Ashley and Thacher’s Valentine’s Engagement Session (by Scott & Breanna)

You know the feeling when you’re trying to plan an amazing and memorable Valentine’s Day, only all the restaurants you call are booked, you’ve seen all the good movies, and it’s too late to do anything really creative? Well I’d like to say that we (Scott & Breanna) saved Ashley and Thacher from that very frustrated Valentine’s Day fate!


If you thought cupid was the only one running around like crazy on Valentine’s Day, think again because Ashley, Thacher, Scottie, and myself were also doing our best to conjure up some love and then capture it in photos!



I think we succeeded on our quest!


But really, how could you fail on Valentine’s Day? Everywhere we went in Laguna there were couples all dressed up, cuddling together, smiling as big as possible… I mean it would’ve taken a miracle for Ashley and Thacher to resist the Valentine’s spirit!


While I adore these pictures, I have to humbly admit that Scottie and myself can’t take full credit for them. Don’t get me wrong, we were definitely on our A game that day! BUT that little something special added in there is just the magic in the air that I never fully realized Valentine’s Day has!


Another factor I can’t take credit for in these photos is that Ashley and Thacher were up for whatever it took to get the perfect photo (even if that meant hopping into the Pacific in February!).





Despite their ability to absolutely kill it on the “perfect” photos, they are such a cute couple together that it’s actually the “imperfect” photos of them that I love the best!


Ashley and Thacher were definitely naturals at this whole photo session thing, but what we loved the most about working with them is that they are people we truly enjoyed spending time with! I guess technically speaking we were working, but it definitely didn’t feel like it because we were having so much fun with them!


Thanks for sharing your Valentine’s Day with us! I think it’s safe to say you achieved the almost unachievable by nailing a perfectly amazing and memorable Valentine’s Day.



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