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Don’t worry, we won’t tell about when you tripped and fell into the fountain! ;-)

Lisa and Pavel’s Outdoorsy Engagement Session

When Lisa and Pavel first started planning their engagement photo shoot, they immediately thought somewhere in Big Bear would be beautiful.lisa_pavel_0095And we agreed.lisa_pavel_0009lisa_pavel_0115However, once we heard just how cold it was supposed to be in Big Bear on the day of their shoot, we also agreed that changing it to Irvine Regional Park was a much better option!lisa_pavel_0123We’d never shot there before, but it turned out to be a great place with plenty of different options for different looks! There’s the woodsy, never before trodden look…lisa_pavel_0053lisa_pavel_0007lisa_pavel_0019… the romantic lake in a park look…lisa_pavel_0068… the little Christmas village look…lisa_pavel_0013… the playful playground look…lisa_pavel_0132lisa_pavel_0136… the wide open sky look…lisa_pavel_0114… and the always popular fall leaves look!lisa_pavel_0077lisa_pavel_0128Plus there were tons of other looks that we didn’t have time to capture in just one session!lisa_pavel_0026By the end I think it was unanimous that we made the right location choice!lisa_pavel_0048Lisa and Pavel, we can’t wait for your wedding! If your engagement session planning skills are any indication, I think it’s going to be a great day!lisa_pavel_0139lisa_pavel_0126See the rest of Lisa and Pavel’s Outdoorsy engagement session photos here.lisa_pavel_0104lisa_pavel_0094

The Two sides to Eric and Arielle’s Engagement Session

When you move from the East Coast to the West Coast, or vice versa, it seems that a piece of your heart always remains on the other side of the country, no matter how much you love your new home.arielle_eric_0134arielle_eric_0060Which is why it only makes sense that former East Coasters, Eric and Arielle, who now call Southern California home, would want to have a Chicago wedding to look forward to!arielle_eric_0075arielle_eric_0111It’s also why it makes sense that they’d want an engagement session that represents the two parts of their hearts. The open sky and sunny beach…arielle_eric_0015arielle_eric_0063…right alongside the bright lights against a night sky that only a downtown area can bring.arielle_eric_0108arielle_eric_0116arielle_eric_0128So we went for a walk in the sand before heading over to those oh so stunning lamp posts at Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA).arielle_eric_0056arielle_eric_0078arielle_eric_0132Thanks to their excellent planning, in one shoot we were able to capture both sides of Arielle and Eric…arielle_eric_0039arielle_eric_0006…their laid back beach side…arielle_eric_0096arielle_eric_0100…and their glam city side!arielle_eric_0125arielle_eric_0131Arielle and Eric, we were happy to spend the evening with both sides of the both of you and we wish you the best of luck when you leave the golden state for your windy city wedding!arielle_eric_0081arielle_eric_0087arielle_eric_0059Congratulations!arielle_eric_0037arielle_eric_0066arielle_eric_0084Click to see the rest of the photos from Eric and Arielle’s Two Sided Engagement Session.arielle_eric_0122arielle_eric_0109arielle_eric_0106arielle_eric_0130arielle_eric_0069

Joy and Joseph’s Vineyard Engagement Session

So what is it that makes Joy and Joseph so happy all the time?


It’s the wine.


No I’m just kidding, it’s love really…


… with a little wine on top of that.


If you know them, you probably know what I’m talking about! Because the only thing they love more than a good glass of wine, is each other.


So as you may have guessed by now, this whole wedding process will include both of those two loves combined into the perfect blend.



Which is why they decided to do their engagement session at one of their favorite vineyards, Orfila Vineyards and Winery.



Of course, the actual proposal that started all of these wedding festivities, happened in none other than Temecula wine country. And I guarantee you that wine will play some role in their wedding coming up (though no spoilers here)!


I can tell already after just spending the day with them, that the wedding is going to be outstanding! I hope all of you are looking forward to it as much as we are!


Joy and Joseph, thanks for taking the time to plan an engagement session that so perfectly reflected the two of you, and thanks for being so much fun to work with!joy_joseph_es0032


We can’t wait to see you on your wedding day, celebrating your love with the wine flowing and a good old fashioned “cheers” to seal the deal! See you there soon!


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Chrissie and Matt’s Engagement Session Under the Stars

When Chrissie and Matt first mentioned the idea of a camping engagement session, Scottie and I (Breanna) were sold!0192016801700186Because what could be better than two people in love, cuddling under the stars by the glow of the firelight?!01970184I mean, come on, that’s the stuff of dreams for all the young romantics on Pinterest!002801580144But as the planning progressed, the life logistics involved in making this camping engagement session happen, just started seeming too big to conquer.01520176We kept finding ourselves asking important questions like, “how will we make it look cold and cuddly when it’s a record setting November heat wave and we’re sweating? What if the bears are attracted to massive amounts of hairspray? Where will we pee?”00530073These questions and more made us re-think this silly “romance under the stars” notion.01720203But just then, Chrissie and Breanna started Googling… and Instagraming… and Pinteresting. And the overwhelming adorability of a camping engagement session just couldn’t be denied! Our questioning soon felt more like practical problem solving. As in, “how much is too much to spend on pretty lights just for camping?0200Can Chrissie set up a tent in a dress?0135How many pictures of a raw chicken do we actually need?”0132These questions and more led us to one conclusion.0019If Chrissie and Matt couldn’t do a camping photo session, they couldn’t get married.0088Well that was MY conclusion anyways. I didn’t specifically ask them if they agreed, but I felt in my heart that they did.01510180So off to the campsite we went (Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho), with an adorable picnic set up, a few plaid shirts, and a tiny little dog in tow.017101410107Since you’ve seen the photos, I don’t think I have to spell it out for you… next to getting engaged, having a camping engagement session was the best decision Chrissie and Matt ever made (again, in MY opinion).00300078

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It was all the cute and cuddly, stars, pine trees, twinkle lights, and kisses, that any teenage girl with a “Someday My Prince Will Come” Pinterest board, could ever dream of!013000460199And Chrissie and Matt lived up every moment of it. Together. In love. And all that adorable stuff.00550068We love you guys and can’t wait for your big day… that will now arrive thanks to the completion of our awesome and mandatory camping engagement session!008700080082Click to see the rest of the photos from Chrissie and Matt’s Engagement Session Under the Stars.01630189

Ashley & Kevin’s “Nothing Better” Engagement Session

I know I often say, “what’s better than____ and then follow it up with something better. But this time I’m going to change it up on you. This time I’m asking “what’s better than an adorable, very in love couple who’s about to get married?”and I’m proposing that the answer is… nothing!00610053Nothing is better than an adorable, very in love couple who’s about to get married!0034 I mean, having a very fun and chill engagement session with said couple is PRETTY good…00930016… but still not BETTER.0029Having the perfect location for said engagement photo session is PRETTY good…00550050… but still not BETTER.0059Having a couple who also happens to look really good together in said photos, is PRETTY good…00730007… but still not BETTER.0028 See what I mean?! There really is nothing better than an adorable, very in love couple who’s about to get married!00030070I rest my case!0060Click to see the rest of the photos from Ashley and Kevin’s “Nothing Better” Engagement Session. Click to Follow us on Facebook to be the first to see when Ashley and Kevin’s Wedding photos go up!00320080