Amy & Anthony’s wedding, where 1+1= 3 (by Scott & Breanna)

Is there anything better than being a part of a wedding for a family member you love?!

Through the window

Florence Windmill Winery Wedding

Well yes, there is one thing that’s even better than that and that’s watching a wonderful little girl get a new family.

Amy and Anthony’s wedding contained both of those amazing aspects! Amy is my (Breanna’s) cousin and I’ve had the privileged of watching Amy grow up through the good and the bad in life, work so hard at being the best mom around, and struggle to find the perfect man to be a part of her and her daughter Tatum’s life.

And I can tell you, it was more than exciting to see the results that came about once Amy and Anthony found one another and began the process of forming a family together as they prepared to head down the aisle to make it official at their Florence Windmill Winery wedding.

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I’ve been to A LOT of weddings at this point, but I have yet to see a wedding more emotional than this one was for every single person in attendance.

People who are normally pretty even keeled emotionally… cried at this wedding. People who are not sure what they think about the institution of marriage…. cried at this wedding.  The tons of people who always cry at weddings… cried at this wedding.

Of course myself who has been a part of Amy and Tatum’s lives since they were both born… cried at this wedding. I think even Mr. Manly Man Scottie will even admit to shedding a tear or two!

There was just no way of getting around the water works as you watched Tatum head up to the alter to join Amy and Anthony for a sand ceremony and family prayer.

And just as you began recovering from the initial tear flow, the reception started and Tatum got on the microphone for her speech congratulating Amy and Anthony… and the tears started all over again.

Then right when you’d finally fixed all your smudged eye makeup after the speech, Tatum and Anthony got up for their “new father daughter dance” right after Amy and her dad had their dance… and the tears started all over again!

Of course, these weren’t sad tears running down all of our faces, they were tears that were moved by joy. And as the night went on, the joy spilled over more and more as it moved from our tear ducts to our dancing feet.

It couldn’t be contained. This was one group of crazy happy people!

And Scottie and myself were so happy to be right in the mix of it all.

Amy and Anthony, it was such an honor to be not just family members at your wedding, but to be involved in capturing all your memories as well. Thanks for trusting us with such an important task, it means the world to us.

Congratulations again on your wedding, we can’t wait to see where the 3 of you go from here!

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