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Connor’s Golf-Filled Senior Session (by Josh & Kelley)

I (Kelley) don’t know a whole lot about golf, but while Josh and I were shooting Connor’s senior session, I began to consider adding golf into my regular fitness routine.

If golfing means hanging out with wonderful people like Connor and his family in a beautiful place like The Country Club at DC Ranch, how could it ever be anything but amazing?

For real, this place is drop dead gorgeous! What a perfect backdrop for a senior session.

Our location wasn’t the only awesome part of this shoot, we also had the pleasure of working with one of the most down-to-Earth, well-spoken, and fun high school seniors Josh and I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Soon after meeting up with Connor, he and his lovely mom, Ashley, showed us around the club.

We spent some time snapping shots of Connor near the courtyard area and quickly found that he’s an absolute natural in front of the camera.

Even as his friends and family walked by, poking fun at him to get him to lose his composure and crack a smile, he remained calm and casual.

…Okay, okay, maybe they did break him down once or twice 😉

For the second half of the session, we moved on to the golf course.

After playing golf on this course for years, Connor seems to know each and every hole like the back of his hand.

We jumped in a couple of golf carts, and Connor showed us the very best spots on the course.

Between the views, the light, the amazingly perfect cloud cover we had that day, and of course the incredibly easy-going and natural Connor as our model, Josh and I were in photographer heaven.

We hung out way past our usual “pack up and go home” time, breaking out our camera flashes and having some extra fun creating a few epic sunset shots.

Connor, thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to get to know you and your wonderful family. Thank you for showing us around your stomping grounds. And finally, thank you for making our jobs feel less like work and a whole lot more like fun!

With your motivation and steadfastness, we know you’re going to do great in your college career!

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Jake and Stephanie’s Beauteous Backyard Wedding (by Josh & Kelley)

In June, Kelley and I (Josh) had the awesome pleasure of photographing my cousin Jessica’s wedding. Fast forward a few months and now I get to introduce you to yet another one of my favorite people in the world: Stephanie!


Stephanie is Jessica’s younger sister. We all grew up together, running amuck in the far away land of Missouri. In case you missed the awesome throwback photo of all of us from Jessica’s post, here it is:

That’s Steph on the left, me in the middle, and Jess on the right. We could talk all day about my awesome hair and abnormally large ears, but Stephanie is the star today.

Steph is one of those people that you would think only exist as the protagonist in a Jane Austin novel. She’s insanely intelligent, but she never lets her brain speak louder than her heart. She has countless friends and an overflowing social calendar, but will stop the world from spinning to help a single person who needs her.

Oh, and that guy? He’s Jake. The groom. The first time I met Jake, I put him through my own personal acid test by asking myself the same question I always ask when my cousins introduce a boy: is this the type of guy I want to play horseshoes with every Easter and Thanksgiving for the rest of my life? (That’s pretty much how our family works, so it’s an important question!)

With Jake, I decided in the affirmative right away. He has an unmatchable energy and enthusiasm for… well… everything! I’ve never seen the man when he wasn’t bubbling with excitement. Just look at him waiting to see his bride for the first time on their wedding day!

Jake and Steph are an absolutely perfect match. I’m not sure Kelley and I have ever seen two people so thoroughly happy through every single moment of their wedding day. Wedding day stress? Not a hint of it was anywhere in sight.

In fact, the entire day was remarkably relaxed for a wedding. Jake and Steph wanted nothing to do with the typical wedding stress or formality. For their venue, they chose a huge backyard in Tempe, where they invited their guests to bring their favorite drinks and sit on the ground.

True to how Jake and Steph live their lives, the ceremony was heavily focused away from them and towards God. As soon as the bride made it down the aisle, it was time to stop everything and sing a few worship songs. And before any vows were spoken, communion was taken by all.

The relaxed theme stayed through to the reception, where guests dined at custom-built tables made for ground-seated guests, and told stories around fire pits. How great is that?

Obviously, the combined magnetism of Jake and Steph meant that it was a well-attended affair. In fact, when faced with the proposition of choosing their closest friends to be in the wedding party, they chose almost twenty people!

Right after the wedding ceremony, Kelley and I took a stroll around the block with the newly-married couple.

They were both so happy and excited. Jake literally yelled out to everyone we passed, “This is my wife! I’m married!”

While our little post-ceremony walk provided a nice break for them to consider the awesomeness of what just happened, Jake and Steph couldn’t wait to get back to their friends. Dancing, fireside singing, and all manner of joviality followed.

Jake and Steph, we wish you a lifetime of happy years together. We were truly honored to play a small role in your big day, and firmly insist on many, many game nights and coffee shop double dates with us in the future.

Katie and Nathan Are Awesome… Just Because (by Josh & Kelley)

Katie and Nathan are some of the most awesome people on the planet.

Josh and I (Kelley) may be biased since these two are really great friends of ours… But I think not.

Nope. They’re just plain awesome whether you’re friends with them or not.

You know what else is awesome? “Just because” photo sessions.

Katie and Nathan aren’t engaged (they’ve been there and done that), they’re not celebrating an anniversary, they’re not even giving each other a photo session as a gift.

They just wanted to get photos together. No excuse needed.

I think Josh and I may need to follow suit, because this “just because” session was a BLAST!

Thank you for the inspiration you two, and thanks again letting us capture a few memories for you.

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MOPS/MOMSnext Fundraiser Photo Sessions (by Josh & Kelley)

Over the course of November and early December, Josh and I (Kelley) had the opportunity to work with two awesome and inspiring groups at Desert Springs Bible Church (DSBC) here in Phoenix. When Sherri and Nicole, the coordinators of DSBC’s MOPS and MOMSnext groups, approached us about doing a photo fundraiser for their programs, we were on board right away!

So many of our friends have benefited from the awesome work MOPS/MOMSnext does, and we’ve always appreciated their mission. So, we got to work setting up family photo sessions that would benefit these programs. In the end, we not only got to help support these programs, but we also had the pleasure of meeting and working with 12 awesome families that signed up!

What are these programs? Great question, and who better to answer that question than Sherri and Nicole, the woman behind MOPS and MOMSnext at DSBC.

K: Hello ladies, can you please take a second to introduce yourselves?

Sherri: Hi, my name is Sherri Wouters. I am currently the Coordinator of MOPS. I have 3 kids, ages 5, 3. and 1. This is my 6th year in MOPS at Desert Springs!

Nicole: Hi, I’m Nicole Durr, Coordinator for MOMSnext. I’m married to my high school sweetheart, Bob, and we will be celebrating our 13th anniversary this year.  We have two children, Ryan (9) and Mackenzie (8).  I have worked for The Hendrickson Law Firm for the past 15 years as a paralegal, and my husband and I own our own central vacuum system company, Vactrax. 

K: Wow, it sounds like you are some busy ladies! I know both of you are involved in either MOPS or MOMSnext, what exactly are these programs?

Sherri: MOPS is Mother’s of Preschoolers, or mothers of children. We serve families with children who are infant – kindergarten aged. MOPS is more than just a mom’s group, it’s here to encourage women in this stage of their life. We welcome all women, and we provide mentoring, leadership development, honest conversation, relevant teachings, creative activities, and, of course, childcare (for that much needed break for moms). With a Christ centered focus, we are here to bless and encourage moms! 

Nicole: MOMSnext is very similar, except we serve moms with school-aged kids. 

K: I know you both put quite a bit of your time and energy into MOPS/MOMSnext. Why are these programs so important?

Sherri: Unfortunately, after many women have children, they start to feel like they don’t have a support system. Many of them don’t know other moms, and they feel like no one understands what they’re going through.

These programs are here to encourage moms and offer that support system! Just last week, a mom sent an e-mail inquiring about our MOPS group. I called the mom that day to extend the invitation to our group. The mom explained that she and her family had moved here 3 years ago, and she still doesn’t know anyone! She is at home with a 2 year old and a 2 week old, and some of her struggles are the exact same struggles that almost every mother faces. It was such a blessing to her to have someone reach out, invite her, and then be able to take part in our meeting! She’s now loving being connected to our group of moms!

Nicole: It’s true, these programs are both so important! We want to help moms know they are not alone, by coming alongside and supporting each other.  Life with kids is a crazy adventure, and we want to embrace the beautiful mess while relying on the message of Christ.

K: How did you first get involved in MOPS/MOMSnext?

Nicole: I was invited to MOPS in 2009 by a friend.

Sherri: I got involved in MOPS after I had my first child. None of my friends had kids yet, and I suddenly found myself searching to find others who were in the same boat as me. I noticed a blurb on MOPS in the church bulletin one day, and I attended my first meeting soon after. I’m now in my 6th year with MOPS. It has encouraged me as a mom, as a wife, and as a woman!

K. So you joined up a few years back… What made you decide to become involved in MOPS/MOMSnext leadership?

Nicole: I joined the leadership team in 2010 because I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to make sure the moms that came to MOPS/MOMSnext knew they were cared for. I also wanted to be a part of something that would help my relationship with Christ grow deeper.  

Sherri: After being in MOPS for 3 years, and being strengthened and encouraged by my leaders, the MOPS coordinator asked if I would like to be a leader. I knew right away that this was my chance to start giving back to these moms, the same way they had given to me in my first few years in MOPS.

K: It sounds like you two really have a heart for serving these women! What kinds of things do you ladies do at your MOPS/MOMSnext meetings?

Sherri: Our MOPS meetings always start with a full breakfast! As mothers of little ones, we don’t often get to sit and just enjoy a meal, so this is something that’s really wonderful for us. After we eat, our meetings differ. We may have a speaker, a craft, or maybe even a game. No matter what, we always make time to break into our smaller groups and have discussion and time for prayer!

Nicole: Our MOMSnext meetings are pretty similar. At our meetings, we share a meal, talk about what’s going on in our lives, and have a chance to hear from speakers whose words inspire us, teach us, and make us want to be better. 

K. How have you seen MOPS/MOMSnext impact the lives of the women in these groups?

Nicole: There are so many stories/lives impacted by the MOPS/MOMSnext ministries. I love to watch a new mom come in alone, and then find her laughing and planning playdates by the end of the meeting. True friendships are formed in these groups!

Sherri: I don’t have one specific event or story, but I do know that every year we have at least one (if not more) woman come in feeling the typical kind of craziness that mothers experience. Over the course of our meetings, you can see more and more contentment flow over these women each time we meet. In fact, they get upset if they have to miss a meeting! Women in our groups are really connecting with the other mothers and being filled up so they can be the best mother/wife/woman they can be!

K. It sounds like the MOPS/MOMSnext groups at DSBC are doing amazing things! Thank you so much for letting Radiant Photography, and Josh and I, have the opportunity to help you guys in your mission to empower and uplift these awesome women!

And a HUGE thank you to everyone that supported DSBC MOPS and MOMSnext by signing up for these photo sessions. Josh and I had a blast meeting and working with all of you, and I know the MOPS and MOMSnext groups appreciate what you’ve done to help!

Theresa and Lem’s Extra Special Wedding Day (by Josh & Kelley)

During Lem and Theresa’s wedding, Josh and I (Kelley) witnessed something that was altogether new to us.

It seemed, that just about every person involved in Lem and Theresa’s wedding was EXTRA special.

You know that close group of friends you have? The people that make up your “inner-circle”? Well, Lem and Theresa must have a HUGE inner-circle, because we’re pretty sure each and every person at their wedding was a close friend, a close family member, and/or a very important person in their lives.

The whole day was a friend and family affair…

(In case you’re wondering, this beautiful venue is the Secret Garden in Scottsdale!)

From the tears that fell at the sight of the stunning bride…

To the multiple ring-bearers and flower girls…

And an extra supportive (and super silly) bridal party…

It’s no wonder it was important to Lem and Theresa that they get a shot of EVERYONE at the end of the ceremony!

Of course, we did make sure to steal the bride and groom away for a few minutes alone.

While Lem and Theresa clearly cherish the closeness they have with their friends and family, you can tell that the relationship they have with each other is like no other relationship in their lives.

The giggles and smiles that well up when they’re around each other are undeniable evidence: they’re in love to stay!

Lem and Theresa, we’re so glad you’ve got each other, and all of the awesome friends and family members that you’ve surrounded yourselves with! It’s clear to us that you’ve got a pretty fantastic life ahead of you!

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