Beach Epicness in full force for Maricela and Russell’s Engagement Session!

For Maricela and Russell, one chapter ends as another begins, and we were there to capture this important transition for them.

The chapter that is ending in their life is their long distance relationship!  Hooray!

Russell grew up around Laguna, California and is now ready to make the transition to Phoenix, AZ to be with his beautiful future bride.

The chapter that is beginning is what the happy couple originally called us over to capture… and that is their impending marriage to one another.  In other words, this is their engagement session!

It just happens to be combined with a sentimental farewell to home for Russell.

Since Russell knows the area so well, he took us to the best of the best places in Laguna where we were able to get some happy beach shots as well as some romantic moments.

We found out during the session that Maricela and Russell have declared a Radiant photo war between themselves and their friends, Maureen and Matt, who’s wedding we shot this past spring!  Apparently, Maricela and Russell have decided that there is no way they can beat Maureen and Matt in the cuteness category (Maureen and Matt ARE pretty freaking cute!) so they decided they wanted to go for the gold in the “Epic Photo” category.  So”epic” was the theme of the day!

Of course, we discovered about 2 seconds into the session that Maricela and Russell severely underestimate their cuteness (watch out Matt and Maureen, they might give you a run for your money!)…

…and they seem to have a pretty good grasp on how to mix a little epic into their cuteness!

So we spent some time hanging out on, above, around, and near the beach in Crystal Cove and then we headed over to a great hiking spot to put on the final touches to the day.

Thanks to the both of you for putting the work into scheduling, planning, location scouting, and traveling (Maricela) for your engagement session!

Your effort was well spent and we hope you are as happy with the results as we are!  Good luck with all the final touches to your big day, we are so so so SO excited to get to be a part of it!

Click to see the rest of the photos from Maricela and Russell’s very epic beach engagement session!

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