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Amanda + Javier = someone new!

One of our very very favorite things about wedding photography is that we get to start with a couple at the beginning of their journey together (as early as their engagement!) and often get to follow along with them on their path to parenthood!0068We can’t tell you how much we love getting calls from our past brides and grooms asking us to take photos of their kids!00800083Lucky for us, this was the case with Amanda and Javier! We met them when they were just a wee itty bitty engaged couple and now they are full grown parents!008200610066Somehow Amanda and Javier managed to make this shoot even MORE special by adding in Amanda’s family to make it a bigger picture of the generations of love that have been poured into their one year old little guy!000300430045003000100121That’s right… he’s one year old now! And we have the pictures to prove it in case you didn’t believe us!01160115The extra cool part of this story is that while both us and Amanda and Javier have moved away from Arizona to opposite coasts, it just so happened that the one week this year they were traveling to AZ to visit family, was a week that Scottie and I (Breanna) were doing the same!009500350065

(I know these pictures say otherwise, but I promise that Arizona is not ALL teepees and horses!)


It’s amazing how well it worked out for us to do this shoot together!


Amanda and Javier, thank you so much for allowing us to be the ones to continue on this journey with you, despite the odds (or rather the distance) we had going against us to make it work!


We are so happy we got to see the three of you being a family together! It just melted our little photographer hearts! Hopefully our travel plans will coincide sometime in the future since we’d be more than thrilled to see once again how you guys have grown together as a family!

00690070Click to see the rest of Amanda and Javier’s family photo session here.0094


Kim and Will’s Hottie, Hot, Haute Wedding Day

I (Breanna) do believe that the title to this blog post, “Kim and Will’s Hottie, Hot, Haute Wedding Day” is one of my most accurate post titles yet!favorites_0016Exhibit A: Kim and Will were both quite the hotties on their wedding day!favorites_0054favorites_0004

favorites_0003(The picture above makes me love Kim even more! The expression, the nerves, the excitement, the beauty…. so gorgeous in this one, Kim! Oh, and you look good too, Will!)

favorites_0022favorites_0053Exhibit B: If you were there, I don’t even have to tell you. It was freaking H-O-T on their wedding day (and I’m from Phoenix!)!!!favorites_0030favorites_0028Like, a truly, make up melting, flower wilting, tuxes sticking, guests soaking their feet in the pool, kind of hot.favorites_0061And yet, by looking at the pictures, you would never know it.favorites_0010

(Well, except for in this one where the guys went to the edge of the hill to catch a breeze!)

That’s because everyone was so happy for Kim and Will and enjoying this wedding so much that they just went with it!favorites_0033favorites_0068We REALLY have to thank the bridal party because they were so kind to us during picture time, and hardly even whined when we’d make them stand in direct sun for a shot here and there! That’s saying a lot, thanks guys!favorites_0011favorites_0013

(Like our Facebook page to tag yourself in the photos).


Seriously, despite their faces being on fire, everyone still managed to keep up their smiles all day… and not just at picture time! These were true, genuine smiles for and from a truly happy couple!favorites_0034favorites_0066

(See?! They’re photo bombing out of love!)

And now for Exhibit C: This wedding was the epitome of “haute” with the major style it had!favorites_0002I mean, Kim and Will did choose one of our all time favorite wedding venues, Condor’s Nest Ranch, so we knew they had class from the beginning.favorites_0039favorites_0064favorites_0067But when we arrived and saw all the amazing special touches they put on everything, we were sold on their style skillz!wedding_0354wedding_0309wedding_0727Kim and Will, you guys did it! You pulled off a perfect and beautiful wedding on one of the hottest wedding days we’ve seen in years!favorites_0035I can’t even begin to tell you guys how much we absolutely loved being a part of this with you. You two were obviously made for each other and, I mean this in the least cheesy way possible, your love radiates out to everyone around you. That’s just the best way to describe it… you can tell by all the glowy radiantness flooding around you in so many of these shots!favorites_0059You somehow manage to make everyone around you feel loved just by being your kind and thoughtful selves. You even treated us like rock stars instead of just the hired help we were that day… and we love you all the more for it! Thanks for making this day special for us as well, just by being the amazing people you are!favorites_0036We know you’re going to do great things now that you’ve combined your loving super powers!favorites_0023Congratulations, you guys deserve it!favorites_0065Click to see the rest of the photos from Kim and Will’s Hottie, Hot, Haute Wedding Day!favorites_0049favorites_0048

Courtney & David’s Flagstaff Wedding (by Josh & Kelley)

Hi there Radiant Photography fans and followers! Kelley here, bringing you a beautiful love story with photos to match.


Meet David and Courtney.


David is one of the sweetest guys you’ll ever meet, but he’s also got a bit of a wild side.


Sure, he teared up a bit during their reveal moment, but darned if this military man doesn’t constantly wear the manliest of boots, drive a muddy truck, and own a screaming motorcycle.




Courtney is everything you’ve ever thought a modern day Disney princess would be like.


She’s beautiful and brilliant. She can balance her time perfectly between singing and playing the ukulele, and hanging out outdoors and going on motorcycle rides. She’s calm, yet incredibly fun. She’s self-confident, but 100% approachable. Basically, she’s awesome!





David and Courtney first met while they were working together. However, it wasn’t until after Courtney got a new job somewhere else that they started spending time together.


They went to a few group events, celebrated a birthday or two, and then… Then they had “the night”.



What was, “the night”? What happened that was so important? According to David, they, “stayed up all night and into the morning just talking about life, each other’s past and future goals, and [he] got to know her really well. As [they] opened up to each other, [he] found that she was not only beautiful but also really down to earth and funny.”




After that, it was pretty obvious that their relationship was going to be something special. In fact, David went home that weekend and couldn’t help but tell his parents about this “amazing woman.”


Soon, David picked Courtney up in his muddy truck, opened the door for her, and the two of them went on their first date. They’ve been enjoying adventures together ever since!



Courtney and David, thank you so much for letting me and Josh be a part of one of your biggest adventures thus far!



Your wedding day was fantastic, and we know your marriage will follow suit. Congrats you two!


Shannon’s Fabulous Wedding Planning Style (by Scott & Breanna)

I think most people would agree with me (Breanna) when I say that the people you work with can make or break a job And that’s why Scottie and I thank our lucky stars that we get to work with Shannon Smith from Sassy Soirees Wedding and Event Planning on a regular basis!


Shannon is that kind of wedding planner who… well, let me just quote to you what I wrote about her in my blog about one of my favorite weddings together, Michelle and Derek’s (by the way, this is actually the CONDENSED version of the Shannon gushing I did in that blog!):

“Michelle and Derek hired Shannon Smith from Sassy Soirees and if their smooth and beautiful wedding day was any indication, I’m sure they’re very happy they did! As always, Shannon winds and unwinds all the complicated details and pieces that have to flow together into one smooth string, and she did it in a way that seemed completely effortless and allowed the couple to just sail through their day as all the beautiful and wonderful pieces of it just “magically” happened all around them.”


(By the way, Shannon’s husband, Marc, was the caterer for that wedding, and let me just say that this is a family of many talents!).

Shannon not only does a great job for her clients, but she also takes amazing care of her vendors to keep everyone happy and working together as a functioning team on the wedding day. This is huge because if she’s doing a great job pulling the details of the team together, then everyone (including us!) are freed up to do our particular jobs to the best of our abilities, so the entire wedding day is the best it can be!


Because Shannon really DOES have such amazing wedding skillz (notice that’s skills with a Z so you know she’s REALLY good!), she wants to make sure that her website shows off her impeccable style as much as possible. So she decided it was time to do a photo session with us to have some shots for her up and coming newly designed site (coming soon!).


Of course we were happy to comply with her photo request! Not only because we love working with her and jump at every chance we get to do so (see her adorable family pillow fight photo session here!), but also because she told us she was bringing her precious daughter, Lola, to pose as her flower girl to show off the idea of having flower girls throw glitter instead of flowers down the aisle!


Shannon, I’ve thanked you so many times in private for how much you help us out at weddings, that I decided to make one of those many private thank yous public so that everyone can see that I really mean what I’m saying about you here! Here’s something I wrote you last year:

“Shannon, as always we LOVED working with you and can’t wait to do it again soon! You are so good at letting us do what we need (like listening to our input on the wedding day schedule), getting us what we need the day of, and coordinating bookings with your couples so smoothly! You really do free us up to do our best and it’s so so so great to work with a planner who does that for us! Truly, THANK YOU for making our job so easy. You are WONDERFUL at what you do! Much Love, Breanna”


If you want to see more Scottie & Breanna + Shannon’s work, here are a couple of my favorite weddings we’ve done together:

Michelle and Derek’s Surprise Wedding

Ross and Megan’s very sunny and very happy wedding day

Amanda and Javier and their Wedding Day ‘Amandiers’


See more of Shannon’s Fabulous Photo Session here.

Kristen and Mikey’s Wedding: Old Friends and New Friends

So this is going to be one of those rare blog post by me (Scottie). In fact the last time I wrote a blog about a wedding was when my good friends Gabe and Angela got married almost 3 years ago. Once again the nuptials of a close friend have broken my blog silence. I met Mikey about five years ago at a church college group. He would drive down to Scottsdale every Thursday night from Payson to hang out. Eventually Mikey made the move to Scottsdale where he moved in with Erik and Jay (the DJ and Videographer for the wedding) and the four of us formed a band. It was evident pretty quickly that Mikey was a musician on a completely different level than the rest of us. It was fun while it lasted but Mikey needed to spread his wings. He joined up with some amazing musicians and they formed a band called the Technicolors. These guys are freaking amazing and you have to listen to their music, here’s a link to my favorite song. The reason I tell you all of this is because it was while performing at a Technicolors concert that Mikey caught the eye of a beautiful Australian girl name Kristen. Her friends dared her to go get a picture with the cute guitar player with the big hair so she did. So after lots of facebooking, skyping and flying back and forth between the US and Australia they decided they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. Here is how it went down.

Look at that hair! First groom ever with a headband.

(Like our Facebook Page to tag yourself in some fo the photos.)

My favorite part of the entire day was the amount of emotion that poured out from Mikey, Kristen, the friends and families and especially their moms. Both of the moms were there for every part of the day smiling, crying and cheering on their kids as they went through their wedding day. It was really inspiring.

After the ceremony we braved some foreboding skies and few rain drops to take advantage of the beautiful Eagle Mountain Golf Club. We had so much fun.


(Australian girls are strong!)

Apparently Australians take their dancing very seriously and they challenged all of the Americans at the reception to a dance off. Winners…You decide.

For some reason all of Mikey’s friends thought that he needed a kiss on the cheek before he left the reception.

Thank you Kristen and Mikey for allow me to be a part of such an amazing day. It was truly a blessing to be counted as one of your friends as we celebrated your new life together.

Click to see the rest of the photos from Kristen and Mikey’s Wedding.


Special thanks to:

Nic and the rest of the crew at Eagle Mountain

Jay and Chelsea from Everley Films

and Denise from What a Day Weddings