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We often offer classes related to photography, business, or other such good stuff!

Radiant is back in teaching action!

If you missed our “Seeing Light” class last year, never fear… it’s back!  And this time it’s F-R-E-E!!  We will be teaching a portion of our seeing light class at the Phoenix SMUG meeting (RSVP through the link) on Wednesday, Feb. 16th.

Learning to see light the way your camera does will completely change the way you approach photography and we want to teach you how to do that!  This class will give you the chance to learn how to manipulate various lighting situations to your advantage, hang out with Scottie & Breanna from Radiant, and to meet other photographers who can continue to encourage you as you learn.

We get enough emails from our fans on a regular basis begging us to teach, so I expect to see lots of you there supporting us! 🙂  At least come to hang out and enjoy the free snacks courtesy of SmugMug!  See you on Wednesday!

Growing Your Business With Facebook (Video 7)

And here it is… lucky video 7!   This one’s getting down to the nitty gritty about how to run your page, focusing specifically on when and how to post on your wall to create the greatest impact for your business.  It’s good stuff! If you’ve missed our past videos in our series about Growing Your Business With Facebook click here to catch up!

So here it is…

“A Word About Posting…”

Growing Your Business With Facebook (Video 6)

Now that you have a bunch of new fans on your page, you have to know what to do with them!  That’s what this video’s about.  We’re talking this week about posting quality content, which is key to maintaining the kind of Facebook page that people want to be a part of!  The stuff in this video is what is going to help you keep the fans you already have and continue to get new ones!  Have fun with it!

“Quality Content: the key”

Things we mention in this video…

Simply Fit–  A good example of using your expertise and giving helpful info to your fans.

P.S. Since we recorded this video, Facebook has removed the “organize” tab from albums.  We now organize and rename the pictures in the order want to them to be displayed BEFORE we upload them to Facebook.

Growing Your Business With Facebook (Video 5)

This is the final piece in learning how to draw new people in to “like” your Facebook page (see the other parts here).  Now that you have all the info, it’s time to work on thinking up creative ways to apply it all to your business… so go for it!  We hope to see you guys start bringing in the masses!

Next week we’ll jump into a new category where we’ll talk about how to maintain your page.  So as always… stay tuned!

“Get fans… by buzzing”