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Need a senior session? Radiant founders and owners, Scott & Breanna, would love to be a part of it! Here’s some of the work they’ve done with seniors!

The wind vs. Christy’s hair (at her senior portrait session)

Ever heard of the “wind-blown look”?  Well Christy knows what that means now!

While we were rejoicing that we were still quite a bit shy of  100 degree weather when we went out to do her senior photo session, we definitely felt like we’d been transported to the windy city for the day!

Luckily Christy has the type of hair that looks fantastic blowing in the wind and she was chill enough to make the decision to stop fighting the fly away hairs and just go with it.

(I love this one… you look so beautiful, Christy!)

Once she got into her posing groove, there was no stopping her… not even a few stray hairs could hold her back!

We noticed right from the beginning of the session that there was a major quality that stood out about Christy (besides the fact that she was genuinely nice to us and didn’t treat us like the old fogeys that we are)…  she was CONFIDENT!

Such a rare quality to find in a teenage girl… and Christy has it!

She held herself with grace and poise the whole time and even though there may have been moments where she doubted herself (or us, as was probably the case with this experimental pose below that Scottie was trying out)…

…she played it off and did a great job owning herself and the moment and being comfortable with herself (and with us).

The comfort thing was helped by the fact that we spent quite a bit of time with Christy at her sister’s wedding when we were the photographers and she was the bridesmaid.  It helps people relax with us when we’re not total strangers.

It probably also helped her to relax that her mom was there and her mom happens to be one of those people who makes everyone feel comfortable when you start talking to her.

So there we were… a comfortable group, standing in the wind, looking for just the right lighting, while holding our cameras waiting for just the right moment. And voila!  That moment came and Christy was ready and waiting for it!

(You know I’m right when you see pics like this, huh!  She did a great job and was a fantastic model!)

I’m serious when I say that both Christy and her mom, Lisa, put us at ease (and hopefully we did the same for them) and allowed us to relax and immensely while enjoying the time we spent doing our “job” that didn’t feel like a job at all!

So Christy and Lisa, I can’t stress enough how awesome you guys are to work with (I already gushed over them once in the blog about Christy’s sister’s wedding).  You are wonderful people and we feel privileged every time we get a chance to be recipients of your kindness.  Thanks for choosing Radiant again!  And Christy… good luck with college, we hope you love it! 🙂

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Color and confidence collide for Rachel’s senior session

It only took a couple of emails from Rachel to figure out that she LOVES color!

Unfortunately for her, it’s winter time and the dead vegetation (if you can ever call it “vegetation” in Phoenix) doesn’t really provide a lot of vibrant color right now.

She was OK with that though and she just decided to make up for it by wearing lots of bright colors.  She rotated around between her flowing green skirt….

…her bright yellow shirt….

….and her pretty purple shirt.

Aside from her colorful attire, the other thing that really stood out about Rachel that comes across very strong in her pictures is her confidence!

From the moment we met her, we could tell that Rachel was very comfortable in her own skin.

She definitely had a unique, sparky little personality and she was confident enough that she wasn’t afraid to show it!

That bodes very well for photographers whose goal it is to communicate who you really are through pictures!

Cameras tend to freeze people up and change their personality, so we definitely rejoice when we meet someone who seems the same on camera as off!

You wouldn’t think that would show up in a frozen frame, but it really does!

Unfortunately for many people, confidence isn’t the only thing that guides the feel of your pictures, insecurity rears its ugly head pretty well too!  So the moral of this story is that if you are not a confident person naturally, try to at least fake it on picture day!

Here are some of our other favorites from the day (click to see ALL the photos from Rachel’s Arizona senior photo session).

Thanks Rachel for being comfortable enough to be yourself around us and for not being afraid to express your opinion (mainly about the high importance of color)!  We had a great time with you and we hope you love your pictures!!  Click to see the rest of Rachel’s Tempe, AZ senior photography session!

“Choose your own adventure” to see photos from Jake’s senior session!

I’m trying to decide between going with the cheesy “endings bring about beginnings” type of blog for this, or a “book your 2010 senior session now” shameless self-promoting kind of blog, or simply a “look at these photos” blog.  Since I can’t decide and I tend to have strong nostalgia for things that remind me of childhood… I’m going with a “Choose your own adventure” blog!!!  Aren’t you so excited?!  There you are…. thinking you’re just taking a normal/boring break from work (that’s right, I know our blog gets the most hits during work hours!) to read a normal/boring blog while sipping your normal/boring coffee…. and you find out your on the brink of a great adventure!


So here’s how it works….

To read about Jake and his big move up the coast, skip to where it says “PAGE 1“.

To read about why you need to book your 2010 senior session now, skip to where it says “PAGE 2“.

To read about… well, nothing because you just want to see the photos, skip to where it says “PAGE 3” (easy to find because it’s also just a bunch of photos. Ha).

If you have a REALLY big cup of coffee to finish and you are settled in for a good, full story, you can read straight through!  If that’s not adventuresome enough for you, you can always be a bit edgier and read the pages out of order, you dare devil you! 😉



When Jake’s mom (Pamela) originally called me to schedule his senior session, it was during a time when we were completely booked and had no openings available for photo session.  She was pretty bummed because she had just found out they were moving for a job in a couple of months and she really wanted him to have Radiant photos to remember his last year in AZ by!

0008(Not everywhere has wide open skies like Arizona does!)

0050Luckily, they were going to be around just long enough for us to schedule a session far enough out that we’d have time to shoot it.  The timing has worked out perfectly because Jake has finally decided to cave and get a Facebook page so he can keep in touch with his AZ friends once he moves up the coast.  Now he has some photos to use as his profile pic!  To help you get started on Facebook, Jake, here are our picks for the best profile photos! (Fan us on Facebook to see all our new photos and blog posts!)


When we asked Pamela if there were any props she’d want to bring to help us capture who Jake really is, she mentioned drums.  Uh… that’s a new one for us!  Luckily she had a plan… they were just going to bring the snare drum!  Phew!  I really didn’t feel like dragging around an entire drum set from place to place! 😉


Jake’s been playing drums for pretty much as long as he can remember (his dad plays too… they have a loud house!) and his mom says that when you think of Jake, you think “drums”.


We thought it was so awesome that even though his mom was the one who really wanted him to get photos…. she did everything she could to make sure the photos really fit him and to make sure these pics would be ones he liked as well.  He wore his favorite jeans and t-shirt…


….and brought along what we call “the mom/grandma outfit”… that is the nicer shirt that seniors usually bring along to wear while we get some standard shots of them smiling. These are the pics designed to make their mom/grandma happy enough to pinch their cheeks when they see the final product. 🙂


Of course the jeans and t-shirt outfit is to be worn for the pictures they’ll like that make them look cool, tough, or whatever look their particular style calls for.


We were happy that Jake and Pamela seemed to get this and work it out very well!

0033(Here’s mom and son collaborating… t-shirt plus smile).


Those of you who skipped ahead, may not have read about how Jake almost didn’t get to schedule his senior session before he moved because we were completely booked!  And if you skipped here, I’m assuming you’re considering the possibility of having Radiant Photography do your senior pictures.


If so, you need to book soon because we do and will fill up our schedule!  And while Billy Madison is a cool movie, you don’t want to actually have to wait until you’re 27 to get your senior pics done.  Click here to see more senior sessions we’ve done and to get more info about our pricing and all that.  Make sure you check out our photo “tips” page too because there might be some helpful stuff in there for all the important photo opps you’re going to have during your senior year.


Fan us on Facebook to stay up to date with our schedule and our most recent photo sessions.  Email us to schedule YOUR senior session! P.S. We can do you and your best friend’s senior sessions together!  So you can get photos of the 2 of you and of you by yourselves!!!


Pictures, pictures, pictures. Here are some of our other favorites from the session.  P.S. If you skipped to this section, you missed all the photos I posted earlier in the blog!  Ha ha, that’s how I trick you into reading the rest!


Jake,  congratulations on graduating!  You are an awesome guy and you put us at ease within minutes of meeting you.  We appreciate how friendly you were to us and how much you humored us (and your mom) as I’m sure standing and smiling in front of a camera wasn’t your favorite way to spend an afternoon. 😉  You did a great job and we truly did enjoy your session.  Thanks to you and your mom for being so fun to work with and making our job so easy!

Click to see/purchase the rest of Jake’s senior portrait photos!

Chandler in Scottsdale

Seeing how we loved working with Chandler’s brother a while back, we were very happy to hear that this wonderful family had another son who needed his youth forever frozen in time!  We love this family as a whole.  They are great people to work with and we were so happy to have them as returning clients! 

We went down to McDowell Mountain Ranch Park in Scottsdale, AZ with Chandler, his mom, and his guitar.  His mom told us if we wanted to capture the real him, the guitar needed to be integral part of the photos.  And man, were we glad it was!  We LOVE working with props… especially the kind that help bring out who the person  really is.  It’s all too easy for us to get in a rut and have “pose block” where we can’t for the life of us think of a new pose that hasn’t been used over and over again.  The guitar helped a ton with that!  It helped break us out of our mold and see things fresh again.   It also helped to have a guy for a senior session, it’s been awhile!

We are so happy with how the pictures from this senior photo session turned out and we’re ready to take pictures of their next kid when the time comes!


Click to see all the photos from this senior portrait session.


Click to see all the photos from this senior photography session.


Click to see all the photos from this Arizona senior photography session.


Click to see all the photos from this Arizona senior photography session.

Megan’s senior session

Megan was a really fun senior to work with.  She had her own style and we LOVED it!!  We didn’t even really have to pose her.  She exuded confidence as she stood, sat, or lay down exactly how she would if there was not a camera recording her every move. 


Megan is really into competitive ballroom dancing, so naturally she wanted her senior pictures to show what she spent most of her time doing in high school (I’m sure studying went somewhere in there as well of course).  We went up to her dance studio to do a quick mini  session before heading off to DC Ranch (which is a shopping center in Scottsdale, Arizona).



My favorite part of this session was that she basically just allowed us to capture her as she really is.  Our goal is always to take pictures that allow a person’s family and friends to see them and say, “wow, that’s SO them!”.  Only, that gets difficult since almost everyone is camera shy.  Megan was like, “here I am, take a picture, hope you like it”.  And we did.


Click to see the rest of the photos from Megan’s Scottsdale Senior photography session.