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Some call them “trash the dress”, some call them “day after sessions”, and some call them “bridal portraits”. We got tired of figuring it out so we just call them “Unique Sessions”. They can be any style you want at any location you want as long as you’re in your wedding clothes and it’s after the wedding day! Here are some of the Unique Sessions Scott & Breanna have shot in the past.

Kelly and Andrew’s Sunny Unique Session (by Scott & Breanna)

It was the day after Kelly and Andrew’s wedding and we were all getting amped up for another photo session!


That’s right! We (Scott & Breanna) were taking even more photos the day after their wedding! Why would we do that you ask? Well there are many reasons…

1. Kelly and Andrew get a chance to have two locations for their wedding photos! So instead of just having a vineyard wedding, Kelly and Andrew got to have a vineyard/cliffs/field/ beach wedding!!! It’s the best of all worlds!


2. We have the time freedom to let the photos take us to where they need to. Needless to say, we’re on a pretty tight schedule on the day of the wedding, so going out the day after allows us to have a chance to give Kelly and Andrew’s photos the time they deserve to get them JUST right!


3. We have a second chance for good weather if it happens to be raining on the wedding day! Actually, this time we were a little worried about it being rainy the day after the wedding . Luckily, it turned out that we (Scott and Breanna) were just looking at the wrong location on the weather app (phew!). The actual Laguna we were going to that day had the kind of clear skies and bright sunshine that Kelly and Andrew really wanted!


4. Our hands are untied! All of the constraints that go hand in hand with a wedding day are gone and we are freed up to shine and to get the “wedding day” photos that are typically our couples very favorites!!!



So Kelly and Andrew, thank you for giving us the opportunity to do our very best possible for you and for being so great in planning the perfect Unique Session.


You did a great job coming up with the props, location, and all! You really put the effort in to make it great and I think it was well worth it! Congrats again! We can’t wait to see what great things you do together in the future!


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Megan and Mark’s Maui Exploring Unique Session

First things first, if you missed seeing the photos from Mark and Megan’s incredible Hawaii wedding… take a second to check those out.

Now that we’re all caught up, I want to tell you about what happened after the glitz and glam of the wedding day had faded, guests were beginning the trek home, and Megan and Mark had gotten at least a few hours of sleep. We’re talking about the day after the wedding photo session, or what we call a “Unique Session“.

Unique Sessions are a MUST for destination weddings! Once you’ve spent that much money and time planning a wedding in a place you specifically chose for it’s beauty, you want to get as many photos of it as you can!

Which is exactly what we did when we headed out to explore the island of Maui with Megan and Mark all dressed up in their wedding clothes again the day after the wedding.

The Unique Session is a great way to help couples relax more on their wedding day because they know they’re going to have a second chance to get the best photos possible out of us in case things don’t go exactly as planned on the wedding day.

(Not to mention, it gives us more time to get special shots like this one which is a replicate of a photo Mark’s parents have from their wedding!).

 It also frees us up a bit to do our absolute best because it gives us a chance to be a little more in control of the timing, lighting, location, and everything else that goes into making a fabulous magazine style image that is a little bit harder to get on a busy wedding day!

Whenever we have a destination wedding, Scottie and I (Breanna) always arrive a few days early to explore the location and get our bearings around the area so that we can find the killer photo locations that we know are out there!

On this particular trip, we spent 2 full days scouting the entire island before the wedding day, looking for just the right spot for the shoot. We talked to locals, went a little bit off the trails the signs told us to stay on, and put lots and LOTS of miles on our rental car in our search for the perfect spot. And then we found it!

We found a couple of spots actually!

(Over looking the city).

(wide open fields)

(the jungle)

(the beach)

(and of course, the beautiful rolling green hills)

As you can see, Maui has quite a bit to show off! Luckily, Megan and Mark fully trusted us and let us guide their ready and willing selves around with smiles on their faces the entire time. Thanks to their willingness and their choice to do the Unique Session in the first place, we were able to really capture all that Maui has to offer!

Actually they REALLY trusted us, as we found out when Megan told us she was willing to risk ruining her wedding dress because she was confident we could get some amazing photos that would make the destruction all worth it! So that’s what we did! Little bit, by little bit, Mark took her out further into the deep blue ocean.

They had soooo much fun out there! They took some time to savor the moment, squeeze in a few kisses, and had a couple of surprise waves make their way over to them as well!

Once they were out of the water, it was fair game for us in the sand!

We took the opportunity to get a few more of the kind of photos you can only get with a dirty wedding dress and a bride who is actually happy about it!

It was so wonderful to feel like we really got to tap into the full beauty potential Maui brings and to get to spend even more time with this amazing couple now that the wedding was over and the honeymoon relaxation was starting to kick in for them!

In fact, we did a few “off to the honeymoon” sort of photos to finish off the session!

Thanks for giving us that extra day guys, I know you had to be exhausted, but it looks like you had fun and we absolutely LOVE the pictures so I hope you feel it was all worth it! Congratulations again, we’re so excited for you two!

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A burned forest, a tool shed, and a leap into the pond… Christen and Jay’s Unique Session

After a wedding day full of phrases like “OK, we’re going to run out in the rain to get exactly 2 photos, ready? One… two… three… GO!” We were crossing our fingers for sunshine and clear skies for Christen and Jay’s Unique Session the next day.

No such luck.

Well, I take that back, because we actually DID have quite a bit of luck.  We had just enough time to get the main outdoor shots we needed in the places we wanted to go, while running for brief interludes of rain cover in between the few moments of dryness.

(literally… running).

Luckily, there was one covered area that provided us with some sick pictures and that was the barn/tool shed on the property!

Who knew, right?!

(Good thing Christen is an athlete because some of the positions and poses she had to hold to get these were pretty complex and required plenty of muscle!).

One of the outdoor spots we found allowed us to get some of the most dramatic shots EVER!

I do feel a little guilty capitalizing on the misfortunes of a burned forest… but look at these pictures, wouldn’t you do it?!

While they had joked about doing it on the wedding day, I wasn’t sure it would actually happen… but boy was I wrong! I’m talking about what you’re about to see in the following pics…

Yep!  They jumped into the water together!

So adorable right?!

There couldn’t be a better end to a mountain top Unique Session than a quick swim in the pond in your wedding dress!

But what happened after we took those pictures was even better!!!  We had the opportunity to go back into the dream cabin that they got married in (click here to read about their wedding and the place it was at) and sit at a long family style table eating wedding food leftovers with Jay and Christen, Josh and Kelley (our associate photographers), and Christen’s parents.

We had THE best time sitting around laughing, settling down for some more serious moments, and listening to stories about their lives in South Africa and their complicated process of immigration to the U.S.  It was one of those rare moments that you wish you could just freeze in time.

There we were… sitting around in a gorgeous home in the woods, eating amazing food, getting to know some of the kindest people I’ve ever met, listening to the sort of incredible stories that really make you think and feel like you’ve learned something… all while knowing we were there to celebrate a wedding between two perfectly matched individuals that we’ve grown to care deeply about.  Now that is what I call an unforgettable night.

Which was a great end to a great session!

Thanks to you all for treating us like family and for being such a wonderful example of the kind of family we aspire to have ourselves one day.  Congratulations and we hope we get to see you again one day in the very near future!

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(This picture looks like it was taken in a dreamland doesn’t it?!)


Tonia and Jay’s Unique Session… Jerome style!

Red rocks are totally and utterly amazing and all, but when you have 2 sets of photos in front of them that have both been taken within the past 6 months, you hardly need a third set.

This is the reason that the day after Tonia and Jay’s Sedona wedding, we took them to Jerome, AZ for their Unique Session.

We thought it would be cool to get something different since we did both their engagement session and their wedding in Sedona.

Jerome is an old ghost town that’s been turned into a sort of haven for artists and very “eclectic” people, for lack of a better term.  Which means, this town is incredibly interesting looking!

(We call this our “Where’s Waldo” picture).

Not only does it have all the history and character, but it’s also sliding down the side of a mountain, which I’m sure is very problematic from a logistical standpoint…

…but it does look really cool!

Jerome has all kinds of crazy characters in it. The lady who owned the candy shop said that we could take photos in there as long as we didn’t take pictures of a certain section of art on the wall… which happened to be cartoons drawn by a 14 year old with a magic marker… very valuable I’m sure.

We also had a homeless guy giving us direction.  The picture below was his best idea, I actually like it!

Then their was the lady who pulled up right next to us while we were shooting who had a giant sticker covering the back of her car that read, “Best Photography in Arizona”… um, awkward!

So amidst the tumbling buildings and the friends we met along the way, we fully enjoyed all the culture that Jerome, AZ has to offer.

We got some great shots and were happy to send Tonia and Jay back to Indiana knowing we’d given them a true Arizona ghost town experience!

Thanks for being willing to go on an adventure with us you guys!  Maybe we’ll come visit you someday and you can show us around in all the odd ball places that exist in your neck of the woods!

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A 1st anniversary to remember… Chris and Linzie’s California Unique Session

Raise your hand if you put your wedding dress back on for your anniversary…

Keep your hand up if your dress still fits!!  Well Linzie is one of those lucky ones with her hand still up.

And she also had a great reason to put her dress back on (unlike the rest of you with your hands still in the air who only did it to feel like you got your money’s worth!).

Linzie put her dress back on and Chris got all decked out in a rented tux for their Unique Session on Laguna Beach in California…

…which all happened exactly a year to the day after we shot their wedding at Ocotillo Golf Club in Phoenix!

Such a great idea for an anniversary isn’t it?!  A little trip combined with a reminiscent photo session showing how happy you still are a year after the big day… I totally loved it!

All of us totally loved it actually because we had so much fun hanging out in California together.  During the trip, I (Breanna) had another one of those moments where I remembered to appreciate how awesome our job is.  We get to go on vacation with so many cool people!

I mean, we consider it an honor to hang out with them once in awhile before their wedding and then again on the actual day… but to go on vacation with our couples is just awesome!  We got to know Linzie and Chris so much better as we enjoyed great meals in cute local restaurants and as we bonded over the challenges that are inevitable to a good Unique Session.

To start with, we found quick sand (OK it wasn’t really quick sand but enough “Princess Bride” views as a child had my imagination going crazy!), very large holes that housed some kind of animal that was too big for my comfort, and a dastardly lady bug who you could just tell had evil thoughts running a muck (just kidding, she was the perfect little lady of course and very cute).

Aside from all these made up trials, we definitely had the real struggle arrive when Linzie had to get herself in the freezing cold January ocean!

(Yep, she just joined that elite group of brides who decide to “trash the dress” for the sake of the photos!).

The water was so cold that Chris backed out (that’s right Chris, I’m totally gonna shame you!).

(But he just looks so tough here doesn’t he?  Yeah that’s because this was taken before the water factor came into play!).

(I will at least give him credit for doing his best to help warm her up after it was all over!).

Linzie pushed through the freezing pain (which was later relieved by the oh so welcomed numbness that set in) because she had been dreaming and talking about this moment non-stop for the past year.  She was not about to miss her chance!

I was so proud of you Linzie… as I stood by in my 2 layers of dry sweaters and watched you try to not let your face reflect your true body temperature as the icy waves crashed up on you!  It was all I could do not to just drag you out of the water, grab you squarely by the shoulders, and say “you don’t have to do this!”.  But I’m glad I resisted and let you continue on in your bravery, not only because there’s no way I could’ve drug you in that dress that gained an extra 50 lbs as the water soaked in, but also because I freaking love the pictures we got and I hope you think it was all so very worth it!

(I love this one that Scottie took of the dress and the water that dripped off it down the slanted road.  The little footprints let you know there’s a story behind this photo!).

Thank you guys so much for putting in the energy to plan such a great session and trip!

We had a blast and we can’t wait to see where year number 2 takes you!  Happy Anniversary!

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(I title this picture… “After She Tamed the Sea”).