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These weddings were photographed by the founders and owners of Radiant Photography, Scott & Breanna Chanson

Laura and Matt’s Emotional Wedding Day

If I had to describe Laura and Matt’s wedding in one word it would be… emotional.

From the first time they saw each other… …to all their interactions with family and friends…

…to their private moments together…

…all of it was full of beautiful, genuine emotion.  I can sit here and try to describe the many variations of feeling I saw that day, but I think the pictures say it best.

Before I go too far, I have to take the time to mention how stunning the bride looked!!  Again, I’ll let the pictures do the talking…

And who could forget the fantastic bridal party?!

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I can’t even tell you what it was like to watch a couple like this who was so obviously in love.

People always ask us if going to weddings makes us think about our own marriage often.

The answer is that weddings like this one, can’t help but make you reflect on your own relationship!

I mean, you’re sitting there for hours watching two people who are completely enraptured with each other and who don’t want to be apart for one second…

…there’s no way Scottie and I could’ve left there without a good kiss at the end of the night!

Don’t let a lot of the serious emotions fool you, they had their share of overwhelming joy as well!

Not to mention, quite a bit of sillyness as well!

So thank you Laura and Matt for being open and honest with your feelings enough to allow us to freeze them forever in time.

You had a beautiful ceremony…

…a fun group of friends…

…a fantastic party (thanks to lots of help from Margie at Party Presentations)

….and a killer exit!  You guys rock and we are so very, VERY excited for you! 🙂

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Courtney and Jesse’s perfect wedding day!

Courtney and Jesse hold a special place in our hearts because they are the kind of people that just do that to you!

They are both very warm, down to earth people who make you feel cared about from the get go.

Are there any kind of people you’d rather work with?!

We consider ourselves lucky to have been chosen to be a part of their special day.

And special it was!  Both Courtney and Jesse strike me as the sentimental type….

…so their wedding was filled with little details that meant the world to them.

(Don’t worry guys, we took good care to not get any stickiness on the rings for this picture!)

Courtney couldn’t stop talking about how the choir from their church was going to sing at their wedding. And every time she mentioned it, she had to work hard at not getting choked up!

Many of the choir members (and others in the church congregation) have watched Courtney grow up over the years. So when they threw out the invitation to the choir members to come sing at their wedding, Courtney and her family were shocked and touched by how many people volunteered to be a part of it.  It was obvious by the great response (and by watching their interaction with Courtney on the big day) that these old family friends were very honored to be able to watch this woman who they once knew as a little girl, grow up and get married.

The entire ceremony and interactions between people on this day were incredibly meaningful and emotion for both Courtney and Jesse.

It was just beautiful. Everyone from the choir members, to their bridal party, to Courtney’s long time church family, to their actual family and good friends…. were moved by the emotion of their wedding.

But if you think that this day was all about tears and intense emotion… you are mistaken!  This day was also about a P-A-R-T-Y!  Their bridal party was a ridiculously fun group!  How you even meet so many people in your life who are THAT hilarious is beyond me!

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Speaking of those fantastic groomsmen, they kicked off the reception with a line dance to “Men in Black” and they followed it up throughout the night with another line dance as well!

Definitely a great way to start a party! From then on, the floor was hopping!

Everyone from the kids, to the older family members… were dancing the night away!

Seriously, it was an amazing party! And with that many amazing dancers in one group, how could it not be?!

When I think of a wedding, I think of tears, love,  joy, memories, and fun.

And it just so happens that those are the exact words I would use to describe Courtney and Jesse’s wedding.  Oh and with a “perfect” added in there as well.

It couldn’t have been a better day and again, we want to thank Courtney and Jesse for letting us be a part of it!  Both of you were super appreciative of all the work we put into your wedding and I really hope you both are indescribably happy with the results!  Congratulations you two!!

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Felipa and Chris are together again and married!

Out of all the weddings we’ve shot now, Felipa and Chris have one of the coolest stories I’ve heard yet. It’s one of those stories that when told in full detail makes people go “no way!”.

It all started with a little girl named Brianna.

I take that back, it started before Brianna but she’s the reason this story is so great.  I don’t have all the specifics here so I’m going to summarize a lot to hopefully avoid getting it wrong! Chris and Felipa met in 2001 and as the pastor at their wedding put it they “had a little romance” and then Brianna was born.

They went their separate ways for awhile but then began having a little bit of contact so that Chris (and his family) could spend some time with his daughter.  They went through a lot during this time period and they grew in ways that neither of them expected.

In fact, things changed so much that in the summer of 2009 they realized they each had a new person to get to know!

They began dating, were engaged around Christmas, and were married in the spring!

So now, the 3 of them get to live together and have a reunited family.

When the pastor told this story at their wedding, he spoke a lot about forgiveness and restoration and it was enough to make anyone tear up (even a certain photographer… or 2… but I’m not sure if Scottie would admit to it!).

Needless to say, it was a beautiful ceremony and it will definitely continue to stand out to me as one of my favorites.

The reception was the perfect follow up to such a great ceremony, with brilliant red roses to decorate… …and a stunning bride to complete it!

(Seriously, you can’t get a smile better than that one!)

Another really beautiful part to Chris and Felipa’s story is the amount of support they received throughout all of this by their friends and family.

There was such a bonding and camaraderie that we saw carried through the entire day between everyone.  It would be apparent to even the most distant observer that Brianna really did bring this entire group of people together and that none of them are planning on going anywhere any time soon. 

The tears and the hugs were endless the entire night (which is a rare thing to see in groomsmen… but we saw it here)!

You would think that being around a group this tight knit, would make anyone else feel like an outsider, but that was the thing that really surprised us… they made US feel like a part of the family too!  And we’re just a couple of measly old photographers (hired help if you will)!

Their friends and family alike spent the night with their arms around us (literally), telling us stories about their loved ones (getting emotional at the good parts of course), and genuinely inviting us in to the deeper parts of their lives.

How many parties have you been to where you feel completely loved and accepted by everyone because they go out of their way to make you feel important… even though the entire day is all about the importance of THEM and you have nothing to do with it?!

I’m going to guess that very few people have had the opportunity to have an experience like that and we feel very blessed to be one of the lucky ones.  I am so happy to know that Brianna will get to grow up being around so many people who are that loving.

How great is it to have such a beautiful community to raise a child in?  We couldn’t be happier for this new little family.

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So Felipa and Chris, God bless you as you take on the major endeavor of learning how to live life together as a family and as you adjust to all the changes that are bound to come your way.

I’m sure there will be a lot of challenges to face as you learn to grow together and parent together, but I know you guys have the kind of support you need to get through anything and that it will be such an incredibly wonderful process for the two of you.   I hope you enjoy every single part through and through and that you have a blast doing all of it together!

Congratulations on finding each other again, I hope you guys stay best friends and teammates forever. 🙂

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Angela + Gabe = Scottie’s Blog Debut

You may ask yourself  “What has brought Scottie out of his blogging shell?”. Well it may surprise you to know that I love to write almost as much as I love to read what Breanna writes, but the main reason I have broken my silence is to tell you about a recent wedding I shot that was very special to me. Gabe and Angela’s wedding was especially significant to me for several reasons, not the least of which is the fact that Gabe and I were roommates for a couple of years and is one of my oldest friends that I still see regularly.

Gabe is one of the best people I know so when he came out to Phoenix a couple years ago for a job interview I was really excited that we might live in the same city again. He got the job and shortly after, moved from New Mexico out to Phoenix. Since then it has been awesome to spend tons of time with Gabe. Not long after Gabe moved to Phoenix he met Angela. I remember the first time Breanna and I got to hang out with Angela, it was on a couples retreat that we went to with several other great friends. We probably gave her the third degree to see if she was good enough for Gabe . . . guess what . . . she was! Long story short: They fell in love, they got engaged, and then… they got married.  Here is the photographic proof:

Sheraton Phoenix Wedding

Another reason this wedding was so special was that the wedding party was filled with some of my best friends.

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Angela and Gabe definitely know how to throw a party!

Gabe had a ring custom made for Angela. He was able to keep it completely secret from everybody until she saw it during the ceremony. It was awesome!

I also got to shoot this wedding with one of my best friends (no, not Breanna this time).  I shot with Tim Stansell from Visionyard Studios (you can check out his page to see the pics he took at this wedding). We used to shoot alongside each other almost every weekend when we worked together.  It had been awhile since we last shot together but it was like riding a bike. It was so fun setting up these pics. Thanks Tim, I had such an amazing time shooting with you again!

(See, Breanna’s not the only one who can get a shoe shot!)

Angela and Gabe’s wedding was at the Sheraton in Downtown Phoenix. What a beautiful place! We could barely pull ourselves away from the giant windows . . .

. . . but the rooftop view was beckoning us.

What an awesome day! Thank you Angela and Gabe for allowing me to be a part of your wedding and especially a part of you lives.  Breanna and I look forward to many years ahead with you two!

Rachelle and Paul Gettin’ Hitched!

While I’m so very happy for Paul and Rachelle and excited for them to be married… I have to admit that I’m kind of sad their wedding is over!

Scottie and I had so much fun preparing for their wedding with them!  From the first time we met them, to their engagement session, to their final meeting… whenever we’d get together, it seemed like we just sat around talking forever!

Both Rachelle and Paul are great people and we’ll miss having a reason to get together with them now!

You can tell just from looking at these pictures that these are some friendly, happy, and very sweet people!

Just look at those smiles, how could you not like these people?! 🙂

But even though Paul has a great smile, I don’t think it’s his best expression… check out the way he looks at her.

(This was the first time he saw her as she was walking down the aisle).

I think the look that came over his face whenever he looked at her was my favorite part of the entire day.

Of course, her face says “I love you” too!

Yep… I think it’s safe to say they are very in love.  Awww! (Come on, just give me this one… you have no idea how often I refrain from girly, wedding day, lovey type of sappiness when I wrote these blogs!)

Just to make sure these 2 lovebirds didn’t get too caught up in their own little world… they invited some really fun friends to share in the day with them!

For every photo of the bridal party laughing, there’s a photographer struggling to hold her camera still while laughing just as hard (Click to see the rest of the photos from the wedding).  Rachelle and Paul had some great friends and we loved hanging out with them!Of course, whenever there’s a fun bridal party, there’s a bride and groom with a great sense of humor lurking nearby!  (This was seriously one of the best garter removals I’ve ever seen.  He removed more accessories off himself than he did off of her!)

(Although you can tell by the picture on the left, that he eventually got what he was looking for off her!)

(Living it up at the party thrown just for them.  Aka their reception!).

Here are the celebratory cigars that made their guests even more excited to be a part of this party!

I’ve gotten ahead of myself.  I skipped the ceremony and went straight into the reception!

(Ironically, this picture combo skips the ceremony as well.  Straight from the beginning to the end.  I love both of these moments though… I love the initial nerves and the ending joy!).

Paul and Rachelle got married at Eagle Mountain Golf  Club in Fountain Hills, AZ.  If you read our blog much, you know that Eagle Mountain is one of our very favorite places to shoot.

(It’s so beautiful at Eagle Mountain that sometimes the photos look fake! But we promise, it’s just that beautiful!)

We LOVE the ceremony site, the fantastic view, the staff there, and of course their food!

It’s just an all round spectacular place to have a wedding and we tell everyone about it!

I guess since I’m already on a roll going backwards in this story, I might as well go with what’s working.  So now that we’ve reached the end of the blog, I’ll show you the pictures of them getting ready to do all the things I already showed them doing!  Ha!

Thanks Rachelle and Paul…

… for being good looking enough to give us such great photos!  Ha ha!  We are so happy that you have each found someone who makes you look at each other the way you do! Congratulations, we hope you are very happy together… and we think you will be! 🙂

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