Becca & Ryan tie the knot!

When Scottie got a call from his old friend Ryan who wanted us to do his wedding photography, he was so excited!  And when we heard WHERE the wedding was going to be at, we got REALLY excited!  No, it wasn’t Oro Valley, AZ that lit up our faces, it was the church in Oro Valley that really did the trick.  It sits on top of a hill and is complete with a glass wall background to show off the stunning scenery.  Oh and did I mention it’s completely made out of brick?!  BEE-autiful!



Becca, you’re such a perfect bride!


I think this is how most girls envision their wedding day when they’re little… a good looking groom, a fantastic location on a beautiful day, surrounded by family and friends. 🙂


I can’t top the comment this picture got from one of our fans on our facebook page, so I’ll just copy it… “who would’ve thought cactus and dirt could be romantic?”


I have to say that I’ve never liked the desert as much as I do in this picture!  As a lifelong Phoenician (translation: people who live in Phoenix, AZ) I have to try really hard to appreciate the scenery that I’ve taken for granted my whole life, and this picture does help!


Wow, wow, wow, this picture is all Scottie’s doing… and I freaking LOVE it!  I think Scottie goes, “hmm… if I could be on a movie poster for Boondock Saints 2 (his favorite tough guy movie), how would I want to look?” and then that’s what he does to create these amazing groomsmen photos that he manages to get wedding after wedding!  I guess I should start watching more… I don’t know… princess movies? No… maybe some Charlie’s Angels or Ever After? Apparently just anything with Drew Barrymore will do the trick.  I should figure out something so I can take photos of the bridesmaids that can hold their own against these.  The competition is on!


OK, so I don’t even know where to start with this picture!  I’m just standing there, snapping my shutter away like usual when all of a sudden the air around me seems to freeze.  I pause to take in my surroundings.  A new song has started but for some reason everyone has cleared the dance floor… everyone except for one person.  I look on curiously as this kid stands in the middle of the floor with his legs spread apart, his head down, sunglasses on, tapping one foot to the beat.  All of a sudden, the song picks up and so do his moves!  He gracefully slides across the floor in a style of dancing that’s so cool, I’m too behind to even know what to call it!  He proceeds to do an entire perfectly choreographed routine through the course of the hip hop song that’s blaring through the speakers!  It was unreal and I’ve never seen anything like it!!  Well maybe I did when I used to watch Star Search when I was young or something (I know I’m supposed to compare it to something cooler like “America’s Got Talent”, but don’t judge me!).  I’ve definitely never seen it in real life though!  So keep an eye out for this little red head whenever you watch the Disney Channel, or when High School Musical 7 comes out!


This picture couldn’t have worked out better… perfect timing… perfect angle… perfect background…. and somehow, perfectly matched clothing (even for those who were not groomsmen)!  So I don’t know if this picture can be counted as our doing, or just to good luck!  But either way I love it!  I love any wedding photo that shows true comradarie among friends like this.  🙂

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August 8, 2009 - 8:43 pm

Chelsea Hudson - sweet!!!!!!! love the “romantic cactus” one!!! you guys rock!

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