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Need a senior session? Radiant photography team Josh and Kelley would love to be a part of it! Here’s some of the work they’ve done with seniors!

Connor’s Golf-Filled Senior Session (by Josh & Kelley)

I (Kelley) don’t know a whole lot about golf, but while Josh and I were shooting Connor’s senior session, I began to consider adding golf into my regular fitness routine.

If golfing means hanging out with wonderful people like Connor and his family in a beautiful place like The Country Club at DC Ranch, how could it ever be anything but amazing?

For real, this place is drop dead gorgeous! What a perfect backdrop for a senior session.

Our location wasn’t the only awesome part of this shoot, we also had the pleasure of working with one of the most down-to-Earth, well-spoken, and fun high school seniors Josh and I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Soon after meeting up with Connor, he and his lovely mom, Ashley, showed us around the club.

We spent some time snapping shots of Connor near the courtyard area and quickly found that he’s an absolute natural in front of the camera.

Even as his friends and family walked by, poking fun at him to get him to lose his composure and crack a smile, he remained calm and casual.

…Okay, okay, maybe they did break him down once or twice 😉

For the second half of the session, we moved on to the golf course.

After playing golf on this course for years, Connor seems to know each and every hole like the back of his hand.

We jumped in a couple of golf carts, and Connor showed us the very best spots on the course.

Between the views, the light, the amazingly perfect cloud cover we had that day, and of course the incredibly easy-going and natural Connor as our model, Josh and I were in photographer heaven.

We hung out way past our usual “pack up and go home” time, breaking out our camera flashes and having some extra fun creating a few epic sunset shots.

Connor, thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to get to know you and your wonderful family. Thank you for showing us around your stomping grounds. And finally, thank you for making our jobs feel less like work and a whole lot more like fun!

With your motivation and steadfastness, we know you’re going to do great in your college career!

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Brianna’s Phoenix Senior Session (by Josh & Kelley)

Right now, you may be thinking to yourself, “Josh and Kelley, what are you thinking? August is a weird time for a senior session… Didn’t school just start?” And, if we were discussing a Phoenix senior, you would be right.

If she lived in Phoenix, this girl would be busy running around buying school supplies, finishing up the summer reading that she had put off for almost three months, and trying to figure out her new class schedule.

This little lady does not, however, live in Phoenix. Nope, she lives in my (Kelley’s) beautiful home state of Washington. More than that, she lives in what used to be my home.

Radiant readers, followers, and fans, meet my sweetest and littlest sister Brianna.

Schools in Washington don’t start back up until September, so Brianna still has a few more glorious weeks of summer. Lucky for me and Josh, she decided to spend one of those weeks with us here in Phoenix.

While she was here we had game nights, ate way too much junk food, poked fun at Josh for being a meat-eater who was officially outnumbered by vegetarians in his own home, researched college and scholarship applications, and hung out and shopped with our other sister and her kiddos (aka our super adorable nieces and nephew).

In the midst of all that, we decided it would be a perfect time for us to take Brianna’s senior photos. She had been talking to Josh and me about this for a while, and we thought it might be fun for her to trade in her normal pine tree backdrop for some palm trees, making her photos a little “different” and that much more special.

I’ve got to tell you, taking these photos was a little mind-blowing for me.

I swear that I was JUST getting excited about her first day of kindergarten and asking her to pose with her Powerpuff Girls backpack.

Yes Brianna, yes I DID just put that picture up on the Internet for the world to see. You can thank me later.

Powerpuff Girls aside, I love the snot out of this little sister of mine, and she’s definitely somebody that I’m proud to call family.

Best of luck on your senior year Brianna! Josh and I are super proud of you and we know you’ll do great!

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Isabella’s Family Filled Senior Session (by Josh & Kelley)

Today, Josh and I (Kelley) are happy to introduce you to Radiant Photography’s latest senior, Isabella!

Actually, this isn’t Isabella’s first time on the Radiant blog. Back in 2011, Isabella’s older sister Francesca had her senior photos taken with Radiant, and Isabella and their younger sister came along and had a few photos taken together as well.

It’s obvious that family is important to all of these girls, so it was no surprise at all that Isabella wanted to bring her family in for a few photos before her senior session.

When Isabella started planning her session, she realized with her dad flying in from California at 2:30pm on the day of the shoot, and Francesca heading to the airport to go back to school at about 5:30 that night, they had a very small window in which they would all be together and able to take photos.

Luckily it was a window during which Josh and I were open and excited to help this family out!

After grabbing some family shots, Isabella’s dad and sisters headed out to drop Francesca off at the airport, and we officially started the senior photo portion of the evening. It was then that we began to learn more about this super sweet senior and her plans for the future.

Isabella will be graduating in mid-May, and not long after that, she’ll be shipping out to the Naval Academy. Yes, THE Naval Academy, all the way in Annapolis, Maryland.

Isabella has been lucky enough to attend Xavier College Preparatory school the last four years, which means she’s worn pretty much the same outfit five days a week for most of her teenage life. Of course, this meant we had to get a few shots of her in her uniform.

While she loves her school (she’s even enjoyed her daily uniform), she says she’s ready for a change and is looking forward to all of the new and fun challenges the Naval Academy will bring into her life.

One of the first big changes she’ll face, is cutting off most of her long beautiful locks. That’s right, before starting at the Naval Academy Isabella will have to get her hair cut to about the length of her chin. While her long hair is gorgeous, I am SURE that she’ll make short hair look absolutely fabulous.

How could she not? She would obviously be stunning with any hairstyle.

After spending the evening with Isabella, we can tell that no matter what hairstyle she goes off to college with, she’s going to be awesome and she will always have the support of her wonderful family back home! Congrats on your graduation Isabella, and have a blast with all of your upcoming adventures!

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Zach’s Senior Session (by Josh & Kelley)

Meet Zach, one of Arizona’s newest high school graduates.

That’s right, he has finished up all of his IB exams (this guy is SMART), thrown his silly cardboard hat up in the air, and is ready to start his future as a genuine college student.

As soon as Zach’s exams were over, Josh and I (Kelley) met up with him for his “I’m FREE, I’m FREE!!! AND I’m going to college!” session (AKA senior session).

Now, Zach’s not going to be just any college student, he’s going to be a Pepperdine University student.  And, in case you weren’t already jealous enough, he’s going to be attending classes at the Malibu, CA campus!

Josh and I wished Zach luck when it comes to deciding between studying and heading out to the beach.  He was thankful for the well wishes and pretty sure that he was going to need them.

Luckily, it is possible to study WHILE at the beach.  I can see it now, come September, Zach’s going to be relaxing on a beach chair, bible in one hand, textbook in the other, and the latest copy of The Wall Street Journal laying across his lap.

That may not sound incredibly relaxing for some of us, but I’m guessing it would be just about the perfect day for Zach.

The fact that he chose to bring his Bible to his session shows how important his faith is to him, and I’m sure it’s something that will remain important while he attends Pepperdine (a Christian university).

Zach is also extremely interested in business management and enjoys all things money and finance related.  It’s true, where many of us may have cringed and perhaps even cried through math classes (okay, maybe that was just me), Zach does well in them and enjoys them too!

I’m a big proponent of doing what you love, so if numbers are Zach’s thing, I say, “Go for it!”  We need more people like him to balance out the people like me who run away when numbers pop up!

Zach is the second son that his parents are sending off to college in California, which means that his little sister will now be the only kid left at home.  You can tell they’re going to miss each other.

Still, she assured Zach she’ll be calling him for help with her math homework, so they’ll be staying connected for sure!

Zach, I hope you completely LOVE your next four years at Pepperdine!  Enjoy the beach, enjoy the books, enjoy those math classes, enjoy helping your little sister with her math homework from hundreds of miles away, but most of all, enjoy the entire college experience.  You’re going to do great!

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Sam's Windy City Senior Session (by Josh & Kelley)

Dear friends, this is Sam.

I know, I know, gorgeous right?!

As soon as Josh and I (Kelley) met up with her for her senior session, I asked her if she was nervous to be in front of the camera.  “A little”, was her response.

Well, apparently she was good at hiding the little bit of nerves she had, because she did amazing and looks completely confident in all of the shots!

After talking about locations for the shoot, Sam decided that she’d like to take her senior photos in downtown Phoenix.  What a wonderful decision that was!

At first we were all a bit worried about the semi-heavy wind we were experiencing that day.  You see, a blustery day can make for some awesome shots like this one:

However, with just one more click of the shutter, that shot can turn into this:

(Strangely enough, I (Kelley) actually really like this shot!)

Luckily, when you’re downtown, all of the tall buildings do a great job of blocking the wind, so we were able to forget all about the breezy day and get some awesome photos.

During the session, Josh and I talked with Sam and learned that she’s going to be a fellow Sun Devil soon!  In other words, she’s about to start attending the best school ever! (We can’t help it, Josh and I LOVED our time at ASU).

However, it seems that Sam’s home is a house divided.  You see, her father has a mantra that goes something like this, “Sparky is bad. Wilbur is good.”  Yup, he’s a die hard U of A fan.

Lucky for Sam she’s not the first one in her family to dip her toes into the enemy waters of ASU.  Her older sister is already attending ASU, so hopefully her dad has had time to warm up to the idea of having Sun Devils in the family.

Sparky and Wilbur aside, I’m sure your parents are beyond proud of you Sam.  After talking to you during your session, Josh and I could both tell that you’ve got a good head on her shoulders, and you’re going to do great things in the future.

Congratulations on your graduation, and good luck with your future at ASU!

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