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Growing Your Business With Facebook (Video 4)

And the Facebook madness continues!  We’re back with our 4th video in our series about Growing your Business with Facebook.  And this is the second of three that is about the important topic of getting people to “like” your page.  This time we’re telling you how to use tagging to get new fans. (click here if you watch to catch up on the previous videos).

We hear constant complaints about how you can’t tag people from your business page unless you are friends with them on your personal page.  Yeah we know… and we’ve found a way to do this that we think works even better than the traditional way people use tagging!  Once you’re a tagging pro, watch next week’s video when we talk about using buzz to get new fans.

And now for this week’s video: “Get fans…. by tagging”.

Helpful links:

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Growing Your Business with Facebook: Video 3

The biggest question we get when we talk about using Facebook is “so how do you get new people to like your page?”  And this video is the first of three that is going to address that very question.  We consider these 3 videos to be some of the most important in our series because you can be doing everything well on your Facebook page, but if there aren’t people there to see it, none of it really matters!

If you missed our past videos, click to catch up!  After you watch this one, stay tuned for next week when we talk about Getting Fans… by tagging.

And now for this week’s video, “Getting Fans… by asking”.

Tools to share your page:

1. Suggest to friends. This link is right under your profile photo.  If you click this it will give you the option to invite friends from your personal page to your business page and all they have to do to respond to this message is click “confirm” or “ignore”.

2. The share button. This is on the bottom left of your page and is something to familiarize yourself with since it will be the way you can share albums, photos, etc. as well.  Clicking the share button gives you the option to post your page on your personal profile wall (along with a personal note) OR send a link to your page in a personal message (along with a note) to select friends.

Note: The personal message sent to friends is different than what the “suggest to friends” link will send because the share button only sends a link.  The suggest to friends sends the option for people to like your page without even going to it first.

P.S. We humbly dedicate this video to the Nelsens and the Worsleys… thanks for your help guys. We love you!

Growing your business with Facebook: Video 2

We’re back again, full of just as much on camera awkwardness as before! (Click here to see video 1 if you missed it). Don’t worry, we get more comfortable as the series goes on… and the information gets better and better!  This video is covering the basics to get everyone started off on the right foot.  It’s all about Business pages vs. Personal pages and it will help you understand some of the decisions we’ve made on this topic.  Video 3 is where things start to get really juicy as we talk about getting people to come to your page… so stay tuned for that one next week!

Video 2- Business pages: Starting Right

Helpful links…

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Set up you personal profile

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Growing your business with Facebook: Video 1

When other business owners first began calling us with questions about Facebook, we realized we had something special going on here.  But it wasn’t until the VP of a major company came to us looking for answers, that we decided it was time to go public with what we know.

If you’ve been following us for awhile now, you may have guessed that Facebook plays a huge role in the success of our photography company, Radiant. And you would be right.  Facebook is the main avenue through which we receive new clients, blog traffic, and more fans of our work.

We started Radiant less than 2 years ago (during a recession)… we have never paid for advertising (with the exception of a bridal show booth that has barely been profitable)…and yet we are already a debt free company and were turning a profit by the end of our first year in business.  Actually, by the end of the first year we had so much business that we could barely keep up… the second year has been the same… and Facebook has been the key to it all.

This first video is the intro to the invaluable info that’s about to head your way, so be sure to “like” our Facebook page so you can follow along as we release each video installment in this series.

And now, before this description earns itself a spoiler alert, I’ll let you get to watching the first video in our series “Growing Your Business With Facebook”.

Video 1- Facebook: a big deal.

Comment with any questions you might have and we’ll work on answering them!

FREE class on how to use Facebook for your business!

So you have a Facebook page for your business… now what?!
If you’ve made a business page because everyone told you to, and now you have no idea what to do with it… come get some FREE help from Scottie and Breanna of Radiant Photography!

Yes, we will be like everyone else and tell you how important it is to use social networking for your business, but unlike everyone else we will also tell you HOW to use it!!

The meeting we’re speaking at is hosted by the Phoenix SMUG (Smug Mug User Group). SMUG is open to everyone who loves photography. So whether you have a business or you just want to learn how to share your photos on Facebook more effectively… we are personally inviting you to come!

Phoenix SMUG
Wed, May 19th, 2010 | 6:30-9:00PM
Bonneville Phoenix
7740 N. 16 Street
Phoenix, AZ 85020

Email us if you have any questions:

In case you’re STILL not convinced to come, here are some of the other perks of attending (thanks to James VanderWeide for taking these photos at our last class!) If you come to a Radiant class, there are all kinds of sights to see.  If you’re lucky you’ll get to witness Scottie…

…pegging unsuspecting victims in the leg with baseballs.

…teaching secret Kung Fu Ninja moves…

(the sitting down AND the standing up kind!)…

…taking random breaks to practice his mad dunking skills (you know, in case this whole photography thing doesn’t pan out!)…

…discussing the problem areas of his skin…  (there’s one here…

…and oh, it looks like there’s another one here)…

…and of course, who would want to miss a big giant white guy’s attempt at rapping!

Breanna puts on quite a show as well.  Often when teaching you can find her…

…pretending like she’s not ready to throw her computer through a wall…

… looking very worried that her gigantic husband might topple over on her…

…standing around doing nothing while Scottie does all the hard work…

…and sometimes she’s just sleeping.

Come to our class… you never know what you’ll catch us doing this time! (By the way, thanks for putting up with our cheesy attempt at captions!)

Much Love,
Scottie & Breanna