatever it is that boys are doing when they point their fingers in the shape of guns like that).

Of course it wasn’t just their friends, family, and guests who were happy for them, Scottie and myself (Breanna) couldn’t have been more excited to see a couple so in love, so thrilled to be getting married, and complimenting one another so perfectly. It was beautiful and definitely a day to be remembered!

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Thank you Alysha and Daniel for allowing us the honor to be part of such a big day for the two of you, we couldn’t have been happier about it! Congratulations!

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Kristen and Mikey’s Wedding: Old Friends and New Friends

So this is going to be one of those rare blog post by me (Scottie). In fact the last time I wrote a blog about a wedding was when my good friends Gabe and Angela got married almost 3 years ago. Once again the nuptials of a close friend have broken my blog silence. I met Mikey about five years ago at a church college group. He would drive down to Scottsdale every Thursday night from Payson to hang out. Eventually Mikey made the move to Scottsdale where he moved in with Erik and Jay (the DJ and Videographer for the wedding) and the four of us formed a band. It was evident pretty quickly that Mikey was a musician on a completely different level than the rest of us. It was fun while it lasted but Mikey needed to spread his wings. He joined up with some amazing musicians and they formed a band called the Technicolors. These guys are freaking amazing and you have to listen to their music, here’s a link to my favorite song. The reason I tell you all of this is because it was while performing at a Technicolors concert that Mikey caught the eye of a beautiful Australian girl name Kristen. Her friends dared her to go get a picture with the cute guitar player with the big hair so she did. So after lots of facebooking, skyping and flying back and forth between the US and Australia they decided they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. Here is how it went down.

Look at that hair! First groom ever with a headband.

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My favorite part of the entire day was the amount of emotion that poured out from Mikey, Kristen, the friends and families and especially their moms. Both of the moms were there for every part of the day smiling, crying and cheering on their kids as they went through their wedding day. It was really inspiring.

After the ceremony we braved some foreboding skies and few rain drops to take advantage of the beautiful Eagle Mountain Golf Club. We had so much fun.


(Australian girls are strong!)

Apparently Australians take their dancing very seriously and they challenged all of the Americans at the reception to a dance off. Winners…You decide.

For some reason all of Mikey’s friends thought that he needed a kiss on the cheek before he left the reception.

Thank you Kristen and Mikey for allow me to be a part of such an amazing day. It was truly a blessing to be counted as one of your friends as we celebrated your new life together.

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Special thanks to:

Nic and the rest of the crew at Eagle Mountain

Jay and Chelsea from Everley Films

and Denise from What a Day Weddings


Top Voted Radiant Wedding Photos of 2012

All of you Radiant fans have spoken… and you have been heard! The results of our “Best of 2012: Weddings and Unique Sessions” contest are in!

Out of 80 photos in the album on Facebook, these are the photos that received the most votes (click here if you want to see all the runners up).

So please sit back and enjoy….

“The Top Voted Radiant Wedding Photos of 2012”

The top 10 (in random order):

So this first photo is most definitely NOT in random order because this one beat all the rest by a huge margin! So this amazing, beautiful, vineyard wedding ceremony is the ultimate first place winner of, “Best Radiant Wedding photo of 2012”!!! Congrats Ashley and JT! I’m especially excited about this win because JT was the wedding photographer for Scottie and my OWN wedding! See photos from our wedding as well as more from this gorgeous vineyard wedding, here!

A 2012 Radiant bride who came to vote on her OWN wedding photos said, “even though this isn’t my wedding I LOVE this moment and photo so I have to vote on it”! See more from Ross and Megan’s wedding with a view.

Words like “chaps”, “staches”, “Movember”, aren’t often associated with weddings… but voters DID use them for this photo! See more photos from Ashley and JT’s gorgeous vineyard wedding.

Officially this photo wins because of the number of votes it had. But it wins in my (Breanna’s) heart because I actually had to translate one of the comments into English which I thought was awesome (FYI Facebook does that for you!)… and because the preacher called himself a hottie. See more from Clarence and Shanya’s very fun wedding.

The voters were big fans of how the bright colors contrasted the rustic background on this photo. See more photos from Ashley and JT’s gorgeous vineyard wedding.

The comments on this photo between family members, especially between the bride and her father, are so beautiful that you just have to go see them for yourself. See more of Ashlee and Jason’s Elegantly Rustic Wedding.

This photo of the guys praying before the wedding was a photo Scottie knew he HAD to get since it’s a duplicate of one of his favorite photos that JT (the groom here) took when he was the photographer at our own wedding! See the photo from our wedding that this one is based on as well as more from Ashley and JT’s beautiful vineyard wedding, here!

One voter declared this one “winner, winner, chicken dinner”. Looks like he knew what he was talking about! See more of Susanne and Greg’s Gorgeous Golf Course Wedding.

It looks like voters can’t resist the kind of manly groomsmen photo that Scottie’s famous for, anymore than I can! See more of Amanda and AJ’s delightfully detailed wedding.

It was said that this photo was a perfect capture of Ashley and JT’s personality. See more photos from Ashley and JT’s gorgeous vineyard wedding.

The rest of the winners (in random order):

Michelle, I’d like you to know that you were called a supermodel in this photo! See more of Michelle and Derek’s Creative Surprises wedding.

This picture of these little girls and their great grandpa is one of my favorite photos we’ve EVER taken! See more of Amanda and AJ’s delightfully detailed wedding.

As much as I’d like to think it’s my photo that won here, I think it’s Fawn’s dress that voters thought was the real winner.  See more from Fawn and John’s vintage charm wedding.

Capturing one of the many genuine emotions felt by all on this wedding day! See more of Melissa and Kevin’s emotional, vineyard wedding.

What says America more than this?! See more from Fawn and John’s vintage charm wedding.

I love that the grandmother of the bride who wore this dress told someone to cast a vote for her since she’s not on Facebook! See more of Amanda and AJ’s delightfully detailed wedding.

The bride pointed out that this photo is extra special to her because one of her bridesmaids lives in Slovakia and she didn’t expect her to be able to make it. So the fact that she DID come and got to be in this picture is an amazing memory for the bride. See more of Christine and Marc’s perfect wedding day.

I absolutely loved the bride’s comment on this one: “I love everything about this photo, it was shortly after the wedding and everything still felt like a dream. This is my dream come true captured in one photo. So blessed to be married to this guy and I’m so glad you guys captured the beauty of our day.” See more of Ashlee and Jason’s Elegantly Rustic Wedding.

The bride tagged this photo as: #stillcan’tbelieveImarriedthemanofmydreams. See more of Melissa and Kevin’s emotional, vineyard wedding.

Voters loved this bride’s sass as much as I (Breanna) do! See more of Christine and Marc’s perfect wedding day.

Now THAT is what I call a view… and voters agreed with me! See more from Megan and Mark’s Marvelous Maui Wedding.

Trailer trash wedding or just a really, really awesome wedding? Check out more from Fawn and John’s vintage charm wedding and you’ll have the answer!

While one sentimental voter said they were walking off to live a beautiful life together, the groom clarified that he was just heading that way to see what was on the other side! 😉 See more of Melissa and Kevin’s emotional, vineyard wedding.

Even though your vote could only count once on each photo, the bride loved this photo of her sweet groom and ring bearer so much that she found a way to like it 4 times! See more of Melissa and Kevin’s emotional, vineyard wedding.

This was by far the voters’ favorite 2012 Radiant wedding location! See more of Marah and Shawn’s Elegant Wedding day.

One voter said this photo “captured all the happiness of the day!” I agree, there’s a happiness explosion going on here! See more of Kim and Tru’s Genuine Wedding.

Oh, is that the most beautiful field you’ve ever seen?! I’d hardly noticed it! See more from Megan and Mark’s breath taking Maui Unique Session!

The incredible style at this wedding didn’t just come from tablecloths and centerpieces… the people themselves maintained an unstoppable cool factor! See more from Fawn and John’s vintage charm wedding.

Oh, is THIS why people like going to Hawaii to get married?! I think yes. See more from Megan and Mark’s breath taking Maui Unique Session!

His mom thinks he’s a winner (as do many others apparently!). See more from Fawn and John’s vintage charm wedding.

Chillin’ out, maxin’, relaxin’ all cool. See more from Fawn and John’s vintage charm wedding.

I love our more classy and astute voters, like the guy who pointed out that “this guy is f’ing happy”. Haha I love it.  See more from Clarence and Shanya’s very fun wedding.

One voter loves this photo so much that she’s extremely proud that her very own shoulder made it into such a masterpiece! See more of Melissa and Kevin’s emotional, vineyard wedding.

We have some nature fans out there who LOVED the background of this wedding! See more of Jen and Kenyon’s Countrified Fairytale Wedding.

Black and white wins every time! See more of Susanne and Greg’s Gorgeous Golf Course Wedding.

Congratulations to all of the couples in our winning photos.  Your win is a testament to you putting a lot of hard work, thought, and time into your photos and to you planning amazing weddings and Unique Sessions… thanks for making our portfolio amazing!  We can honestly say we love you all and we feel so blessed that we get some of the best couples around.   We regularly get comments on our Facebook page and blog telling us how cool our couples are… and we SO agree!

Thanks so much to everyone who voted.  We had so much fun reading all the comments and you were all a major encouragement to us (see the nominee photos and the voting comments here).  Thanks to all your kind words we’re all refreshed and psyched out of our minds to blow it up in 2013! Here’s to a fantastic 2013!

Hallie and Jonathan’s Late December Wedding (by Josh & Kelley)

It started out as a first date at In and Out Burger, and led to a beautiful wedding on a late December evening.

Now, these two crazy kids are looking forward to spending the rest of their lives together, and enjoying every adventure along the way.

It may sound like the plot to a gooey romantic movie, but for Hallie and Jonathan, it’s real life.

Yup, it’s their very own real life love story.

Hallie and Jonathan are definitely a couple to be envied.

Why you ask? Well, for starters, just look at them. These two are head over heels in love with each other, and who doesn’t want that kind of awesomeness in their life?

They share a kind of love that allows them to really be themselves when their with each other… Their very own silly and spontaneous selves.

During the whole wedding day, Hallie and Jonathan both kept insisting that we take more “silly” pictures, because those are the ones that let their real personalities shine.

They’re obviously big ol’ goofballs at heart.

On top of all of this head over heels in love/silly goodness, there’s one other area of Hallie and Jonathan’s life that some may find covetable.

Just days after their gorgeous wedding ceremony, Hallie and Jonathan packed up their belongings and got ready to start a new adventure together.

Yes, I know lots of couples do this after their wedding day… But Hallie and Jonathan’s next adventure is taking them to a new life in Hawaii!

Yes, I said Hawaii! While many of us dream about just visiting the aloha state, Hallie and Jonathan can now call this magical place “home”. What an awesome way to start their new life together!

Hallie and Jonathan, Josh and I are so happy that we had the chance to get to know the two of you before you headed off to Hawaii! Congratulations on your marriage and your next big adventure together!

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VOTE NOW for the best 2012 Radiant Wedding Photos!

We’ve been over and over and over it and we just can’t decide… so now we’re asking you to do our dirty work!  We have narrowed down our favorite wedding and unique session photos of 2012 so now we need you to go through and pick your faves!

Each comment you make on a photo in the Facebook album counts as a vote for that photo. You can comment on/vote for as many different photos as you want… if you like one, just say so!

Once we tally up the votes, we’ll choose the photos with the most comments to be featured in a blog post highlighting the best Radiant wedding photos of 2012!  Oh and by the way, you are totally allowed to vote for your own photo… we know you’re dying for another opportunity to show off your pics again, so this is your chance!

The photos here are just a small taste! Go now to see the rest and vote to your little hearts’ content!