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The bride… the groom… and crazy aunt Zelma. Read about it all right here.

Re-visiting Addie and Dan’s very AZ wedding

In the spirit of Radiant Photography’s past decade review, I bring you Addie and Dan as our next post in the series “Best of the Twenty-Teens” (originally posted Dec. 17, 2014).


Addie and Dan are the kind of people who make everything they touch better.0027005300540082Take cactus for example.0059Hopefully they didn’t actually TOUCH any cacti, but they definitely did something to them because as a child of the desert with many malicious cactus experiences… they were never my (Breanna’s) favorite things.0060

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0058But once Addie and Dan got involved, suddenly the cacti at the Desert Botanical Gardens turned into some of the most majestic and stunning things I’ve ever seen!00260010And I KNOW the cactus didn’t look like that before they got there, because I had several photography field trips there in High School and none of my pictures then looked like these do now!00800093And then there are these old beards.0033Had I seen them in the store, I would’ve thought, “yeah those are gross, I’m not touching them”. But when Addie and Dan put them on, suddenly they had a new level of hilarity that I never would’ve thought possible! I was even willing to touch them! Like, a little bit. With the tip of my finger.00910090Of course pretty much everything that one might consider normal and typically (or evil and gross for that matter- in the case of cactus and the beard), Addie and Dan can make outrageous and hysterical.0034Like posing for photo time. That seems like a pretty run of the mill process that people do at their weddings all the time around the world. But put Addie and Dan into it and suddenly there’s nothing standard about it!00660070Not only is a photo time that’s been touched by Addie and Dan’s magical fingers more fun than anyone has ever thought possible, but it also produces some of the most gorgeous photos than anyone ever thought possible!003000850061Then there are the lucky people who come into contact with Addie and Dan over the course of their lives (including us now!).  It was more than apparent on the wedding day, that those people’s lives have been taken to a whole new level with these two beautiful people in them.00380049Addie and Dan were the bright spot at this wedding- and not JUST because they happened to be the bride and groom- but also because all of the people there were so excited to see two people as wonderful as these, commit to one another for life. All ranges of emotions were thick on this day!0071007200770086Which brings me to the most important thing that Addie and Dan’s mere presence changes for the better… and that is one another. I may be incapable of phrasing that in a non-cheesy way, but don’t let that hinder my point here, because it’s the big one.0016

(Getting ready to head down the aisle and face the big moment together).

Granted, I didn’t know Addie and Dan apart, but it is absolutely clear to me after spending just a few days with them that these two are meant to be. I can’t even imagine how they ever lived before finding one another because it seems that they are necessary to the other’s existence.0040

(About to see one another for the first time on the wedding day!)

000400440006If you don’t believe in the idea of soulmates, you probably haven’t met Addie and Dan. They are meant for each other like two ratty beards are meant for them.00500051Addie and Dan, thank you SO MUCH for including us in one of the most important days of your lives. You renewed my faith in cacti and simultaneously reminded us of why weddings are so incredible and why we are so lucky to be a part of them.0014000700170015003700200023Seriously, I can’t think of anything more special than to witness two people being joined together who are so obviously meant to be.0025003500680092Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for inviting us into your world. Now run off and enjoy that crazy adventure that I know you’re going to have in your lives together. I can’t wait to see what comes from it, because I know that with the two of you using your powers for good as a team together, the result can be nothing short of game changing! Congratulations!0089Click to see the rest of the photos from Addie and Dan’s Game Changing Wedding.0011

Re-visiting Megan and Derek’s Creative Explosion Wedding

In honor of the past decade, we’re posting some of our favorite moments with Radiant Photography. Up next in our “Best of the Twenty- Teens” series is Megan and Derek (originally posted Nov. 15, 2011).


Uh oh, Megan and Derek. I’ve found out your secret.  Everyone who’s ever met this couple is going to want to hear this because I know you’ve all wondered how so much creativity can all be bundled up inside of such a small space between 2 people.  Well now I know….

I think they live their life like it’s a Mad Lib.

Here’s how I think they planned their wedding….

Megan and Derek are (adjective)___ Fun____. At Megan and Derek’s wedding there should be a (noun)___parachute____, a (noun)___ritz cracker can____, and a (noun)___fishnet glove_____.

(Yep! They really brought in an elementary school style parachute for their bridal party to play with for pictures!).

(You’ll have to keep reading to find out what some of this stuff is all about!).

Ah ha! You guys thought you were so clever and that no one would know your secret! But the Mad Lib response card you included with your wedding invitation (and then hung all together at the wedding) was a big risk and it gave you away.

Now we can all be as clever, creative, and unique as Megan and Derek!  See, here’s my attempt!!

Megan and Derek’s wedding was (adjective) ___ creative___. My favorite part about Megan and Derek’s wedding was the (noun)___ ticketbooth____, the (adjective or verb) ___love___, the (noun)___ bows____, and the (noun)___ records____.

(Guests had tickets to tell them what table to sit at, and of course there was a ticket booth to go with them!).

(AMAZZZZIIING bow cake -complete with records at the base! And they had record pendants hanging around all over the place! Not to mention the record place settings in the photo below).

OK maybe Mad Libs aren’t the secret to the height of creativity. My life may not run on Mad Libs, but it does run on lists.  So here’s a list of my very favorite things about Megan and Derek’s wedding.

1. The relationship between Megan and Derek. After leaving this wedding, it’s completely obvious that the decorations are the thing to talk about. However, even mink bow ties and neon green feather boas (you’ll see) can’t distract you from the even more apparent love that exists between Megan and Derek.

Cute isn’t the word, beautiful isn’t the word, swoony isn’t the word (and may not actually be a word at all), and dreamy isn’t the word.  All of those words put together is the word to describe Megan and Derek’s love, so let’s call it Cueatoomy.

Megan and Derek were just in sheer bliss the entire time they were in one another’s presence.

Joyful smiles, adorable giggles, and giant squeezes abounded between these two (sorry Derek, I’ll try to give you a more manly description next time… but still, I prefer seeing this in love side of you on your wedding day anyways).

This is the kind of couple that I’d be willing to shoot 100 times over again. So even if you guys decide to renew your vows 20 + times, we’ll be there in our Sunday best, ready and waiting, at each event.

Apparently, Megan and Derek would be cool with us shooting them that often as well.

One of my favorite things that has EVER in the history of Facebook, shown up on Radiant’s Facebook wall, is what Megan posted the day after their wedding. It’s typed up version of a real life conversation between Megan’s mom and the couple:

Mom: “What was your favorite part yesterday?”

M+D: “Taking pictures by ourselves with Scottie and Breanna after the ceremony.” (real life honest answer) We can not thank you enough guys…we had the most wonderful time with you! Thanks again, your “bonus” client 😉

Awww, thanks guys! (sniffle, happy tear).

2. The couple’s good attitude. Weddings are no joke. And the stress that comes with them is no laughing matter either! But Megan didn’t believe that and she just laughed off everything with her adorable little smile and simple shrug of her mink clad shoulders.

At one point someone tried to flip Megan’s curl under and Megan just said, “is my hair being ornery? Oh well, that’s just how it is”. My ears did a double take when I heard that… did I really just hear a bride decide not to be upset when her hair didn’t look the way it was supposed to?!?

That was her attitude the entire day, well at least from every moment after she saw Derek and calmed down (as always, thank God for the reveal moment!).

When something wasn’t perfect, she just basically said, “oh well, I’m having fun anyways so obviously it’s not really a big deal!”.

Derek followed suite and decided to just kick back and fully soak in every moment of the day and the site of his beautiful bride. Awesome guys, I’m so glad you were both truly able to enjoy your wedding day together.

3. The relationship between family members.  You know me, I’m the one sobbing during speeches, and trying to hold it together during the special dances.  The beautiful parts of family relationships that show up at weddings is what always gets to me… I love it. So watching Megan and her dad cuddle together before she walked down the aisle and then whispering little secrets to one another as they made the trek towards the guests who were waiting to see the bride for the first time, turned me from a “professional photographer” to a “weepy mess” very quickly.

They were like that all day (thanks a lot guys, it’s not fun having to run to the bathroom to try to salvage what’s left of your mascara multiple times throughout the day!!).

At least I wasn’t alone in there. When two families have such deep and meaningful relationships, you just have to expect a madhouse of make-up fixers crowding up the bathroom mirrors!

(This was one of my all time favorite wedding moments. Just before it was time to walk down the aisle, Megan decided she needed one last sing-a-long to Beyonce’s ” Single Ladies”. The ipod was cranked, the dancing and singing began, and within seconds Megan’s grandma was up dancing with her and the two of them finished out a little performance together that might seriously rival Beyonce’s. It was AWESOME and an ever so memorable moment!).

5. The photobooth style reception.  Who doesn’t love a good photobooth?  Megan and Derek love it so much that they decided to take it as far as they could… they made their entire reception one giant photobooth!!!!

Each table had a theme and many of the themes fit with the prop sitting on each chair at that table.  For example, the Elvis table had big gold rimmed glasses (classic Elvis look), the Michael Jackson had a single glove, and the Jimmy Buffet table had flower leis for each guest to don.

4. The creative decor. And this is the part you’ve all been waiting for… all the little (and big) things that were interlaced between every single event and moment at Megan and Derek’s ultra creative wedding… the decorations.

(Of course having your wedding at a place as beautiful as The Silverleaf Club DOES help all the decorations look just that much better!).

I laugh when I think about the event designer (Ara from Rock Paper Scissors Events in New York) getting her first call from Megan and Derek that probably sounded something like this…

“So we’re thinking we want our colors to be black and white… oh and also multi-colored….

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…Theme? Oh yes, for the theme we were thinking mink…

(Megan’s dad is a mink farmer -hence the mink bowties and shawl)!

…no wait, it should be music…

…no wait, it should be vintage…

…no- I know, the theme should be a photobooth with tacky accessories for all the guests to wear… but in a way that looks classy…

(I love this photo because it totally sums up the entire day… very stylish, very fun, and very emotional).

…How about we make the theme be… all of that together? But in the perfect way that makes it look like it fits together?!”

I’m not sure if that’s what Megan and Derek initially described, but that’s what Ara somehow managed to pull off with her crazy magic spells… or whatever the key is to HER creativity!

This couple and Ara together is what I like to call the perfect creative explosion. Seriously, when they combine you just get a burst of creative energy that shoots out beauty, style, and a king’s crown, or railroad conductor hat here or there.

And actually, after watching Ara work and seeing what incredible masterpieces she’s able to pull out of her head… I’m pretty confident that she creates incredible, awe-inspiring, wedding design every single weekend! I don’t think she has a creativity bone in her body actually… because she keeps giving it all away to her brides!!!

(Thumb print guest book… how great is that?!)

So if you’re in the wedding planning mode, remember Ara! Phoenix is sort of her second home so she’s always psyched to have work to do out in good ole’ AZ since she’s out here so much anyways!

Now you know why figuring out where Megan and Derek’s creativity comes from is such an important thing to find out… because who doesn’t want even just a little of that amazingness that makes them who they are!

These two are the perfect team and I think they are the kind of couple who will be even better when combined together as a couple, than they ever were as separate, single individuals.

Congratulations guys, I can’t wait to see what sort of amazing things you do together as a married couple!

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Re-visiting Christine and Tom’s Old California Wedding

We’re going back in time in our “Best of the Twenty-Teen” blog series. And this time we’re going all the way back to the California Gold Rush days with Christine and Tom’s Wedding (originally posted Nov. 8, 2013).


When we (Scott & Breanna) booked Christine and Tom’s wedding at Condor’s Nest Ranch, we couldn’t have been more excited!


Not only were we going to get to work with two amazing people, but we were going to get to do it at one amazing venue!


Condor’s Nest Ranch is one of our all time favorite places to shoot weddings in Southern California.  Not only are there more unique and wonderful locations to shoot at than we could ever fully utilize in one wedding day….



….but the people who work there are some of the most laid-back wedding vendors ’round these here parts. Not only do the people at Condor’s Nest do a great job on your wedding, but they do it with a gen-u-ine country-folk kinda smile.


This chill atmosphere was an absolutely perfect match for Christine and Tom’s personalities. They wanted a wedding day that was beautiful, but not too stressful to enjoy. So they lucked out when they found Condor’s Nest. Not just because of the attitude there, but because of the style as well.


Christine and Tom were so inspired by the atmosphere around them that they decided to fully go with it and throw an “Old California” styled wedding. Think Gold Rush era with saloons where men dressed like this…


…and with ladies who wore intricate boots that look like these.


That was the atmosphere that Christine and Tom sought to capture, and capture it they did!


Of course there were a few areas where they veered away from their theme in order to incorporate their personalities.


For example, I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure that belly dancing wasn’t a super common past time in Old California. However, it IS a common past time for Christine, so it earned itself a place in her wedding!


Overall, I think they did a great job using their theme in a very subtle and classy way.


They styled it enough to make their incredibly cool details noticable (like all the bridesmaids’ borrowed vintage jewelry), but not so much that guests felt like they had to ride up on horses or refrain from using electricity!


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Great job throwing a beautiful, relaxed, and incredibly fun wedding you guys! I hope it was all you dreamed of and more! You were amazing people to work with and we truly enjoyed being a part of such a wonderful day to remember.




Click to see the rest of Christine and Tom’s Old California wedding here.


Re-visiting Dash and Morgan’s “Best of the Best” Wedding

We’re revisiting the past decade with our “Best of the Twenty-Teens” blog series! Here’s our second trip back in time, Dash and Morgan’s Wedding (originally posted May 16, 2011).


There is only one way I could even consider describing Dash and Morgan’s wedding and that is to say that it was “the best of the best”.

I mean that whole heartedly in every single way.  All that was involved fit this description…from the decorations, to their friends and family, to the vendors (if I do say so myself!), to the actual party.

Every single part of this wedding was exceptional in every single way.  Let me see if I can even begin to describe the majestic awesomeness that was this wedding!

So lets just start with the obvious… it was freaking beautiful, okay?!

The details…

… the ceremony…

(You can’t beat a ring bearer running full speed down the aisle towards his mom!).

(I love how Dash is looking at his mom in this picture!).

… the location…

(Pictured above is part of the cocktail hour set up… and also a showcase of future purchases I plan on making for my home. Consider this photo my Christmas list.).

… and OF COURSE, the bride!

I mean, just look, look, look at Morgan’s dress!!!

I (Breanna) got so excited when I saw it that I might have peed myself a little.  Layers and layers of elegant fabric, flowers, ruffles, and cream colored accents…. this is the stuff that girly dreamland fantasies are made of!

I felt like I was 5 years old again and seeing Cinderella at Disneyland for the first time-  I almost fainted out of girly overload every time that fabric swished and twirled around her.

(The accessories to go with the dress).

Of course the dress was just like one in a million of the beautiful details at the wedding.  I can’t even begin to describe all that was there that day, you really need to go look at the entire collection of photos from the day to get the full affect.

Remember the “best of the best” phrase?  Well not only does it describe the look of all the beautiful details there that day, but also the quality of the hard workers that made those things happen.

I have to start off by mentioning that we were so excited to have Josh and Kelley Johnson be a part of photographing this wedding with us!

(I can’t get enough of this pic that Josh and Kelley took, it looks like heaven for stemware!).

You might remember that they helped out on my cousin’s wedding so we could chill for the reception with my family, and now they are back for round two with Radiant on this wedding!

(Remind me to ask Josh and Kelley next time I see them if they have magical powers.  How else could they get photos this amazing?!).

They helped turn Scottie and my limited human potential (meaning we can’t be everywhere at once!) into… well, not quite complete omnipresence, but a lot closer to it!  They were at all the places we weren’t to make sure that every little beautiful detail of this wedding was captured and not a second was missed!

(Another couple of Josh and Kelley masterpieces!).

We were once again blown away by their mad skillz both as photographers and as professionals and we were so very very thankful we had them there to help us!

(I’m so jealous that I didn’t take these photos myself!).

Thanks guys! 🙂

Amina Michele and her team from “Some Like it Classic” were the designers of this wedding and my hats are off to them all as well.

Granted, Amina had an amazing support team surrounding her, but she still did the work of like 10 people all on her own and she did it with perfection and precision.

It was so fun to talk to Morgan about the things she was looking forward to about her wedding day and then to hear it from the perspective of Amina who was helping to make it all happen.

(Morgan’s reaction at the first sight of the cake she’d been dreaming about!).

Amina was almost as excited as Morgan was about all the bits and pieces she was working on, you can definitely tell this is her art and that she prides herself (rightly so) immensely on her work.

The more I talked to the two of them prior to the wedding, the more excited I got too! And the more I watched the details unfold, the more I admired Amina for her outstanding abilities and for the love and value she placed on the work she was doing… and the people she was doing it all for.

Amina and the Some Like it Classic team were only a piece of the behind the scenes work, so if you’re looking for wedding vendors yourself and want to know who some of the  pros at this wedding were, send me an email and I’ll get you the info… because I am convinced that all the vendors we worked with on this day were all the “best of the best” in their fields.  They had to be to make this day look, feel, and flow so perfectly!

Not to beat the “best of the best” thing into the ground, but there is still another major aspect to this wedding that fit this phrase to a T and that is the friends and family of Dash and Morgan.

(Her dad watching as his little girl prepares to walk down the aisle).

(Family dance party time!).

Of course we fell in love with Dash and Morgan during our first meeting with them, so we should’ve automatically assumed that their friends would be wonderful as well.  However, we were still stunned by just how amazing the people Dash and Morgan surround themselves with actually are!

When Scottie and I got married we referred to our bridal party as “The Dream Team” since we felt like it was all the best people in the world brought together in one group for one weekend… what couldn’t they do?!  But I have to say that Dash and Morgan’s dream team does give ours a run for it’s money!

We first noticed this when we were doing photos of the bridal party.  You have to envision the scene here… you have about 20 people (which is a large enough number to make it very difficult to get complete focus from everyone), who only got a few hours of sleep the night before, standing around outside in 95 degree heat (in direct sun for most of it),  and half of these people are wearing black tuxes.

I will just say from my past experience, this is not the makings of a smooth running bridal party portrait time.  The pressure was on us to make it speedy while ensuring that no one passed out on us or started throwing punches in the midst of a heat induced nervous breakdown- we were definitely a little worried.

(Good thing nothing came to blows because I think those rings could do some damage!).

But as we had groomsmen asking us if they were doing things right, everyone standing quietly and listening to directions, and people walking into the sun without complaining in the least, we realized we had a miracle on our hands.

(Like our Facebook page to tag yourself in some of these photos!).

Well, at least that was our first thought, but we soon realized that Dash and Morgan just have amazing friends!!!

Instead of causing us problems, the bridal party members were asking us if we needed anything and being truly helpful and considerate towards us!

They were so amazing that in her speech during the reception, Morgan actually thanked the groomsmen in particular (since you know, they tend to be the “endearing troublemakers” of a bridal party group) for being so wonderful and helpful throughout the wedding process.

I agree with her completely and want to send out a BIIIIGGGG hug to all of Morgan and Dash’s bridal party for not only being easy to work with during a stressful situation, but for actually treating us like a part of the group rather than as “those people who make me do stuff when I don’t want to”.

I think we still had the baffled deer in the headlights look after dealing with such a kind bridal party as we walked into the reception only to find EVEN MORE wonderful people waiting inside the reception tent!

As soon as the music came on, I froze on the middle of the dance floor with my jaw hanging open (not the safest place to be really) because I was utterly stunned by the sheer amount of people that poured around me and began to boogie like it was both the first and last party of their lives.

I don’t think I have ever seen such a huge group of so many fun people in my life!!!

Of course this amount of boisterous energy, unconcealed joy, and gregarious laughter kept our cameras up to our faces all night long!  We couldn’t have stopped shooting if we wanted to because every single second was a new hilarious moment, and every single shot was of a new person causing the crowd to cheer.

It seriously was one of the most incredible parties I’ve ever been to and I was at WORK this whole time, I can’t imagine how it was for the guests!  It was for sure the party to end all parties… and it couldn’t have been more perfect for Morgan and Dash.

Morgan and Dash, I know I stressed how amazing all your friends and family are, but I want to make sure I say how much Scottie and I love you two as well!

We had such an amazing time working with you guys, you welcomed us in as friends right away and made us feel a total part of this wedding as if we were guests rather than “hired help”. 😉  Thank you guys so much for your friendship and for including us in this incredible moment in your lives.

Our excitement about your wedding grew and grew as we got to know you better and realized that we were going to come out of all of this with two new friends!

We were so psyched and honored that you picked us to handle something so important to you and we hope that you are even happier than you thought was possible with your wedding, the photos from it, and your lifetime together!

We can’t wait to see where life takes you… and we’re glad we at least know that it’s going to bring you to visit us in Los Angeles this summer to get your Unique Session done!  We’re excited to see the two of you (and Morgan’s dress) again then! 🙂

Click to see the rest of the photos from Dash and Morgan’s “Best of the Best” Wedding.

Re-visiting Katy and Shaun’s Hawaiian Wedding Day

It’s the end of a decade and the twenty-teens were some good years for Radiant Photography (that started in 2009). So we’re sharing some of our favorite weddings with you, starting with our first post in the “Best of the Twenty-Teens” series, Katy and Shaun’s Hawaiian Wedding Day (originally posted Sept. 22, 2010). So tune up those flex capacitors because here we go back in time!


You’ve now finished the appetizers I’ve been feeding you about Katy and Shaun’s wedding week and are ready for the main course… the wedding day.

Hawaii fish pond photosaloha wedding photosbest destination wedding photographer

By now you’ve read about Katy and Shaun and you’ve seen the heart they put into planning their wedding week (if you missed all this, read part 1 and part 2) for their friends and family to enjoy so you know to expect nothing short of amazingness, in all it’s glory, on their wedding day.

Oahu wedding photography

And you’d be quite right to expect that. No beauty was spared, no creative ideas left untouched as Katy and Shaun put all the details into their big day. Everything from big to small was perfect. (Instead of flower girls and ring bearers, they had the kids at the wedding hand out leis to the guests as they arrived). I’m sure some of this perfection came from their perfectly wonderful wedding coordinator, Melissa Laudise with Let’s Do This! Event Planning and Coordinating.  We had heard a ton about Melissa long before it was even time to head to Hawaii.  Katy and Shaun were absolutely thrilled with her… as were we once we got to meet and work with her!  She was so easy to work with and she was the perfect combination of relaxed and organized… in short, we have a professional crush on her. Her arrangement of all the sentimental and beautiful details that Katy and Shaun wanted included in their wedding was pulled off flawlessly, and she did it all with a casual kind of grace that can only be described as “Hawaiian Class”. Melissa lives in Hawaii but she’s not charging travel fees for any 2011 weddings!  So no matter where you live, if you still need a coordinator for your wedding day, give her a call! As you can see, the Kahaluu fishpond that Katy and Shaun got married on, also had a part to play in the beauty of the wedding day. I can’t believe how perfectly this place seemed to fit them.

Hawaiia wedding photographyOahu creative wedding photos

The little house the girls got ready in (one that President Obama stayed in on a visit by the way) was lit up all bright and beautiful and had a chill, down to earth feel… … sort of like Katy herself! Doesn’t she just beam?! I have to say that when Katy put on the wedding dress I absolutely lost my breath for a second!  She somehow managed to still look like herself, but also just like a Hawaiian princess! I’m not kidding, the entire day I couldn’t get over how beautiful she looked, I’m sure her face radiating happiness the way it was had a lot to do with it! It was at this house that Katy and Shaun had their reveal moment… …which they both agreed they were SO glad they did since  it made them feel more like a team as they prepared to walk down the aisle in front of all their family and friends… …and I’m sure it’s a moment that neither will ever forget. Since we loved the house so much, we went ahead and did all the group photos around there as well. (Someone shouted the cue and before I knew what was happening, they’d spelled out “Katy” with their arms!  Ha ha!). Once it was time for the ceremony, Katy pulled out all the stops by surprising her guests and coming across the lake on a canoe (that was being paddled by 2 of the groomsmen… who are obviously very trusted and have very good balance!). (He’s eagerly awaiting the arrival of his beautiful bride from across the water). Since I (Breanna) knew the canoe entrance was coming, that wasn’t the most surprising part of the ceremony to me… what was surprising was how emotional I got throughout the whole thing!  It was one of those times where I was constantly checking the viewer on my camera to make sure the mist from my eyes wasn’t fogging it up. I just know how excited they were about every single little part of their day since we’ve been talking with them about it for so long now. During the very first phone call we ever had with them, Katy and Shaun took great care to explain in detail, how much they wanted their wedding to be about joining them together before God and about the great love they shared with each other and with all the people surrounding them.  For as excited as they were about the actual wedding and reception, they were even more excited about the meaning behind it all. The location of the ceremony and reception couldn’t have been better… with beautiful tents set up for dinner, complete with my dearest decor love… white lights strung across a night sky. I’ve always dreamed of having the perfect nighttime garden party… and I think Katy and Shaun nailed my own dreams on the head! The cocktail hour area was stunning as well, with a magnificent view of the lake and couches to sit on while you stare at it and talk to your friends, it was the whole package. During this chill hanging out time guests were not only munching on amazing appetizers (called Pupus there), but also filling out postcards to mail to Katy and Shaun sporadically once they return home from their honeymoon. So they can look forward to getting different postcards from their wedding guests for a long time after their wedding day.  How fun is that?!  This idea is courtesy of Melissa’s special touch. After the cocktail hour and the dinner, we moved onto the toasts.  I heard some of the best speeches I’ve ever heard that night.  Maybe it’s because I’d spent all week getting to know the people who were giving the speeches… …but I felt like they were incredibly insightful and exceptionally beautiful.  I also heard one of the funniest speeches I’ve ever heard as one of the groomsmen read out loud a letter Shaun wrote him when he was in Jr. High. It was hilarious and such a great idea! During the speeches, it started raining.  But don’t worry, instead of taking away from the perfection of the day, it actually made it better! In Hawaii, rain on your wedding day is considered good luck and Shaun (who lived in Hawaii for awhile growing up) was really hoping they’d get “the blessing”, but he also didn’t want it to spoil any of their plans.  So after the 20 min. of rain we got, he was SO excited that they had some rain but not too much! (and Scottie was so excited he had the chance to get these amazing nighttime rain shots!). Pretty soon it was time to start the party! Katy and Shaun had hired a super talented and very fun band and their guests took full advantage of this excellent dancing music that was there just for them. Everyone jumped right in and the energy that flowed from the band to the guests was very high!  Katy and Shaun’s first dance was amazing too by the way, it was to a very fun and jazzy number and they busted out with some moves I didn’t know they had in them! Towards the end of the night, the big surprise we’d been waiting for finally came… Shaun and his band got up there to sing a song dedicated to Katy (read about the coolness of their band in this post here).  They sang “Just the Two of Us” (no, not the Will Smith version!) and there is no less cheesy way to describe this song than as a magical moment.  It just was.  The ebb and flow of the musicians, the excitement of their guests, and the happiness of Katy and Shaun made it all more than complete.  It was definitely unforgettable. (this was taken when everyone was cheering on Shaun and the band… so cool.  Like our Facebook page if you want to tag yourself in some of these photos.). As the guests cleared out of the wedding, they weren’t too sad that it was over because for many of them it wasn’t! Katy and Shaun had planned an after party at a local restaurant where they had hired another musician as well.  We spent the night dancing away and laughing and talking with all their fantastic friends.  We don’t have any after party pictures because Katy and Shaun talked us into not bringing our cameras so we could truly relax.  By the end of the night, we were so thankful that we listened to them because we had more fun than I can remember having in a very long time! (Katy and her mom… about to walk down the aisle together). (Shaun with is 90+ year old grandmother who was such a trooper and made it to many of the pre-wedding events as well as the wedding!). (Shaun giving his nephew- also named Shaun- one of the coolest challenges I’ve ever heard). 🙂 Actually, this entire experience in Hawaii with Katy and Shaun and their guests is pretty unforgettable. I can honestly say with confidence that it was one of the best weeks of Scottie and my lives and we are so thankful we got to be a part of it all.  Thank you Katy and Shaun for being the loving, relaxed, gracious, and fun people that you are. We not only enjoyed all aspects of your wedding week, but we can’t imagine spending it with a better couple.  You both are very unique individuals and we’re so glad that you’ve joined forces to create the beautiful “collective dream” that you are working on.  We love you both and we’re excited to come visit you in CA soon! Click to see the rest of the photos from Katy and Shaun’s wedding! (Also click to see pictures of Katy swimming in her wedding dress after the wedding!)