Andrew and Julie’s beautiful, wet, Unique Session!

Creative, fun, adventurous, good looking, hilarious…. those are just a few of the words I could use to describe Andrew and Julie.

And once you see the pictures from their Unique Session I don’t think I’ll have to try very hard to convince you that those adjectives are true one hundred times over!

So starting with the creative/fun descriptions… Andrew and Julie heard we were going out to California to do some photo sessions (and to celebrate our anniversary) so they immediately asked if we’d do their Unique Session on the beach if they drove all the way from AZ to do it.

So let me get this straight… you live in the same city as us and you’d be willing to drive to another state to meet us there to do your session? If you’re willing to sacrifice like that for us then, yes we’re more than down for that!

They met up with us during the San Diego portion of our trip and we headed over to Torrey Pines State Park for the first part of the session.

Here we got some of the unique nature shots that make California as beautiful as it is.

Then we headed over to a hang gliding take off point that proved to be spectacular.

Which I guess makes sense because if I was going to risk my life for an overhead look… I’d definitely want the view to be worth it! 😉

Before I show you where we went next, I need to back up and explain. Andrew and Julie got married this past January and decided that engagement and wedding pictures weren’t enough… they loved our pictures so much that they wanted an extra session!

You may have heard of Trash the Dress, Day after Sessions, Bridal sessions, etc.  Basically those are all different types of sessions that are done on a day other than your wedding in your wedding attire, so we’ve just lumped all those together and called them Unique Sessions (click to read more about Unique Sessions).

The idea is to allow us to be freed up enough in regards to time, location, and options to get the best of our very best kind of shots!  On a wedding day, we’re restricted by all those things as well as by trying to not get the dress dirty.  So a Unique Session gives us the chance to get “magazine” kind of pictures… shots you just can’t always get on a wedding day.

So did I not say that Julie and Andrew are adventurous?  So how could I expect anything other than for them to choose the Day After/ Trash the Dress version of the Unique Session?

While we don’t try to purposely “Trash” the dress, we do whatever we can to get the best pictures… even if that means putting the dress at risk!

But if you’re considering a Radiant Unique Session, fear not, we do not at all require that you risk your dress.  That’s completely bride’s (and maybe the bride or groom’s parents if they paid for it!) choice!

Julie made her choice! We headed off to La Jolla for her to get ready for the trashing part! Here’s the progression of her preparing to face the bold decision she had made to get into the freezing water!

Julie definitely had a vision for the session (here comes the “creative” adjective I assigned to her!).

She had seen a picture with this beach pose on it and she was daring enough to attempt to create it.

As you can see, it was a very successful attempt!

So once her dress was already that wet, she decided to let us go all the way with it!

I love, LOVE, L-O-V-E this shot that Scottie got.  It looks like she’s floating up in the clouds rather than in the ocean.  It’s just…. wow.

I think I forgot to include one very important descriptive word for these two…. adorable.

They are so cutesy together it’s equal parts ridiculous and awesome. I loved watching them interact and be so sweet to each other.

Amidst the stunning nature we were surrounded by, we had to make sure to stop and get some shots that captured the beautiful intimacy of their relationship.

Julie and Andrew, you are two of the most easy going people I’ve ever met!  I couldn’t believe the things you were willing to do for a good picture!  It was dirty, freezing, wet, and freaking difficult…. and you were smiling through it all.  Thank you!

We are so grateful to you for planning such a fantastic session and then for being brave enough to pull it off!  We couldn’t be happier with the pics we got from it, so I hope you two feel the same!

Click to see the rest of the pics from this amazing California Unique Session!

July 7, 2010 - 1:58 pm

Inez Moreno - There are BEAUTIFUL!!!

July 8, 2010 - 2:25 pm

Amy - This is spectacular! I love it!!!!!

July 8, 2010 - 6:54 pm

Nicholas Leong - Wonder if I can persuade my wife to do a “Thrash the Dress” shoot 🙂

That “cloud” looking shot was something else. Beautiful 🙂

July 8, 2010 - 7:20 pm

Breanna - Well Nicholas, we’re currently scheming up ways to come visit all our fans in Malaysia. So if we’re successful, we’ll start working on convincing her that she desperately NEEDS a trash the dress session from us! Ha ha!

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