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The bride… the groom… and crazy aunt Zelma. Read about it all right here.

Haley and Davey’s “Desert Elegance” Wedding

I can’t imagine anything about Haley and Davey’s wedding that could’ve been better than it was. It had all a bride and groom could ask for!


A gorgeous location at Omni Montelucia in the desert of Arizona…


… an incredibly talented wedding coordinator (Ashley Gain) who helped them pull off not only a smooth day, but also these gorgeous details!


They had family and friends there to support them, who were all having a ton of fun at the same time.


And of course, they had each other.


Although we hadn’t been able to meet Haley and Davey before the wedding, when we first met them on the big day, we immediately knew that we liked them and were so happy to be a part of this special day for them!


Once we met Davey’s daughter, who got to play a major role in this important day, we were even happier for this new family starting out together.


It was a beautiful day, both visually and emotionally. Congratulations Haley and Davey! I hope it was everything you hoped it would be and more!



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Lisa and Pavel’s Marriage of Family and Beauty

Lisa and Pavel’s wedding is one that I (Breanna) will always remember as being focused on family and beauty…. and how the two intertwine perfectly.


Even from when we first spoke with Lisa and Pavel about their vision for their wedding, they knew right away that they wanted this to be about their loved ones enjoying themselves in a beautiful setting.0025


Their goal was for their wedding to feel more like an “intimate dinner party” rather than a formal wedding.


After being a part of their wedding day and seeing how love seeped out of every gorgeous aspect of their day, I’d say they accomplished their dreams!


The details of their wedding were made up of many pieces of family memories and tradition…


… and their guests laughed, danced, and talked the night away under the stars that were just beyond the greenery enveloping them at The Villa San Juan Capistrano.


It was a perfect picture, and hopefully just like the one that Lisa and Pavel had in their heads all along!


Congratulations you two! I hope your wedding was all you’d dreamed it would be, plus more!


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Kimberly and Brent’s Beautiful Mountain Wedding

When Kimberly and Brent told us they were getting married in Arizona in the summertime, I have to admit that our first reaction was, “mmmm, I think we might be busy that day?”


If you’ve ever been to Arizona in the summer, you understand why we’d have even the smallest hesitation to working with an amazing couple who’s wedding we’d normally love to be a part of!


When they told us it was in Flagstaff Arizona, we breathed a huge sigh of relief because Northern Arizona weather is beautiful in the summertime!


Not to mention the actual scenery is the stuff post cards are made of!



Once we jumped in with both feet first, thrilled to be a part of this wedding with such a great couple in such a beautiful place, we started getting really excited for the big day ahead!


And I think you’d agree, that day did not disappoint!


This couple and the memories their friends and family helped to create (like, really really helped to create, as some helped set up and tear down the wedding!), were so lovely and so worthy of such sweet celebration.


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And as I mentioned, the scenery is one that no guest will soon forget, with it’s blue skies, wide open fields, and impressive pine trees.


Kimberly and Brent, just so you guys know, we would’ve been happy about being a part of your wedding, even if it had been in a much hotter and uglier place! We just may have been a TINY bit less excited in the days leading up to it! 😉


Congratulations to you both! We’re so excited for you!


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Rich and Priya’s Washington Wedding

Since Scottie and I lived first in the desert, and now on the beach, we don’t often get the chance to photograph in beautiful trees and greenery!


So when Rich and Priya told us their wedding was going to be in Seattle Washington, we were thrilled!


They rented a house not too far outside of Seattle to house their guests, host their weekend long celebration, and enjoy their actual wedding in!




It turned out to be a beautiful day (at least until the rain came that evening!), as well as a beautiful wedding!



Rich and Priya decided to do a mix between a traditional Indian wedding and a traditional American wedding. And the combo went over wonderfully!


Everyone got to enjoy the best parts of both worlds as they celebrated Rich and Priya’s new wedded bliss!


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Marcus and McKenzie’s “Color Heaven” Wedding

After being a part of Marcus and McKenzie’s wedding, we discovered that there’s just something about purple hair, green eyes and red lips that makes you sit up and take notice!


Add in a gorgeous bridesmaids in beautiful red dresses….


… with a beautiful green background to offset it all…


… and you have a STUNNING wedding that’s made in color heaven!


But the coloring isn’t the only thing to make up the bride’s beautiful/vintage, yet modern/rocker look. The thing that really pulled the look all together was the vintage dress made by the bride herself… yes, you heard me right… she MADE her own dress!


Color me impressed!0029


And of course there’s the groom. I can’t leave him out of this because he was looking quite dapper himself!


Talk about a great combination!


The rest of the ceremony and reception were also quite colorful and beautiful.


Not to mention, the reception was a great party!


Congrats Marcus and McKenzie! We wish you the best!


A special thanks to Shannon Smith at Sassy Soirees for being so helpful in coordinating this day!


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