All dressed up and just as wet… Katy and Shaun’s Hawaiian Unique Session

This was a photo shoot that went from normal to really wet very fast.  In fact, this whole session was high speed, so I’m going to stay true to the feel of it and relay the blog the same way.  So here’s the story behind Katy and Shaun’s Unique Session… short and sweet (well short for me anyways!).

We’d been so distracted by keeping up with the details behind all Katy and Shaun’s wedding events (see the events part 1 and part 2) and wedding itself that we talked the least about the Unique Session with them.

And apparently some where along the way I (Breanna) missed a major component, because when we arrived for picture time and Katy was describing a Radiant Unique Session to all her friends,  I was nodding and smiling along until she got to the part where she said “and I’m going to get into the ocean in my wedding dress!”.  Wait… what?!?

Don’t misunderstand me… I was thrilled to hear this… I just still can’t help but be shocked whenever I hear a bride say she’s not only willing, but excited to go swimming in her wedding dress!

We’ve taken pictures of this before, but each time is unique (hence the title of the session!) and every time a bride gets into the water in her wedding dress I’m just as excited, shocked, and amazed as I was the first time I saw it!

Hawaii trash the dress photography

Someone recently commented on our Facebook page about how we always have the coolest couples to work with.  And thanks to Katy and Shaun, I’m yet again reminded of how right he is!  I mean seriously, how many brides can there really be in the world who are willing to do this?!  We definitely have the coolest couples!

And actually there was something about this session that I really have never seen before… not with our own brides, not on any other photographers’ websites, and not even on TV… and that was the bouquet toss that happened in the ocean!!

ocean boquet toss

We can’t claim that this was our inventiveness, it was all concocted by the girls who had been waiting since the wedding the night before for Katy to throw her bouquet!  They planned and set up the whole thing and it was freaking hilarious!

beach wedding photography

My favorite part was when all the onlookers that were hanging out on the beach that day started clapping and cheering when Chrissie caught it… crowd participation!

Apparently this was something that none of them had seen before either!

It’s a good thing Katy was so excited about swimming in the ocean in her wedding dress, because Shaun was excited about it as well!

ocean wedding photography

In fact, he was so excited that he couldn’t even wait.  He carried Katy out into the ocean to get a few good pics…

Hawaii destination wedding photography

…and before we could even blink… he dropped her!

We were pretty surprised but I think it’s safe to say Katy was the most shocked!  Ha ha!  Good one, Shaun!

After a some time of swimming and making out in the ocean…

…you know like everyone does when they’re wearing their wedding clothes…

…Katy’s mom came wandering up the beach, just in time to see her daughter wading out of the ocean in her wedding dress!

So in true mother/daughter style, Katy and her mom ran into the ocean together for a little swim time of their own!

It was so cute and I was so glad her mom came up just at that moment so they could experience this together and so we could capture it!

So thanks Katy (and Shaun of course) for being such adventurous go-getters and for being so much fun (always) to work with!

We’re so happy we got to do this session with you and get these once in a lifetime kind of pictures for you guys.  We hope you love them!!

Click to see the rest of the photos from Katy and Shaun’s wet, Hawaiian, Unique Session!  And click here to see their actual wedding photos!

September 23, 2010 - 10:38 am

Gina Meola - LOOOOOOOOOOVE!! Getting in the water was SO worth it! The images are phenomenal!!!

October 13, 2010 - 6:59 pm

Nicholas Leong - I would get Sharon to swim in her dress in an ocean so blue! 😀

Now how much is the trip to Hawaii? 😛

September 18, 2011 - 3:55 pm

Dale - Beautiful pictures. The dress will not be ruined by swimming in the ocean. It is what you do after you get out of the dress. Rinse it out real good and let it dry completely before wrapping it up fir the trip home. Some brides have said it makes the material feel much softer because it is not as stiff.
I hope to find a lady who will do this with me.

March 26, 2016 - 5:14 pm

Kori - So beautiful! What an amazing couple! Was this shot in Kailua?

March 30, 2016 - 4:52 pm

Breanna - Hi Kori,

Thanks for the compliments! Yes, or at least it was right around Kailua. It believe it was at Kaneohe Bay.

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