Baseball and music collide: Keegan’s senior session

I have to admit that when we were driving to meet Keegan for his session both Scottie and I were a little nervous.

You see, we LOVE doing senior sessions, but we tend to work with girls a lot more than guys.  And even though they’re the same age, those happen to be 2 very different groups of people… shocking, isn’t it.

Luckily, Keegan was the perfect person to ease us back into working with senior guys after our long female driven hiatus.  He was really easy going and friendly and he made both of us feel comfortable immediately… which is actually our job, so hopefully we did the same for him!

(We had to get a few mom shots in there too!).

Keegan loves baseball…

…and music.

So we decided to combine the two by having him wear his uniform for some photos…

…and by picking our location based around the music wall that I love so much!

Unfortunately, we realized a little too late that one of his best friends recently had her session with us at the same place (oops).  Since the “twinsie” look isn’t really one that either one of them is into, we had the extra challenge of shooting the same location from a totally different viewpoint in order to make it look like a completely different place!

(This is the “up” view).

(This is the “down” view).

We long ago decided that whenever we’re forced with a creative challenge… good things happen!

So Keegan, I think you’ll agree that your session is one of those “good things”!

Thanks for being so easy to work with and for having such a good time with your photo session, you made our job very fun for us! 🙂

Good luck with all your future plans!

Click to see the rest of Keegan’s baseball and music senior session.

January 21, 2011 - 8:52 pm

Josh - Really digging these … awesome job!

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