Alyssa & Dan (Radiant beauty, Radiant relationships, and Radiant love)

There’s no way to write this blog without just gushing about how Alyssa and Dan and are both wonderful, amazing, beautiful people!  They are two of the most authentic, thankful, gentle, and all around loving people you will ever meet.  When we met with them we were absolutely enthralled with them.  We spent hours just hanging out and laughing with them at our meeting after we went through all the businessy stuff.00110015

Of course they won us over pretty quickly as they talked about their passion for our photos and their love of Radiant as a company.  How can you not like someone who goes on and on about how amazing you are?! 😉  Lady Bird Johnson said, “Art is the window to man’s soul. Without it, he would never be able to see beyond his immediate world; nor could the world see the man within”.  So when someone sees and understands who we are just by looking at our photos, it creates an instant connection between us and them.  And that’s what we felt when we first met Alyssa and Dan.  We love, LOVE what we do so we pour our hearts into the photos by investing tons of our thoughts, time, and attention into the people we work with.  We realize we are being trusted with a very valuable, one-time only task and we take that seriously.  This is more than just a job to us… it’s a trusting relationship, it’s our passion, and it’s our way of showing love to others.

00210022(It was very important to Alyssa that we got a shot of Dan’s face when he first saw her… now I know why she wanted that picture so bad!)

All that to say, most people just think we take pictures and that’s all.  So when we met Alyssa and Dan, who not only understand what we’re trying to do, but cling to it and feel exactly everything we feel while we’re creating our art… we fell in love.   When we looked at them we saw people who care about beauty, relationships, and love (Radiant’s 3 core values) as much as we do!

0006(Beauty… Alyssa’s choice to have this unbelievable bouquet made by “The Garage by Ivy”  is a testament to her appreciation for true artistic beauty.  Seriously all the flowers at the wedding were amazing!)


(Relationships… their friends at the wedding were all fantastic people who really loved Alyssa and Dan, which is a testament to how much Alyssa and Dan value those people and relationships).

0329(Love… Alyssa and Dan both put their heart into the community around them.  This is a photo of Alyssa with all the high school girls she invests her time into mentoring, and that’s a testament to how much Alyssa and Dan value loving others by giving back to the people around them).

Enough with the serious, this wedding was a ton of fun so it’s only appropriate that the blog matches the wedding!  I’ll start with the groomsmen.  Let me just tell you that I felt like such a moron trying to take pictures while I was busting up laughing every 5 seconds.  These guys were hysterical!  Thanks to all the groomsmen who decided to have a good attitude about picture time and to make it more fun for us too!

00160401(Yep, that’s playground equipment)

0019(Don’t worry, they weren’t actually gambling for the rings!)

0044(The guys weren’t the only fun ones at this wedding… the girls totally kept me entertained the entire time! They even had me come out and dance with them a little at the end of the reception!)

Not to be outdone, the kids at this wedding were totally hilarious as well!  I’ve got tons of pictures of them in my blog about kids at weddings if you want to see photos of them!

I think I’ve rambled and gushed enough now, and I really just want to show you some more of my favorites from this wedding (after you finish reading, click here to see the rest of the photos from their wedding)!


Alyssa and Dan… you guys were both so amazing to us and you treated us wonderfully.  We are very thankful you chose us for such an important task and we absolutely LOVED working with you.  Thank you for being so genuine and so caring towards us.  Congratulations and we hope to see plenty more of you in the future!


Click to see more photos from Alyssa and Dan’s beautiful Scottsdale, AZ wedding!

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