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Kelly and Andrew’s Sunny Unique Session (by Scott & Breanna)

It was the day after Kelly and Andrew’s wedding and we were all getting amped up for another photo session!


That’s right! We (Scott & Breanna) were taking even more photos the day after their wedding! Why would we do that you ask? Well there are many reasons…

1. Kelly and Andrew get a chance to have two locations for their wedding photos! So instead of just having a vineyard wedding, Kelly and Andrew got to have a vineyard/cliffs/field/ beach wedding!!! It’s the best of all worlds!


2. We have the time freedom to let the photos take us to where they need to. Needless to say, we’re on a pretty tight schedule on the day of the wedding, so going out the day after allows us to have a chance to give Kelly and Andrew’s photos the time they deserve to get them JUST right!


3. We have a second chance for good weather if it happens to be raining on the wedding day! Actually, this time we were a little worried about it being rainy the day after the wedding . Luckily, it turned out that we (Scott and Breanna) were just looking at the wrong location on the weather app (phew!). The actual Laguna we were going to that day had the kind of clear skies and bright sunshine that Kelly and Andrew really wanted!


4. Our hands are untied! All of the constraints that go hand in hand with a wedding day are gone and we are freed up to shine and to get the “wedding day” photos that are typically our couples very favorites!!!



So Kelly and Andrew, thank you for giving us the opportunity to do our very best possible for you and for being so great in planning the perfect Unique Session.


You did a great job coming up with the props, location, and all! You really put the effort in to make it great and I think it was well worth it! Congrats again! We can’t wait to see what great things you do together in the future!


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Top Voted Radiant Wedding Photos of 2012

All of you Radiant fans have spoken… and you have been heard! The results of our “Best of 2012: Weddings and Unique Sessions” contest are in!

Out of 80 photos in the album on Facebook, these are the photos that received the most votes (click here if you want to see all the runners up).

So please sit back and enjoy….

“The Top Voted Radiant Wedding Photos of 2012”

The top 10 (in random order):

So this first photo is most definitely NOT in random order because this one beat all the rest by a huge margin! So this amazing, beautiful, vineyard wedding ceremony is the ultimate first place winner of, “Best Radiant Wedding photo of 2012”!!! Congrats Ashley and JT! I’m especially excited about this win because JT was the wedding photographer for Scottie and my OWN wedding! See photos from our wedding as well as more from this gorgeous vineyard wedding, here!

A 2012 Radiant bride who came to vote on her OWN wedding photos said, “even though this isn’t my wedding I LOVE this moment and photo so I have to vote on it”! See more from Ross and Megan’s wedding with a view.

Words like “chaps”, “staches”, “Movember”, aren’t often associated with weddings… but voters DID use them for this photo! See more photos from Ashley and JT’s gorgeous vineyard wedding.

Officially this photo wins because of the number of votes it had. But it wins in my (Breanna’s) heart because I actually had to translate one of the comments into English which I thought was awesome (FYI Facebook does that for you!)… and because the preacher called himself a hottie. See more from Clarence and Shanya’s very fun wedding.

The voters were big fans of how the bright colors contrasted the rustic background on this photo. See more photos from Ashley and JT’s gorgeous vineyard wedding.

The comments on this photo between family members, especially between the bride and her father, are so beautiful that you just have to go see them for yourself. See more of Ashlee and Jason’s Elegantly Rustic Wedding.

This photo of the guys praying before the wedding was a photo Scottie knew he HAD to get since it’s a duplicate of one of his favorite photos that JT (the groom here) took when he was the photographer at our own wedding! See the photo from our wedding that this one is based on as well as more from Ashley and JT’s beautiful vineyard wedding, here!

One voter declared this one “winner, winner, chicken dinner”. Looks like he knew what he was talking about! See more of Susanne and Greg’s Gorgeous Golf Course Wedding.

It looks like voters can’t resist the kind of manly groomsmen photo that Scottie’s famous for, anymore than I can! See more of Amanda and AJ’s delightfully detailed wedding.

It was said that this photo was a perfect capture of Ashley and JT’s personality. See more photos from Ashley and JT’s gorgeous vineyard wedding.

The rest of the winners (in random order):

Michelle, I’d like you to know that you were called a supermodel in this photo! See more of Michelle and Derek’s Creative Surprises wedding.

This picture of these little girls and their great grandpa is one of my favorite photos we’ve EVER taken! See more of Amanda and AJ’s delightfully detailed wedding.

As much as I’d like to think it’s my photo that won here, I think it’s Fawn’s dress that voters thought was the real winner.  See more from Fawn and John’s vintage charm wedding.

Capturing one of the many genuine emotions felt by all on this wedding day! See more of Melissa and Kevin’s emotional, vineyard wedding.

What says America more than this?! See more from Fawn and John’s vintage charm wedding.

I love that the grandmother of the bride who wore this dress told someone to cast a vote for her since she’s not on Facebook! See more of Amanda and AJ’s delightfully detailed wedding.

The bride pointed out that this photo is extra special to her because one of her bridesmaids lives in Slovakia and she didn’t expect her to be able to make it. So the fact that she DID come and got to be in this picture is an amazing memory for the bride. See more of Christine and Marc’s perfect wedding day.

I absolutely loved the bride’s comment on this one: “I love everything about this photo, it was shortly after the wedding and everything still felt like a dream. This is my dream come true captured in one photo. So blessed to be married to this guy and I’m so glad you guys captured the beauty of our day.” See more of Ashlee and Jason’s Elegantly Rustic Wedding.

The bride tagged this photo as: #stillcan’tbelieveImarriedthemanofmydreams. See more of Melissa and Kevin’s emotional, vineyard wedding.

Voters loved this bride’s sass as much as I (Breanna) do! See more of Christine and Marc’s perfect wedding day.

Now THAT is what I call a view… and voters agreed with me! See more from Megan and Mark’s Marvelous Maui Wedding.

Trailer trash wedding or just a really, really awesome wedding? Check out more from Fawn and John’s vintage charm wedding and you’ll have the answer!

While one sentimental voter said they were walking off to live a beautiful life together, the groom clarified that he was just heading that way to see what was on the other side! 😉 See more of Melissa and Kevin’s emotional, vineyard wedding.

Even though your vote could only count once on each photo, the bride loved this photo of her sweet groom and ring bearer so much that she found a way to like it 4 times! See more of Melissa and Kevin’s emotional, vineyard wedding.

This was by far the voters’ favorite 2012 Radiant wedding location! See more of Marah and Shawn’s Elegant Wedding day.

One voter said this photo “captured all the happiness of the day!” I agree, there’s a happiness explosion going on here! See more of Kim and Tru’s Genuine Wedding.

Oh, is that the most beautiful field you’ve ever seen?! I’d hardly noticed it! See more from Megan and Mark’s breath taking Maui Unique Session!

The incredible style at this wedding didn’t just come from tablecloths and centerpieces… the people themselves maintained an unstoppable cool factor! See more from Fawn and John’s vintage charm wedding.

Oh, is THIS why people like going to Hawaii to get married?! I think yes. See more from Megan and Mark’s breath taking Maui Unique Session!

His mom thinks he’s a winner (as do many others apparently!). See more from Fawn and John’s vintage charm wedding.

Chillin’ out, maxin’, relaxin’ all cool. See more from Fawn and John’s vintage charm wedding.

I love our more classy and astute voters, like the guy who pointed out that “this guy is f’ing happy”. Haha I love it.  See more from Clarence and Shanya’s very fun wedding.

One voter loves this photo so much that she’s extremely proud that her very own shoulder made it into such a masterpiece! See more of Melissa and Kevin’s emotional, vineyard wedding.

We have some nature fans out there who LOVED the background of this wedding! See more of Jen and Kenyon’s Countrified Fairytale Wedding.

Black and white wins every time! See more of Susanne and Greg’s Gorgeous Golf Course Wedding.

Congratulations to all of the couples in our winning photos.  Your win is a testament to you putting a lot of hard work, thought, and time into your photos and to you planning amazing weddings and Unique Sessions… thanks for making our portfolio amazing!  We can honestly say we love you all and we feel so blessed that we get some of the best couples around.   We regularly get comments on our Facebook page and blog telling us how cool our couples are… and we SO agree!

Thanks so much to everyone who voted.  We had so much fun reading all the comments and you were all a major encouragement to us (see the nominee photos and the voting comments here).  Thanks to all your kind words we’re all refreshed and psyched out of our minds to blow it up in 2013! Here’s to a fantastic 2013!

VOTE NOW for the best 2012 Radiant Wedding Photos!

We’ve been over and over and over it and we just can’t decide… so now we’re asking you to do our dirty work!  We have narrowed down our favorite wedding and unique session photos of 2012 so now we need you to go through and pick your faves!

Each comment you make on a photo in the Facebook album counts as a vote for that photo. You can comment on/vote for as many different photos as you want… if you like one, just say so!

Once we tally up the votes, we’ll choose the photos with the most comments to be featured in a blog post highlighting the best Radiant wedding photos of 2012!  Oh and by the way, you are totally allowed to vote for your own photo… we know you’re dying for another opportunity to show off your pics again, so this is your chance!

The photos here are just a small taste! Go now to see the rest and vote to your little hearts’ content!




Marah and Shawn’s Gorgeous Wedding and Unique Session (by Scott & Breanna)


Emotions were running high on the morning of Marah and Shawn’s big day! In fact, I’m pretty sure they were feeling the pressure of the words “big day”!

Marah was dancing around, practically stomping her feet in anticipation as she sat getting her hair and makeup done, before putting on her UNBELIEVABLE dress that I (Breanna) fell in love with immediately!


(TING Makeup and Hair did all the hair for Marah and the bridal party, check her out!).

Meanwhile, Shawn was pacing the room filled with all sorts of nerves as he awaited the big moment of the big day…

… the ceremony!

Marah and Shawn had their ceremony at the gorgeous Wayfarers Chapel in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA. With it’s beautiful architecture and surroundings, the Wayfarers Chapel was the perfect representation of the beauty found in Marah and Shawn’s relationship and it proved to be the perfect place for them to profess their love in front of all their friends and family that day.

After the ceremony, the newly married couple traded their nerves for joy as they headed over with all their friends and family to the Trump National Golf Club to dance the night away at their stunningly beautiful reception!

I think I literally lost my breath when I walked into that ballroom! The deep reds and golds combined with the perfect amount of flowers and lighting, created an absolutely killer ambiance that could be rivaled by only that of the ceremony earlier that day!

Since you’ve now seen her breathtaking handiwork, it seems like an appropriate time to introduce Melissa Veenstra from Let’s Do This!, who was the talented hands that brought all the pieces of this elegant puzzle together.

You may remember Melissa from her own wedding that we photographed a few months back! Well she got married and then went quickly back to work to begin investing her heart and energy into making Marah and Shawn’s day as special as her own had been… with many of the same vendors involved as well!

(Like our Facebook page to tag yourself in some of these photos!).

I have to say, it was fun to be back together with the old team again! Mainly, with Hoo Films, since we couldn’t have picked a better partner in camera crime for Marah and Shawn’s wedding day! Shannon Avery and her team do incredibly moving work, as they demonstrated at the reception that night while presenting Marah and Shawn’s wonderful love story video that had me scrambling to wipe tears off my camera as I watched it!

I wasn’t the only one with a tear problem, Marah and Shawn’s entire day was filled with all kinds of emotions and special family traditions that left us all in need of more tissues than a huge place like the Trump could even hold!

Marah and Shawn are both of Filipino heritage so they found many touching ways to incorporate their cultural and family heritage into their wedding. During the ceremony, they were given Filipino coins that were borrowed from Marah’s aunt, as a symbol of the wealth that is wished upon them. They also borrowed Marah’s mom’s covering and rope to place over them during a special part of the ceremony to symbolize their new found unity as a married couple. And Shawn used his father’s wedding ring as a way to show honor to his father.

But by far, my favorite personal tradition they held up was having the guests actually pin their money onto the couple during the dollar dance!

Each time someone came up to pay for a dance, they found a new and creative way to attach the cash to the couple! It was so awesome and made for some great photos!

The dollar dance was only a small part of the fun that was had at this party! Everyone was so happy to see Marah and Shawn married, that they laughed, danced and celebrated themselves right into the morning!

Unfortunately for Marah and Shawn, they had an appointment the next day… with us… for more pictures!

Luckily the excitement for their photos easily over ruled their tired bodies from the night before, so Marah put on her reception dress and Shawn laced up his fancy shoes and they headed over to meet us and begin the final aspect of their wedding… the much anticipated Unique Session!

The Unique Session is a photo session after the wedding that gives the bride a chance to wear her dress again and it gives us a chance to be in control of the timing, lighting, etc., etc. to free us up get the very best photos possible! It also enables the couple to have wedding photos taken at a variety of locations so they can squeeze in all the different looks they wish they had time to get on their wedding day!

Scottie and I (Breanna) had spent much of the afternoon driving all up and down the coast of Rancho Palos Verdes, since exploring beautiful places is one of the perks of the job for us! And we found some photo locations that fit the beauty of Marah and Shawn’s wedding perfectly! The only thing we didn’t find were easily accessible sandy beaches, but Marah found a way to get her dress wet regardless!

We were all muttering silent prayers that the waves wouldn’t whisk her away as she clung tightly to the rocks as the powerful waves washed over her. Of course Shawn was standing by ready to swim out and rescue his bride if need be!

Fortunately, Marah’s grip is as strong as her determination for good pictures, and a life guard rescue by her heroic husband was not necessary. Though the risk was well worth it because we all had a lot of fun and got some wonderful pictures out of the entire experience!

Thanks Marah and Shawn for being such wonderful people!

You were both so incredibly kind to us and a breeze to work with. Both Scottie and I found ourselves super excited about your wedding, not just because we knew it would be fun, but because we couldn’t wait to see the two of you again! You are both amazing people and we’re so happy you found each other to enjoy life together with. Congratulations and we hope to see you again soon!

Click to see the rest of Marah and Shawn’s Wedding and Unique Session photos!



Megan and Mark’s Maui Exploring Unique Session

First things first, if you missed seeing the photos from Mark and Megan’s incredible Hawaii wedding… take a second to check those out.

Now that we’re all caught up, I want to tell you about what happened after the glitz and glam of the wedding day had faded, guests were beginning the trek home, and Megan and Mark had gotten at least a few hours of sleep. We’re talking about the day after the wedding photo session, or what we call a “Unique Session“.

Unique Sessions are a MUST for destination weddings! Once you’ve spent that much money and time planning a wedding in a place you specifically chose for it’s beauty, you want to get as many photos of it as you can!

Which is exactly what we did when we headed out to explore the island of Maui with Megan and Mark all dressed up in their wedding clothes again the day after the wedding.

The Unique Session is a great way to help couples relax more on their wedding day because they know they’re going to have a second chance to get the best photos possible out of us in case things don’t go exactly as planned on the wedding day.

(Not to mention, it gives us more time to get special shots like this one which is a replicate of a photo Mark’s parents have from their wedding!).

 It also frees us up a bit to do our absolute best because it gives us a chance to be a little more in control of the timing, lighting, location, and everything else that goes into making a fabulous magazine style image that is a little bit harder to get on a busy wedding day!

Whenever we have a destination wedding, Scottie and I (Breanna) always arrive a few days early to explore the location and get our bearings around the area so that we can find the killer photo locations that we know are out there!

On this particular trip, we spent 2 full days scouting the entire island before the wedding day, looking for just the right spot for the shoot. We talked to locals, went a little bit off the trails the signs told us to stay on, and put lots and LOTS of miles on our rental car in our search for the perfect spot. And then we found it!

We found a couple of spots actually!

(Over looking the city).

(wide open fields)

(the jungle)

(the beach)

(and of course, the beautiful rolling green hills)

As you can see, Maui has quite a bit to show off! Luckily, Megan and Mark fully trusted us and let us guide their ready and willing selves around with smiles on their faces the entire time. Thanks to their willingness and their choice to do the Unique Session in the first place, we were able to really capture all that Maui has to offer!

Actually they REALLY trusted us, as we found out when Megan told us she was willing to risk ruining her wedding dress because she was confident we could get some amazing photos that would make the destruction all worth it! So that’s what we did! Little bit, by little bit, Mark took her out further into the deep blue ocean.

They had soooo much fun out there! They took some time to savor the moment, squeeze in a few kisses, and had a couple of surprise waves make their way over to them as well!

Once they were out of the water, it was fair game for us in the sand!

We took the opportunity to get a few more of the kind of photos you can only get with a dirty wedding dress and a bride who is actually happy about it!

It was so wonderful to feel like we really got to tap into the full beauty potential Maui brings and to get to spend even more time with this amazing couple now that the wedding was over and the honeymoon relaxation was starting to kick in for them!

In fact, we did a few “off to the honeymoon” sort of photos to finish off the session!

Thanks for giving us that extra day guys, I know you had to be exhausted, but it looks like you had fun and we absolutely LOVE the pictures so I hope you feel it was all worth it! Congratulations again, we’re so excited for you two!

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